First Day Of School ~ In Your Head VS Reality

Hey girl hey. And boy.

So this is my very first, early, aboriginal, antecedent, cardinal, fundamental, opening, pioneer, rudimentary, number one, numero uno- okay I need to stop with the “first” synonyms. Most of these don’t even make sense. 😂 Well anyways, you get the idea. MY FIRST COLLABBB! Woohooo! So many firsts this week (well 2 but still). This is a collab with Libertys Freedom Blog! Go follow her. Now. Now. Now. She has really good blogs and of course this is the best one since it’s a collab with me, the potato queen. I’m kidding. 😂 But seriously you need to check her out – well not check her out in a perverted old man way but you get what I mean. Ugh I ramble a lot.

Okay so some of you started school already but mine isn’t in 2 weeks mwahaha ! 😎😎  Das right. Living the Canadian life to the max. But it’s no lie that school is actually just around the corner and I’m going to find myself in math torture school in a blink. So here I am again reminding you that the first day is not going to be as planned and will not be any different than the disappointment you went through last year. I present to you…the first day of school: in your head vs. reality. Let’s get started.


1. Outfits

If you’re in a school with no uniform policy, then you obviously expect to look flawless and have your outfit look stunning. But in the end, you literally can’t pick out anything cute and just end up with a t-shirt and jeans. Story of my life. 🙃


Image result for cute tumblr  outfit                    Image result for baggy shirt and jeans

              Expectation                                                  Reality


2. Making An Entrance

So in all the movies, you see this popular/new girl walk in slow-mo with Fifth Harmony music in the background. But we all know those don’t exist in the real world so you end up walking in awkwardly. Even worst, you’re late.


Image result for fashion walk                    screenshot-2017-08-24-at-5-58-42-am.png

        Expectation                                                        Reality


 3. Lunch

You expect to make a full lunch the night before after watching loads of back to school lunch ideas on YouTube. But sadly, when the morning comes, all you’re able to do is put together a sloppy sandwich with two Oreos on the side. Life’s just great, isn’t it?


Related image        Image result for sloppy pb and jam

             Expectation                                                                   Reality


4. Reading Out Loud

Is it just me or am I really good at reading in my head and then when I read it out loud, I end up stuttering and accidentally repeating sentences? Well this happens all the time.


Image result for reading fast gif              Image result for stuttering gif

            Expectation                                                          Reality


 5. Crushes

You expect to find a really cute guy to crush on the whole year but you look around you and all the boys are so not what you had in mind. And I don’t know if it’s just my school but why are all the cute guys jerks? It’s really annoying 😒😂 Just kidding. Looks don’t matter and we need to focus on personalities (even though I don’t.….haha who said that?)


Image result for kj apa archie            Image result for guy double chin

              Expectation                                                            Reality


 6. Gym Class

You think you’ll be acing that basketball game like Kobe and impressing everyone but when it’s your turn to play, you actually run around like a panting dog and fall over your laces a few 100 times. Oh and a bonus if you sweat in like 30 seconds and become self-conscious that everyone could smell it (even though they don’t) so you just end up holding your armpits to your sides the whole time like a penguin. Yup congrats. You’re officially a panting penguin.


Image result for kobe bryant playing basketball                 Image result for penguin running gif

          Expectation                                                             Reality


Well maybe I over-exaggerated everything. But this always happens to me. So you might relate, you might not. But I relate so that counts, right? 😂

  If you already went back to school, how did it go? Leave it in the comments.

And don’t worry adults, you could answer “what was your most embarrassing school memory?” in the comments.

Before you leave, make sure to check out LIBERTYFREEDOM’S blog!! Her version is way better than mine so you need to go read it.

I’ll see you guys on Sunday.

Bayyy 💞



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