100 Questions Tag

Hey girl hey. And boy. I saw this on Brooke Jade's blog a while ago and decided to recreate it for myself. I'll keep this intro short because there's a lot to go through. Enjoy! 1.) what’s your favorite season? Spring and Fall. 2.) grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, and … Continue reading 100 Questions Tag

RIP Fancè

Hey girl hey. And boy. You guyssss! This is the last blog post in my Fancè series! 😢😢 You know what that means?? WINTER'S COMING (no Game of Thrones jokes intended) !!! Y'all it's not even funny at this point. Why can't it be fall all year round? I hateee snow. (but that's for another rant) … Continue reading RIP Fancè