Back To School Life Hacks You Need To Try

Hey girl hey. And boy.

I don’t know about you but every time I watch school life hack videos, one of these 3 things always happen.

1. They’re the same life hacks I see everywhere.

2. They’re super hard like aren’t life hacks supposed to make life easier? Why are you bringing a drill and pliers into this?


3. They’re used for cheating which is a big no-no from me because.. a). I’m a potato (potatoes don’t follow the crowd). b). I’m a grandma (grandmas had to do everything the hard way back in the days) and c). I don’t cheat because I don’t need to cheat *hair flip* lol not trynna brag 😂.

Image result for hair flip gif

So when I was looking through some life hacks to share with you guys, I was practically losing my mind. But I finally found a few that weren’t so over-used, pretty simple and actually work. Like have you guys seen that stupid putting gummy bears at the end of each paragraph to motivate you? Hun, I’m going to eat those gummy bears in 0.2 seconds if I’m pretty hungry or I’m either going to rush the paragraphs which will result in no understanding of the topic. Before we start, this is a collab with City Of Quiet! Remember my post Insomnia + Sleeping Disorders? I mentioned 5 other tips from my friend. Well she finally started a blog last week. I would love for you guys to check her blog out. Anyways, let’s get started.


1. Wikipedia 

Now be honest with me here. Even though teachers say don’t use an unreliable source like “wikipedia”, we still use it. I’m sorry but wiki has all the answers I’m looking for. But most times, it’s just plain gibberish and every word has a link on it explaining what it means. Like it takes 3 hours to understand a sentence. I legitimately searched up potato and it gave me this 5 billion page essay.

Screenshot 2017-08-30 at 2.52.55 PM

Like the answer is pretty simple. The definition of potato is: Bayance. So speaking of simple, if you change the “en” part of the url to “simple”, it’ll basically just summarize the whole thing.

Screenshot 2017-08-30 at 6.48.36 PM  ➡️ Screenshot 2017-08-30 at 6.48.56 PM

I’ve been using this for the longest time. You guys seriously need to try it.

Screenshot 2017-08-30 at 6.48.56 PM

 Note: Not all topics have the simple option. It’s usually on general stuff like war, veggies, fitness..ect. 


2. Presentations

  I’m not sure what’s wrong with my brain but I always somehow ace presentations. Like I’m so confident in front of everyone. So I have some life hacks from personal experience.

  1. Don’t focus on a certain person. Look at everyone as a whole or look right behind them. So instead of looking down all the time, look up at the back wall. People won’t even notice and think you’re looking at them.
  2. Instead of writing paragraphs on your index cards, write bullet points on the topics you’re going to cover. When you write paragraphs, you end up looking down all the time. And when you go to look up, you lose where you were and it’s just embarrassing. So when you write bullet points, the paragraphs form up in your head and it doesn’t feel as forced. Make sure to practice a lot before though. You don’t want to go speechless in front of the class.

Related image


3. Proofread 

Proofreading is really essential for essays. First, you have to read it out loud. And then, ask someone else to read it. Chances are there will be at least one thing that doesn’t make sense or spelled wrong. Storytime. My friend wrote this essay at 1 am and then she asked me to proofread it before she turns it in. And you guyyys, I was literally dying. We have the funniest inside jokes from that essay. So always make sure to proofread your work.


4. Studying 

According to Pinterest, reading your notes out loud increases your chance of remembering them by 50%.

Image result for cute studying tumblr


5. Holding Your Laugh

This one is not really a professional life hack but I can’t tell you how many times I couldn’t hold myself in class. Especially with those strict teachers. A way to try and stop yourself from laughing is holding a straight parrot face. Make sure to hold it firmly. I’m not sure if it’s gonna work because 1. Your teacher will think you’re being disrespectful and 2. If your friend does it too, you’re going to die laughing again.

Related image


6. Delete One Word At A Time

Keyboard Shortcut : Ctrl + Delete


7. Paying Attention 

Drink lots of water in class to keep you refreshed.

Another tip I saw on Pinterest was to pretend like you need to teach this topic. So you obviously need to know everything about it. Make a mini presentation if you want to. Even though I’m probably too lazy for that 😂


8. Poster Wrap 

Instead of using a rubber band to wrap around a poster, use an empty toilet paper roll. I’m totally going to use this for future presentations that include posters. You could also use it to keep wrapping paper from unrolling but make sure to cut a bit of the toilet paper roll for the second one.

Related image         Image result for toilet paper poster hack


9. Percentages

To find 20% of something, do the following:

  1.  Move decimal to the left.
  2. Double it
  3. Tada!

I’m going to try this on 365.

  1.  36.5
  2. 73
  3. I’m impressed!

Screenshot 2017-08-30 at 8.10.35 PM


10. Glass Cleaner To Remove Pen Ink

Y’all when I heard of this, I was literally shook. You know those annoying pens that leave so many marks on your hands? Apparently the liquid of a glass cleaner could remove it instantly.



For the first swatch, I used the plain Frank glass cleaner. The black ink went off right away. But some of the blue pen was left behind. Probably because it wasn’t very liquidy. As you can see, the tissue took a lot of ink off. (I used toilet paper btw because I didn’t have cotton lol). I also decided to use Lysol all purpose cleaner because it would probably be a more common product in your home. And I found almost the same results.


As you can see, the blue ink was still a bit left behind but it was probably because I pressed too hard. I tried pressing lightly and it left no mark at all. So I’m giving this hack a thumbs up 👍👍


That’s pretty much it. Now you could go back to school like a boss all because of me (and tiny credits to google). If you’d like to be even smarter go check out City of Quiet’s life hacks here. Hers is 5 thousand times better so go see it right now! Also, I decided on not to call this back to school marathon anything since you guys didn’t give me suggestions 😂😂. I wonder if you guys even read my posts. Hm…here’s a test. At the end of your comment, use the “🍕” emoji. Let’s see who really reads my posts. 😂 But I’m going with a featured image theme so that’ll do. I’ll see you guys tomorrow with a new blog.

Bayyy 💞

31 thoughts on “Back To School Life Hacks You Need To Try

  1. QueenTeen says:

    These are really good ones except OMG I HATE it when you wanna laugh out loud when you really shouldn’t😬. I usually just end up ducking under the table cos I honestly struggle SO much to hold it in 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. hebahpervaiz says:

    Really enjoyed this post, I am really glad these hacks are original! 🤣 And I agree with that overused snack trick which flops totally if someone like me tries it haha

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ana Regina says:

    Potato dude, I can’t believe wikipedia has such long texts for that, even though there’s actually a lot to say about them lol 😛
    And I laughed SO HARD when you did the percentage thing and you got the answer, I LUV IT!!!!
    Amazing post, amazing hacks!!! 🙂

    And yes, I’m binge reading your last year’s blogmas posts MWAHAH!

    Liked by 1 person

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