Ardene Surprise Pack // Unboxing

Hey girl hey. And boy.

  Disclaimer: Ugh this is going to be a completely boring blog but on Sunday, I have a blog ready about sleeping disorders and insomnia so it’ll get better. I got this surprise pack from Ardene and decided to share it with you I guess…ya I’m so lame. But here you go.

The title makes me look like those people who open kinder surprises on YouTube and get million of views for it. I’m not sure if you have Ardene in your area but I do and it’s literally bae. It’s kind of like Forever21 and H&M but they always have sales. It’s loaded with lots of cute stuff but it’s so hard to choose what to buy. If you ever need to buy a gift for a girl, Ardene is the place to go. It has purses, makeup, clothing and much more. And no this is not sponsored but Ardene should seriously sponsor me. Even though I have like 13 followers but that’s beside the point. This intro is unnecessarily long and boring but they have these surprise packs which include 5 mystery products from their store. They sell 2 for $5 which is a really good deal so let’s get started.



#1 – Black and White Necklace.



Original Price – $15

My thoughts : Well I’ve never really seen anything like this before. I usually wear plain necklaces like this –


– but it’s always nice to change every now and then. I tried this on and I could see it look cute with my black jumpsuit so a 7.5/10 from me.

 #2 – Socks



Original Price – $6

My thoughts : Um…well….they’re socks. They’re the thick cozy kind though so I could use them in the winter or just around the house.

#3 – Scrunchie



Original Price – $3.50

Thoughts: Okay maybe I should stop with the whole thoughts thing because it’s really getting pointless by now 😂 but I like the plaid design.

#4 – Pin Buttons


Original Price – $1.50

My thoughts : Can we just talk about how cute this is? I’m probably going to use it for my bag.

 #5 – Lacey Headband



Original Price $3.50

  P.S. The headband’s colour is actually black but it turned out grey on camera.

My thoughts: I like headbands because you can pull your hair back and tease the front a bit but I usually end up like Marge because I pull up too much hair and then have to start over again…you get the point.




Let me know in the comments if I should do more unboxings or maybe do an Ardene one every once in a while. Or if this was completely lame and I should never do it again 😂🤔. Sorry for the short blog but rants and diys will come soon don’t worry. Follow me if you’re new here so we can best frandsss – well, no pressure but like I strongly recommend it. How do we conclude again? Ok I’ll see you guys Sunday.


Bayyy 💞

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