L’Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara Review

Hey girl hey. And boy.

Okay okay don’t come at me so quick. I’m not a big fan of makeup and I know I said I’m not a beauty guru. But you gotta admit mascara is bae and I needed myself a new one since I’ve been using covergirl since 1836. This blog is going to be super short and simple because honestly there are some people who talk about the product for AGES. Like here’s me watching a YouTube video.

Youtuber: Hey guys so AS YOU CAN SEE we have this mascara.

Me: Okay cool. 

Youtuber: AS YOU CAN SEE we have here the lid and the wand.

 Me: Um okay cool.

Youtuber: I’ll just continue to read all the details on the packaging. “VOLUMINOUS LASH PARADISE NEW IN THE SHADE 200 BLACKEST BLACK 91% INTENSE 97% LASH…”

Me: Um I can read.



Image result for bye felicia gif

Like I’m not even exaggerating. 99% of the video is reading and opening the package. And since I don’t have 5 billion makeup products in my drawer. I’ll do mini reviews every time I buy one (which is once in a blue moon).

Now apparently this is a dupe off Too Faced so…it’s good?

Okay let’s get reviewing.

 Shade: 200/Blackest Black

 Price: $8.99

 Packaging : 10/10



Texture: 9/10

Honestly this is pretty soft on the lashes and it does make a difference. It’s so easy to apply too.

 Longlasting? 8/10

Smudging? Only with me because I blink a lot and I laugh and I sneeze and I tear up from dust…i don’t know. By the way, I like the look of a bit of smudging like it’s probably just me but it kind of looks better on me.

Related image Well not that much. 😂 Eh, it does smudge though so..5/10.

Removal? 8/10

I’m gonna say though, with my experience, a bit of the mascara still stays but that’s probably because I’m so bad at makeup.

Overall: 8.8/10

I actually like this mascara because of the packaging overall.

 Would I recommend it?

Definitely but I gotta say it doesn’t give you a REALLY dramatic look lol 😂 Which is not even what I’m going for.

I was going to show you a try-on but my eyes look sooo bad on camera for some reason. And you’re probably thinking “well duh because maybe they are bad” but they look pretty good in the mirror sooo it’s the phone not me 😂. Maybe I need to get a camera. But for now, here are some other pictures off google of people trying it on.

Image result for l'oreal paradise lash mascara try on Image result for l'oreal paradise lash mascara try on Image result for l'oreal paradise lash mascara try on

You could take my word for it or watch reviews on YouTube.

Btw sorry if this is triggering Beauty gurus 😂😂😂 I’m kidding. Makeup is bootiful so do you girl.

 What’s your favourite mascara?

 Thoughts on L’oreal Lash Paradise?

I’ll see you guys today actually since I’m posting an award blog. I have plenty of those to do since everyone just started nominating me for these cool awards like aaah I feel so honoured. Okay I’ll see you guys today. I said that. Okay.

Bayyy 💞

18 thoughts on “L’Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara Review

  1. Joy The Witch says:

    Nice review for a person who does not usually review makeup products 😊 i personally did not love that mascara; it performs well but it’s not as good as the Better Than Sex one. If you want a good mascara, i would suggest the colossal big shot mascara by maybelline, it is my go-to!!

    Liked by 1 person

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