Introducing…Classictastic Challenge!

Hey girl hey. And boy.

Yes, the title is so corny but basically I’m going to be trying to read old books every week. So I live in this apartment on the north side of the city and there are so many seniors here. There’s this gathering every once in a while in the basement lobby and there’s also where I play 8 ball pool. There’s also a mini library there but it’s all adult and old books like from the 60s or something 😂. And no shade to those books but like I usually read Teen Realistic Fiction. SO I decided to give myself a challenge and try to read those books and give you guys a review on them every week. Also because we live in the middle of fricking nowhere and we’re surrounded by trees and neighborhoods so the public library is not a walk’s reach. This might also be cool if any of you know these books since most bloggers on wordpress are adults. I’m going to call this series Classictastic Challenge since like they’re classics/old books so yeah. Wow, this blog is so lame. 😂 Okay but yeah next week you’ll be getting a book review if i finish in time hehe. I’ll see you guys today since I’m posting another award (they keep coming in like is you crazy?)

Bayyy 💞

10 thoughts on “Introducing…Classictastic Challenge!

    • Bayance says:

      For me, it really depends on the book and my mood. I once finished a book in 4 hours because I loved it that much but it took me 3 months to finish this other book so it really depends.


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