5 More Things That Need To Be Invented

Hey girl hey. And boy.

It’s been for.ev.er!! So sorry. I need to preblog a lot from now on but anyways. Back in August, I made a blog called 5 Things That Need To Be Invented. A lot of you are new so if you haven’t read that one, you could read it. (It’s a lot more “unrealistic” 😂) But here are 5 MORE things that need to be invented.


  1.  Move It (stationary bike)

I might make a gym or gym equipment called “Move It”. It’s basically every lazy person’s dream. Netflix….chips….chocolate…. 😍😍

Image result for daydreaming gif

….okay we’re getting carried off here but basically someone needs to invent a stationary bike where the pedals MOVE instead of you moving them. Like they’re basically moving your legs for you. Then there’ll be Netflix and healthy food like pizza on the side. Um of course pizza’s healthy. Cheese is healthy. Tomatoes are healthy. Veggies are healthy. Bread is healthy. There you go. But seriously, I would go to the gym every day if someone invented this.


2. Healthifier

I need a mini machine that makes junk food into healthy food but make it still taste the same. Like I don’t know, someone invent special filters that suck up all the unhealthiness (I’m so good at Science).

Image result for sour cream and onion pringles pngImage result for pringles to veggie pringles


3. Real Life Block Button

Okay so I know I said I’ll stick to the whole “realistic” theme but this COULD be realistic. Like can’t we have a button that could somehow play with your brain waves and make you not see a certain person? No? Okay 😦

Image result for happy then sad gif


4. Sideways Elevator 

This idea sounds weird but bear with me. So since we can’t teleport “realistically” how about we go to places really fast using a box. We can build them underground. I mean yeah there’s always trains but I feel like an elevator would be way funner and that way we don’t have to stop at red lights and all that. I could see A LOT of issues with this invention though so how about we make one only for me? 😁

Image result for sideways elevator

Omg people are calling this “elevators of the future”. See? I’m not weird.


5. Ice cream Machine

I know this is already invented but WHY ISN’T IT IN STORES? This needs to be in the essential section, okay?! And it needs to be something like $5.99 NOT $90-$200 **cough*amazon*cough**


Just like last time, I’m going to share 5 other inventions off the internet so this blog could be a bit more lengthy.

For today’s blog I picked my 5 favourites from Life Buzz (click the link to see all their ideas)

  1. Circular Shower

A circular shower that rinses you from every angle.

I could see how I can drown in this though 😂 Like I’d reach to get the shampoo and it would be splashing everywhere then the whole shampoo in my eyes- yeah this could be an issue but it’s cool! 😂


2. Towel Rack (dries and takes away germs)

A towel rack that dries your towels and disinfects them.

On the shower note, this. is. perfect!


3. Transparent Hole Puncher

A transparent hole punch.

Omg I cannot tell you how many times I hole punch the paper a bit on an angle. It’s so annoying! I need a transparent one but like with the three hole one.



A levitating sofa that stays put via a giant magnet.

Um hello???? This levitates with a magnet! And if they took the picture that means it’s invented?? SOMEONE SEND ME THIS!


5. Clean Pods

"Jell" balls that disperse through your house and clean for you.

So apparently, these clean your home? Yes. please!

(There was another blog on their website for 30 things but for this blog, I read the twenty-six blog one.)


Okay guys that’s pretty much it for this blog. I think I might make one last one to this or just share some off the internet because I can’t think of my own. It would be really cool if you guys can comment one down below and I could make a version using your ideas. But of course, you probably skimmed through the pictures then commented “great post”. I see you 😂 Okay I’ll see you on Tuesday- and I don’t think I’ll continue with the Classictastic book challenge because I can’t find any interesting books- we’ll see. Have a wonderful Sunday.

Bayyy 💞

47 thoughts on “5 More Things That Need To Be Invented

  1. Kate says:

    Okay whoa wait a sec. Hold up. Is that Garden Veggie Chips real? And most importantly, DOES IT TASTE AS GOOD (OR BETTER) THAN PRINGLES??? And ahhh sideways elevator kinda reminds me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 😆
    Also: 5.99 ice cream machine? YES PLEASE.

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