50 Things To Be Thankful For

Hey girl hey. And boy.

I’m in the process of moving so I promise once we’re all settled in I’m going to start making DIYs and recipes but today I’m going to make a simple blog basically listing 50 things you should be thankful for. Unfortunately, not everyone is as lucky as we are but we tend to forget that and just focus on our flaws. This post is to make you aware of all the positives things you have that not everyone else has. Let’s get started.

1. You can see.

2. You can hear.

3. You can talk.

4. You can walk.

5. You can smell.

6. You can feel.

7. You can afford a device.

8. You have a home.

9. You have A.C.

10. You have clothes.

11. You can read.

12. You can write.

13. You can memorize.

14. You have access to clean water.

15. You have a mom or/and dad

16. You’re not in a coma.

17. You can run.

18. You can think.

19. You have functioning legs.

20. You have functioning arms.

21. You have all 5 fingers.

22. You don’t have cancer.

23. You don’t have Polio.

24. You can go to school/college/uni

25. Your parents aren’t abusive.

26. You teachers aren’t abusive.

27. You can love.

28. You can smile.

29. You have a voice.

30. You can sleep.

31. You have a bed.

32. You can go to daily destinations safely.

33. You can travel.

34. You have at least one friend.

35. You have hair.

36. You’re not extremely sick.

37. You can type.

38. You can remember.

39. You have eyebrows.

40. You’re creative.

41. You have toilet paper.

42. You have food.

43. You eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.

44. You have a car (or your parents do).

45. You live in a generation where everything is easier.

46. You have wifi.

47. You’re not in jail.

48. There’s no war in your area.

49. You’re beautiful.

50. You’re alive.

And a bonus one :

51. You’re following me!ย (right?ย ๐Ÿค”)

I’m aware that not all 50 things are true in everyone’s case but at least 40 are true and they’re all little things we take for granted everyday. If you’re ever feeling down, look at all the things you do have instead of not. By the way, if you have any requests for future blogs please let me know in the comments because my brain is being really uncreative at the moment if that even makes sense. I’ll see you guys on Sunday with a new blog.


Bayyyย ๐Ÿ’ž

21 thoughts on “50 Things To Be Thankful For

  1. The Mystical Being says:

    Wow I love this! Honestly I was suspecting some intricate detailed things, but then again gratitude doesn’t come with quantity. Great post! โค๏ธ

    Liked by 1 person

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