Back To School Blogs // Updates + Collabs?

Hey girl hey. And boy.

Can you believe that school starts next week?! Some of you started already which sucks but I still have one more week of summer. And what am I going to do? Make back to school blogs obviously. Duh. Oh and no book review today because 1. I didn’t read a book this week 😂 and 2. I have a better idea. Which is…..

*drum roll please*…..


Which means I’m going to post a back to school blog every. single. day!

You’re probably thinking one of these two things:



b). Ughhh noooo! Your blogs are so bad I can’t.

Probably b but whatever.

So first off, I’m going to (hopefully) post everyday until next Tuesday. Then we’ll go back to our normal schedule, but I might change it to different days.

Second, I’m going to open collab slots if anyone wants to collab on a back to school blog. That way, you’ll be able to see more on a topic. I’m going to do 3 on my own and 1 with someone I talked to. So that means I can collab with 3 of you. Um and if the comments are like *cricket *cricket *no one likes you* then I’ll just make one by myself. It’s okay. 😂

Soo here are the 3 categories:

1. Recipes

So it’s either going to be ‘Back To School Lunch Ideas” or “Back To School Breakfast Ideas”. Whatever you’d like. And make sure to include at least 2 pictures to create a visual if you can. Even if you’re an adult, you could still make a back to school recipe for work or uni. (only slot left, comment if interested.)

2. Advice

I’m thinking “How to deal with bullies/haters” or “How to get over a crush” 😂 Anything like that. We could do different topics but same category. However you like.

3. Stationary

I’m a stationary freak. And if you are too, this blog is for you. (I’m such a poet). We could do “What’s in my backpack” or “Back to school supplies haul”. I’m really last minute so it’ll probably be a day before Tuesday 😂

Speaking of… here are also the days.

Wednesday (tomorrow) – *solo* (I’m going to do one myself since you probably need time to make the blog)

Thursday – *collab with a friend* (this isn’t part of the open collabs)

FridayAdvice collab 

Saturday – *solo*

SundayRecipe collab

MondayStationary collab

Tuesday – *solo*

 – Few disclaimers:

  •   Wednesday’s solo and Saturday’s solo could be swapped. It doesn’t really matter with me.
  •  If you’d like to collab for another topic in the future, feel free to contact me.
  • If no one wants to collab with me, it’s totally fine lol.
  • And if there’s more than 3 that want to collab, then don’t worry. I’ll add you to my ‘to-collab with’ list and we’ll collab asap.
  • Also, once I get enough collabs, I’m going to delete this portion of the blog so if you’re seeing this now. Keep reading.
  • I’ll also update it throughout the day and I’ll decide by the end of Tuesday or possibly Wednesday morning (if I get traffic which I won’t because who wants to collab with a potato?



   Comment below the following things.

* I’m interested in ________ <category of your choice> (you could be interested in more than one if you want if you are okay with doing anything)

* Email: ______< so I can contact you

* Instagram: ______ (optional)

So for example:

  “I’m interested in the advice category


  Instagram: bayanceblogs”

(shameless self-promo)


Sorry that this blog is all over the place but I hope you could understand my gibberish. I’ll also upload the sunshine blogger award from last week today too. I’ll see you guys tomorrow hopefullyy.

Bayyy 💞

19 thoughts on “Back To School Blogs // Updates + Collabs?

  1. SmilingDreamer says:

    I go back to school next week too! 🙈😂 I’d LOVE to collab with you! I probably would like to do a stationery collab woth you (i.e school supplies haul), but I’m traveling and I can’t do it before next Tuesday! Is that ok with you? 😊❤️ My Insta: smilingdreamerblog 😎 Loving your blog posts! ❤️❤️


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