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Hey girl hey. And boy.

Yes, I know this is Tuesday and I said I’m going to post every Sunday and Thursday but I watch a lot of movies, TV shows and I’m also a book worm so I decided every Tuesday I will do a book/movie review or a tag. Let me know if you like this idea. If you don’t, then just drop in every Sunday and Thursday. It’s cool with me.

Anyways, I know I watched Riverdale 3 months late but I was 19 years late to watch Titanic so I guess I made it in the year zone at least. I watched it over the course of two days just like 13 reasons why (that’s what happens when you’re so attached to a TV show and have nothing else to do 😀). I decided to make a tag so that way you guys could answer the questions too. So without further a- okay I’m not a youtuber. Let’s get started.

*spoiler alert

1. Who is your favourite character and why? 

I’m going to seperate this question into boy and girl:

Girl : Veronica. It was hard to choose between her and Betty but I ended up choosing her. She’s always there for her friends and encourages them to do what they love and she always stands up for others. Like can we talk about the way she treated Ethel and Cheryl? Queen goals if you ask me.

Boy: Archie!! I don’t know why everyone likes Jughead. I didn’t even know who Cole Sprouse was. Yes, that’s what happens when you don’t watch Disney. Archie is way cuter but um the fact that he kisses every girl he sees is too extra but whatever I like his personality. Especially when he broke the ice for Cheryl.

 2. Who is your favourite mom?

I didn’t really like any of them but Archie’s mom was pretty cool.

 3. Who is your favourite dad?

Again, I didn’t really have any but probably Archie’s dad. Okay I know this makes me sound like I’m obsessed with Archie but Fred is a hardworking character. Plus, he beats Clifford, Betty’s dad and FP so…

 4. Which character did you hate at the beginning but liked at the end? 

Betty’s mom!! At first, she looked rude and ignorant but the scene of her arguing with Betty’s dad and opening up to Betty at the end, I liked her a lot more.

 5. Who did you think killed Jason at the beginning?

Miss Grundy! I know this sounds crazy but I even texted my friend this theory. So I thought maybe Jason saw Miss Grundy and Archie on July 4th so she killed him because she didn’t want to lose her job. When Betty and Veronica found the gun and fake ID, I was convinced that she was an agent or something – that was until she explained the reason why. It sounds stupid now but it made sense at the time.

6. Did you cry at any point?

Yes. I teared up twice. Once, on the first episode I think, when Betty asked Archie if he liked her. I don’t know but something about the way Betty tears up makes me tear up. The second time was when Veronica found out that Ethel’s dad killed himself and had a mini breakdown. I don’t know why I teared up. It was probably mood swings.

 7. Did you get surprised that Clifford killed Jason? 

To be honest, I didn’t really like the transition from FP to Clifford and then the fact that FP was still in jail…idk I guess we found out why Clifford did it in the end. It would’ve been more of a twist if Betty is the one who killed him because of her darkness issues which would kind of explain the whole hot tub thing. But it turned out okay anyways.

 8. Did you read the comic and how did you discover the show?

I seriously don’t remember but I searched up Riverdale comic and it showed Archie comics and they looked so familiar! I remember maybe reading a page when I was younger. I have the memory of a grandma when it comes to my childhood.

My best friend Raya told me about it.

 9. Did you like the ending?

No! They should’ve ended it with Veronica, Archie, Betty and Jughead laughing in Pops. The romantic scenes were so unnecessary and what the heck? Why did a random robber just decide to shoot Fred? (I think it might’ve been Hiram Lodge) That just ruined it though.

 10. Are you happy that there will be season 2? 

Well yeah because I really liked the show but I have a feeling that Riverdale 2 is not going to be as good as the first one. The ending was kind of weird and random. If they ended it off with their reaction of the video, it would’ve been a better cliffhanger but I would’ve hated the director so I appreciate that he didn’t do that. But the mystery has been solved and I don’t think a Riverdale 2 would’ve been necessary if it went with my ending in question 9.


I “nominate” all of you to participate (ahem, especially Raya). Don’t forget to leave me a link if you use these questions or if you just want to answer them in the comments, feel free to do so. And if you didn’t watch Riverdale…girl 👏🏼 you 👏🏼 mis- 👏🏼 sing 👏🏼 out 👏🏼! So go watch it! I’ll see you guys on Thursday.


Bayyy 💞


9 thoughts on “Riverdale Tag

  1. capturingmemorieswithraya says:

    First of all Love this blog and can’t wait for more Tuesday blogs, and I guess I have to do this tag so😂

    1. My favorite character is jughead
    2. Betty’s mom (just because of the end though)
    3. Archie’s dad
    4. Beckys mom for the same reasons
    5.I honestly don’t remember but I think I thought it was miss grundy or Cherill
    6. Lol yeah I am pretty sure I cried during many parts but I don’t any in particular
    7. I spoiled it for myself before I got to the last episode 😕
    8. I remember reading some of the comics in grade 3, and I think I found the show from YouTube or somthing
    9. I Kind of I wish it would have ended with them at “Pops”, but at the same time the ending left you with a cliff hanger that Makes you excited for season 2
    10. Yesss, can’t wait especially since it’s going to be 22 episodes !!!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Amber says:

    Hi Bayance! Love this tag, sad to say but I’m a Jugghead fan, I just prefer his personality a lot more! 💛✨ I’m going to do this tag, it’s really cool! 🙂💕 Thanks for recommending it.
    Great post! And don’t worry about the schedule, mine has failed me already!
    Amber x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bayance says:

      Hiii this is Bayance from the future. Ugh Jughead. He’s cool but just a bit too “y’all don’t understand me” type you know? Aah girl I can’t wait and hahaha my schedule has been in the grave long ago but it’s more comfortable this way. I might go back to a schedule in the future. Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

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