Real Neat Blog Award

Hey girl hey. And boy. I'm starting to catch up on old award nominations and this one goes all the way back to September! Thank you so much, JustBeingNessa, for nominating me and sorry for the super late post. The only thing different about this award is that you ask and answer 7 questions instead … Continue reading Real Neat Blog Award


Every Turkish Drama Ever *aka* Cliches

Hey girl hey. And boy. I'm sure you all know about my Turkish drama addiction (it's pretty bad) but most of you haven't watched any (what are you doing?). So for today's post, I decided to give you an overview on all the different cliche scenes you find in every Turkish drama. And for those … Continue reading Every Turkish Drama Ever *aka* Cliches

April Wrappers

Hey girl hey. And boy. Each month sounds stranger than the last. Four more first wrapper posts and we're back to the beginning (omg it's been 8 months alreadyyy) Guys, this month was actually amazing!! I felt so much more confident and independent this month like yas. We have a lot to go through so … Continue reading April Wrappers