Sunshine Blogger Award #2

Okay you guys are officially insane. 3 awards?!! By the way this is preblogged because I didn’t want to spam with award posts. So I’m making this on August 23rd and it’ll be up around September but TYSM STARLING !! I really really appreciate it. Now on with the rules because I’m known for really long annoying intros so let’s actually get started.


  1. Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog!
  2. Answer the questions the nominator has given you
  3. Nominate
  4. List the rules on your blog and display the award! (did this on the featured image)


Interview Time (that’s what we’re going to call this from now on)

What is your favourite playground equipment?

As a kid, I REALLY loved the bars. You know the ones where you could do front flips and back flips on. But ugh the blisters were so annoying. P.S. Raya if you’re reading this, remember in grade 4? 😂😂

Who is your favourite fictional character?

Well that’s a hard one. As in books, I like Penny (from Girl Online), Christian (from Starstruck), Jetro (from Antisocial) and ugh the list could go on. But if in movies/tv shows, girl don’t even let me go there please because this blog will take way too long.

What is your favourite book series?

I haven’t read book series in a really long time. In 6th grade, I was obsessed with The Babysitters Club and Saranormal.

Cookies or cake?

Cakeee! Especially cheesecake.

Strawberries or cherries?


Favourite plant?

Lavender. 💞💞 And succulents. (they’re so tumblr)

Favourite number?


Worst subject?


Have you met any celebrities/someone famous before?

Nope but I embarrassed myself in front of this play actor (girl that’s for another blog 😂)

Do you have any pets?

No but I really really want a small little puppy but I can’t :/ Mainly because my mom hates dogs and other reasons lol.

Would you rather be diagnosed with cancer or dengue?

What’s dengue? Wait lemme search it up… CAUSED BY MOSQUITOES?!…most people recover after two to seven days….Okay then dengue. Cancer is really scary and I’ll lose hair and all that. Google said dengue is kind of like a flu but let’s assume it’s not the severe version.

I nominate:

Seventeen Wishes



City Of Quiet (girl you better participate 😂)


Princess Blabbermouth

Hm…I better save some because there are still more awards in my drafts so if you haven’t been nominated, just you wait 😂

My questionss foh youu.

  1. Worst school year so far?
  2. Fav cake?
  3. First memory ever?
  4. Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?
  5. If you were to open a clothing line, what would you make?
  6. Craziest/Most interesting teacher?
  7. Fav person in your life right now? (if the answer isn’t me then you need to leave 😂)
  8. Most-used emoji?
  9. What food reminds you of your childhood?
  10. Last time you sang and where?


And das it for todayyy. I’ll see you Thursday.


Bayyy 💞



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