What’s In My Backpack

Hey girl hey. And boy.

Have you ever wondered what’s inside Bayance’s backpack? No? Well I’m still gonna show you.. 😂 Btw today is officially the last blog in my back to school series 😢😢. SOMEONE GET ME TISSUES! Why you ask? Because that means SCHOOL WILL CONTINUE TO GO ON FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR AND THERE’S NO TURNING BACK. I just realized today that I hateeee school. I wish I was in my old school because this one just sucks -_-. But to cheer the mood, this is a collab with Smiling Dreamer Blog. I’m not sure when she’ll do hers but she’ll do it eventually, right? 😂 Oh and we’re going back to our normal schedule after this so you’ll be getting a blog tomorrow. Okay anyways, let’s get stahteddd.

The Backpack


 This was a pretty painful pose to do so appreciate please.

I got this backpack from Payless. I was looking for a wallet and then I found 2 backpacks. One was small and one was this one. It’s a darker pink in real life and it was only $30. (I was going to buy one from Staples after the purse for $40 so I saved $10 😂😂) The friend I made (she’s also on my bus) has the same exact design but dark green so that’s cool. (kinda) (okay moving on)


Soooo first off, here’s my binder.


I took this picture before I got the dividers.

Who remembers this notebook? 😂 Cmon people it was two blogs ago. Btw everyone in my class has this binder so Canadian rule. If you wan’t to be original with school supplies, never shop at Walmart, Costco and Staples.


Next up is my pencil case and here we have a mini stationary haul.


Btw this was originally a makeup bag but I didn’t get a pencil case so I used it.

*sorry Raya 😂


Yeah I decorated them with washi tape because I’m that extra.

But just assuming that you can’t see, I’m going to say everything in the picture just like the normal Youtubers 😂 Wait but if you can’t see, you can’t read what I’m typing. Oh well.

So I have 5 highlighters, 2 mechanical pencils, 2 pens, 2 erasers, 1 pencil, 1 ruler, 1 calculator, 1 correcter and 1 glue stick. Oh..I thought I would type a longer description but whatever 😂 (I need to stop with the laughing emojis)


Thennn, I have my wallet/purse thing.


We could leave the school during lunch time so I got it in case some days I felt like going to the mall or Popeye’s. I also got this from Payless and it was on sale for $15 like I got everything in the store except shoes which is kinda ironic. 😂

In my front pocket, I keep some snacks because I forgot to get a lunch bag too (I’m so prepared as you can see) but I’ll get one soon.


I need to get an emergency bag too but for now I keep them in my hidden pocket.


Yeah tmi but whatever we’re all girls, oh wait? Are there any boys here? Oops sorry 😂😂.

Image result for oops gif

Then I just keep mascara in my side pocket.


And that’s literally it.

For now. 😂😂

I hope you guys kinda enjoyed it. I know you did. Like what other chance do you get to snoop around people’s backpacks? 👏 Be on the lookout for the blog tomorrow. And I won’t change the schedule for now since I do have some free time. I’ll see you guys tomorrow- I already said that. Okay whatever.

Bayyy 💞


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