Diy Fall Bookmarks

Hey girl hey. And boy. I'm late. Again. 😂 But it's still Thursday for me since its 10:05 pm right now. SO I was like lemme do a diy. I didn't really have any supplies on me so I decided to make a room decor one later on in the fall. SO for all you bookworms, this … Continue reading Diy Fall Bookmarks

Sunshine Blogger Award #3

Hey girl hey. And boy. So um... WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? 😂😂 Just honestly thank you so much!! The mental person this time who thought I was good apparently amazing person who kindly nominated me for this award is *drum roll plz*...... LATOYA. Thank you girl!  Rules: You know what? I'm not even gonna bother. Most of you … Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award #3