My Road Trip Essentials

Hey girl hey. And boy.

Sorry for the late post! I just came back from another city which is almost 2 hours away but I decided why not share my road trip essentials? Okay idk why I’m sharing my thought process but let’s get starteddd.

This is the bag I usually use. If I were to go on overnight road trips, I use a bigger one but we usually do the early mornings to late nights kind of road trips so I use this one.



 1. Food

This is the most important! My go-to snack is white cheddar popcorn. It’s SO addictive omg. I eat it every time. (With Takis, I usually need to drink something cold and aint nobody got time to go through all that hassle in a car so I save those for moi tv shows). But SERIOUSLY you guys need to try it!



2. A Book

Books. are. essential. I’m way too exhausted to read them on the way back but on the way there, girl hell yeah! I finished my Classictastic book today. I like knitting and writing but my hand writing is awful on a bumpy road and my loom is too big for my bag so reading is probs my go-to car hobby.


 Can we appreciate the lighting for a second?



Image result for bug spray off

Okay I need to rant rn. So we decided to go on a picnic with our cousins and I COULDN’T EVEN EAT IN PEACE BECAUSE OF THESE STUPID BUGS CALLED HORNETS!! They look exactly like bees but WAY MORE ANNOYING. Omg omg omg I just read this thing where it says HORNETS ARE CARNIVORES?…and they don’t die when they sting??? WHAT? I had to literally go back to the car and eat there. The hornets wouldn’t fricking leave me alone!!!! And the bug spray didn’t work either. THEY JUST CAME ON MY FOOD! UGHHHHHH!! HORNETS NEED TO DIEEEEE!


4. Polaroid









Today I took a really pretty picture of a swan. Life is beautiful (EXCEPT HORNETS ALWAYS RUIN IT) so a camera is essential.


5. Hygiene Stuff

I put this all in one category but here’s what you need:

  1. hand sanitizer
  2. if you’re a girl, then pads
  3. tissues
  4. deodrant
  5. gum
  6. band-aids
  7. if you’re staying overnight then extra clothes

 I usually don’t bring half of these because I’m so lazy but whatever.


6. Container


This may sound pretty random but you never know when a container might be handy. It might be a mini garbage can or when you’re too full at a restaurant. Even though they give you those white containers, you lowkey want to eat on the way back without having to share with the rest of your family so…. 😂😂


7. Wallet

Pretty self explanatory lol.



And that wraps it up. On the way back, I usually just use that time to think or sleep. I make up scenarios in my head about me actually getting along with ppl in my new school and then what I would do if I was in a car accident, or stranded in the middle of the ocean- yes I’m pretty random. I also had 2 random thoughts. One being why do people charge you $5000 for a grave. Like imagine if a parent lost his child. It’s like “oh you lost your child? sucks to be you now pay up 5 thousand dollars” like that’s SO rude. 😂😂 What if someone can’t afford it? Would they just throw their kid in the garbage? Like honestly. And second is if the world is a sphere? What is in the middle? Like if it’s on the surface…what’s all the space in the- okay this isn’t making sense 😂 If you keep digging, are you going to end up on the other side of the world? I sound really dumb right now but someone answer me. Okay I’ll see you guys on Tuesday.

Bayyy 💞

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