People Change

Hey girl hey. And boy.

So today’s topic is going to be a bit more of a rant, I’m not really sure what category it fits in. I’ve had 2 experiences with this and decided to just blog about it. Everybody will change at one point or the other. No kidding, we’re not going to be 5 forever but sometimes people change to the worse and it’s pretty hard to accept.

Anyways situation #1. In 4th grade, I was friends with this girl…let’s call her Cheryl (aye Riverdale inspired). So Cheryl and I weren’t best friends but we were friends. We were also partners for this water park field trip and we spent the whole day together. It was a lot of fun. She also sat at our table during class. She was really nice and funny. She moved to – okay I sound like a boring book. But she moved to a new school February of 5th grade. I added her on Instagram last year and Snapchat a few months ago and let me just tell you- she changed a lotttt. This is so hard to explain without telling you my age because you’re probably like “duh!! 5th grade until’re probably 17 or something”. Well hehe. Maybe I should go un-anonymous to make everything easier to understand but whatever. Anyways, she did so many nasty things with guys at her school and okay I’m not trying to sound like that one girl who’s all  Mr. Clean but- whatever her body. Her choice. At first, I thought she was joking so I replied to one of her stories saying “um what happened to you?” She replied with : “I’m hot and popular and all the guys like me.” Like ok…. Her mindset changed so much. Probably because today everybody likes to act 10 years older than their age as a teen (in a bad way). I’ve also caught up with some of my other friends and they said the same too. I don’t know. It just disappoints me that she went from this nice and creative person to a stuck-up dirty one. It’s probably a teenage phase and maybe I’m over exaggerating. I just really hope she matures up soon because these things could affect her future and mental health. I’m probably not making any sense but let’s move on to the second situation.

So I was best friends with this girl in 2nd grade (we’ll call her Ronnie to go with the whole Riverdale theme of today – maybe I should make a theme for each “story-time” calling people names from a certain show/movie – okay off topic). I don’t remember much but Ronnie was the sensitive kind who would cry every time I didn’t sit next to her in class and she gave me her Beuno chocolate bar (those were the best!!) everyday at lunch because she didn’t like it- omg I just remembered when I would claim that I was just “acting” to be friends with her since I had these other 2 friends who were annoyed that she hogged me to herself- oh god, grade 2 drama. Well anyways, we would get into detention together (and yes they did that at our old school) and so on. I moved and haven’t spoken to her until 2 days ago. I found her Instagram, messaged her and requested to follow (her account is private) and oh. my. god. I literally almost fell off my chair. She looked 24 or something! Brows, makeup, pouty faces, push-up bras and all like can we not? She swears a lot too. I feel like I’m judging everyone too much but like imagine seeing your childhood friend turn so…Kardashian? One day if I go un-anonymous, you would understand me. 😂

Has anything like this ever happen to you? I would love to know in the comments or a link to a blog post you did covering something similar. Or even leave me a comment saying I’m a judgmental grandma who needs to mature up and deal with it. All is fine with me. 🤓

P.S. I’m moving today so let me know if you’d like a room organization blog or a room decor one. Even though I’m like the messiest potato on this planet but I’ll try to improve this year. 😂😂

Well that’s it for now. I’ll see you guys Tuesday.


Bayyy 💞


20 thoughts on “People Change

  1. aboutmyawkwardworld says:

    Dude, I know EXACTLY how you feel. You feel like you’ve known someone for so long that it would be impossible for them to surprise you – then BAM! It happens all the time and I think it’s just something you have to grow into. Nowadays, teens like to grow up WAY too fast and just neglect the limited time they have of their youth. I think it’s silly but there’s nothing we can do about it right? xx

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  2. QueenTeen says:

    Yhh…I think this has happened to everyone at some point. At least you have some friends that won’t change for anything–and if they do, its for the better x

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  3. bluebonnetaroma says:

    Feel you girl! Almost everyone I went to primary school (yeah we have like year 8 and stuff instead of grade) with has changed in the same ways! I hate seeing those people change but you just hope that it’s only a phase and hey will come to their senses soon!

    Don’t stress about it- too much- just make sure you stay the same and don’t become like those girls who need to learn how to act their age! Xx

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  4. RelatableExistence says:

    We’ve all gone through that period in our life when people around you seem to transform completely..I have anyways. In fact funny enough I was just chatting to me friend today about how sad it is that nowadays five year olds are acting like ten year olds and ten year olds act like sixteen year olds. And I know that I’m probably sounding like an old party pooper but I really miss the days when kids acted there age. When we all went through “the awkward phase” when we were transitioning from tween to teen but now it has completely vanished, children skip onto the next stage these days and I feel sorry for them. I’ve also had personal experiences with my friends “growing up” and it’s quite difficult to understand and accept. You’re definitely not alone 😭

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  5. Starling says:

    Whenever relatives see me, they will be like, “Wow, you’re so tall already! The last time I saw you, you were just a little girl!” And I’m like, “Yes yes yes…. I would know my own height-duh!” Inside, but outside I just nod my head and go.. “Mmhmm..”

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