Sunshine Blogger Award #3

Hey girl hey. And boy.

So um… WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? 😂😂 Just honestly thank you so much!! The mental person this time who thought I was good apparently amazing person who kindly nominated me for this award is *drum roll plz*…… LATOYA. Thank you girl! 


You know what? I’m not even gonna bother. Most of you know the drill. Answer, Nominate, Ask. There we go. No need for all this hassle lol 😂

     Interview Time:

  • What makes you the most happy?

I mentioned this in my last award but let me go in depth.

Food, food and food. Lol kidding. I get happy when I get good grades. When someone compliments me (I’m so cringe wow). When people take the time to comment on my lame blogs 😂. When my mom makes good food 😂. Uhhh when school is actually alright for once. Talking to my brothers. Little kids (the cute ones which are NOT my siblings 😂), uhhh talking to moi online bestieee 😂 (I see you girlll), skyping my best frand Raya (but ugh time difference is so annoying) AND MUCH MORE!

  • What’s your favorite social media site?

Instagram because a. the only one I use a lot and b. I talk to my friends on there 😂.

  • Favorite holiday?

HALLOWEEN! Lol kidding. I’m kinda too old for that now- actually NO I’m going trick or treating this year, okay?? 😂 I deserve free candy. It’s part of my human rights. I really like Eid too (I said before I’m middle eastern so stop gasping 😂). It’s not like I like it JUST for the money 😂. Lol no but I seriously do since like we get to spend time with the fam and new clothes and all. It’s great!

  • Do you have any fears?

Go to my first awesome blogger award here and check question #10. YES, I’m making you go again 😂

  • Who do you go to for advice?

My really close friends which includes my online bestie too (I see you again 😂). Oh and my older brother. I don’t go to my mom because she usually goes like “just get that A+” 😂 Lol kidding. She’s really nice but like I’m not sure if she’s the best at school advice or stuff like that. But if you’re talking me being pregnant and going for child advice, def my mom 😂 Kinda too young for that right now but yeah it kind of depends on the type on the advice I’m asking for.

  • What do you like most about blogging?

This is similar to that questi- you know what? Let me just say it again 😂. I really like the community!! The comments, other people’s blogs, the connections, the new people you meet. All that! And omg some people say they really enjoy my blogs like hbgushjsjdhsbg SOMEONE GET ME TISSUES!

  • Favorite color?

UM CANADIAN CORRECTION **colour. Lol kidding 😂. It’s lavenderrr. I looove lavender like LOOK AT THIS BEAUTY!

Image result for lavender tumblr Image result for lavender tumblr Image result for lavender tumblr Image result for lavender macarons

Image result for lavender hair Image result for lavender sky Related image Image result for lavender things

You get the idea 😂

  • How tall are you?

I think like 5 ft 6. Or 168 cm (how we measure in Canada) so yeah I’m pretty tall 😂.

  • What do you look for in a friend?

Humour, Loyalty, Someone I could click with, Understanding, Real and things like that.

  • Your favorite dish to make?

OBVIOUSLY CUPCAKES 😂 Foreal…I’m the worst cook ever. But does salad count?

  • What is your favorite music to listen to?

Country and pop. I don’t really like bands…1D fans, come at me 😂…I don’t like raps either and I usually like songs to be meaningful but I always end up getting those stupid ones like Fetty Wap’s stuck in my head.

 I nominate:



Hopelessly Strong



I know I say this in every award blog but I have so many others planned so you might be nominated next (wait, people could honestly care less if I nominate them or not but OH WELL 😂)


 Moii Questions

  1. What reminds you of your childhood?
  2. Fav time of day?
  3. If you were to stay a certain age for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  4. If you had to change your name what would it be?
  5. If you were to learn another language fluently what would it be?
  6. All time fav blogger (me, duh 😂)
  7. If you were a pro knitter, what piece would you make?
  8. Have you experienced deja vu?
  9. Best dream ever?
  10. Last time you were nervous?
  11. Best thing you’ve ever seen?


Anddd that’s it. I’m going to be uploading award blogs along with Classictastic Book Challenge until you guys FINALLY get a brain and stop nominating me (lol kidding, please nominate me I’m desperate 😂) I’ll see you guys in a few hours because I have to go to school. Ugh.

Bayyy 💞

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