What I Saw And How I Lied // Book Review

Hey girl hey. And boy.

So as I said last week, Tuesdays are going to be either about books, movies or tags and today I’m going to be doing my first book review on this blog! Clap for me – *cricket *cricket – Okay thanks a lot. Anyways, I feel like book reviews are fun to make but boring to read so I decided to make a format that I would use for all my book reviews. That way, it would be more organized and not just me rambling. So let’s get started.

 Who, When and Where

 Who – Evelyn/Evie Spooner (main character)

– Beverly Spooner (mom)

– Joe Spooner (stepdad)

– Peter Coleridge (Evelyn’s Love)

– Arlene Grayson (parent’s friends)

– Tom Grayson (parent’s friends)

When – After World War II

P.S. I just watched the Imitation Game which also took place                                                        during and after World War II.

Where – Mostly in Florida

  Book Summary

(back of the book/inside the cover)

 “When Evie’s stepfather returned home from World War II, the family fell back into its normal life pretty quickly. But Joe Spooner brought more back with him than war stories. When movie-star handsome Peter Coleridge, a young ex-GI who served in Joe’s company in postwar Austria, shows up, Evie is suddenly caught in a complicated web of lies that she only slowly recognizes. She finds herself falling for Peter, ignoring the secrets that surround him…until a tragedy occurs that shatters her family and breaks her life in two. As she begins to realize that almost everything she believed was a lie, Evie must get to the heart of deceptions and choose between loyalty to her parents and feelings for the man she loves. Someone will have to be betrayed. The question is…who?”


 Expectation VS Reality

 So reading the summary of the book, I thought she saw something really secretive. At first, she overheard Mrs. and Mr. Grayson talking about a bomb but the story never really followed up on that. Evie never really seen anything. She found it out on the news and court and she had to lie about it. Everything kind of reveals itself towards the last 3 chapters. And it still leaves you off on not knowing what happened on the boat that day. I’m trying really hard not to spoil but I’m also not making sense and that’s really all I have to say. Moving on…

 Age Rating

 Website’s Age Rating –> 15+

My Age Rating –> Now I believe that age has nothing to do with maturity (that’s for another blog) but for the sake of this, I’m probably going to agree that this is more on the older teen side. It contains description of smoking, drinking, business, fighting, stealing, mysterious murder, discrimination against Jews and sexual content…*deep tone “viewers discretion is advised” 😂 The sexual content is not too detailed so I’m probably going to go with 14+. 

  Boredom and Excitement

 Okay I’m going to admit it was boring at times. The beginning was kind of eh but then it got better and I couldn’t stop reading. The end was probably the best since everything started to get exposed and I had so many “what?!” moments.

 Book Rating

 Overall I’m going to give this a 7.5/10. I know I sounded so positive towards it but I’ve read so many good books in my life so 7.5 is pretty fair.

 Would I Recommend This?

  It really depends. I personally liked it even though some things weren’t really my type. Like the fact that it was in the old days but the way it was written was modern if that makes sense. It also gave me some fashion inspiration because the outfits were really detailed and Evie’s mom is basically a fashion geek. If you’re into “romance”, war, family, mystery then this book is for you.


   What do you guys think? 


      I’ll see you guys Thursday


  Bayyy 💞

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