5 Things That Need To Be Invented

Hey girl hey. And boy.

The world is full of very cool inventions. I mean phones, laptops, printers, cameras… If those could be invented then so can my 5 ideas. Okay well maybe some of them are a bit unrealistic but they can be very very helpful and someone needs to find a way to invent them. So Bill Gates, get your crew or whatever and chop πŸ‘Β chopΒ πŸ‘Β !


1. Lost Items Detector

This is my number one! I need a machine that could track whatever I type in. I ALWAYS lose things and it takes a billion years until I finally find it. The tracker could insert a picture of where it is or give directions like Google Maps. And I’m not taking impossible as an answer. Someone needs to invent it and send it to me for free since I’m the one who came up with the idea – wait what? I just searched up lost item detector and this product thing called TrackRΒ came up. OMG MY DREAMS CAME TRUE! – wait $30 per little chip ?? Aint nobody got time for thattt! I need to get 29.99 dollars off. TRACKR SPONSOR ME!


2. Pillow That Records Dreams

Okay this one is more on the common side but I seriously need one. It would be so cool to watch my dreams. And HD please. My memory is too hazy so please improve the quality. I looked this up and scientists found a way to get an idea with this machine thing but I want a pillow that I could sleep on and in the morning a tablet screen pops up with my dream. Sorry for the high expectations but I’m not standing in line everyday in front of this science company while they put me to sleep and try to guess what my dream is. I need a household item that I could use daily at my own comfort.


3. Food Printer

I need this right now! I want to type whatever food I want and then get it in 5 seconds. For free. I also want a quantity option. So I could multiply my ice cream buckets by 1 thousand and eat it all while watching movies. I don’t care how expensive this machine is. It could give me unlimited supplies of food so we’ll never have to cook or go grocery shopping ever again! I would’ve said clothes printer where you print all the outfits off of Pinterest but I love shopping in malls so I don’t really want to give that up. And of course all of you health critics will say “You’ll be fat in no time” well not if they invent my next idea. I present you with….


4. Weight Decider

I want a tube thing that you can enter in and decide how many kg/pounds you want to be. Just simply press the number and walk out looking healthy. I was also going to make it decide if you want thinner thighs, a smaller waist ect . but you’re perfect just the way you are boo no matter how cheesy that soundsΒ πŸ‘πŸ˜‚Β (and I know this sounds ironic prior to my idea but this is to help with number 3 so yeah)


5. Outfit Helper

Okay they need this in stores like H&M and Forever21. So how it works is a person stands in front of this screen and the screen detects the body and looks in the store to see what would look good on the person. That way we don’t have to keep experimenting with sizes in the changing room and just have a screen tell us what size we should get and what would work with us. There should also be an option where you press any item you want from the online store and see how it would look like on you. I would seriously love that. And they should also have one especially for me because again, I came up with the idea and I’m not going to wait in lines because I’m a lazy potato so yeah.


So I looked online for some other inventions that other people thought of and I came across this site calledΒ SmoshΒ and it had 20 things that should be invented so I decided to share my favourite 5 with you. The 5 before that I mentioned were ones I thought of on my own but I decided to extend it because this is fun- okay why am I rambling? Let’s get started.

Β  Β 1. Spray-on Wrapping PaperΒ 

Yes please!

Screenshot 2017-08-15 at 5.09.16 PM

Β  Β  2. Waterproof BooksΒ 

waterproof books invented yet

Yes omg. This one time my sister spilled water on my book like ugh!

3. Reverse Microwave

why not invented reverse microwave

This could be really handy!

Β  4. Pizza Truck (just like an ice cream truck)Β 

why not invented yet pizza delivery

Omg yes. They have hot dog stands, ice cream trucks but not pizza trucks like thanks.

Β  5. Memory MirrorΒ 

mirror that saves reflections should invent

Some people in the comments said “it’s called a camera” but I don’t take selfies 24/7 and I’d love to see how I looked like a long time ago because I have the memory of a grandma.


Well that wraps it up. I’d love to see your comments on what you think should be invented. You could comment on this blog or make your own blog and tag me because I would love to see it ! I might also make a part two because I’m always thinking of new inventions. Anyways, I’ll see you guys on Sunday with a new blog.

BayyyΒ πŸ’ž

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