Why I Hate Snow

Hey girl hey. And boy.

GUYSSSSSSSSSSSSS! IT FRICKING SNOWED ON FRIDAY! Like so much!!! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. I was going to make this rant later on in the winter but I was skyping one of my friends in UAE and she was like “omg it snowed? luckyyyy” like NO. JUST NO. So I HAD to make this now before the “liking snow” disease spreads. I hate how people (*ahem* tumblr) make snow look amazing wheras, in reality, it’s NOT!!!! Let me just begin to show you these photoshopped pictures vs what I wake up to every morning (from now on ugh). 🙃


Image result for snow aesthetic Image result for snow aesthetic Image result for snow aesthetic Image result for snow aesthetic Image result for snow aesthetic Related image



Image result for snow gross Image result for snow on car Image result for snow on drivewaysImage result for snow on driveways Image result for snow ugly Image result for snow


Don’t even get me started on those YouTubers that make snow look SO aesthetic.

Image result for snow aesthetic


And the movie Frozen? Oh shut up Elsa.

Image result for cold gif

(who wears a dress in the middle of a fricking ice castle?? smh Disney)



Image result for snow girl aesthetic Image result for snow girl aesthetic Image result for snow girl aesthetic                                       Image result for snow instagram girl Image result for snow instagram girl Image result for snow instagram girl

Is that a sweater and jeans??? A SWEATER AND JEANS??? NUMBER 1…



I don’t know about the other countries but in CANADA, we literally need to put on a shirt, sweater, A HUGE JACKET, hats, gloves, scarf, socks, boots and we’re STILL cold. I live in literally one of the farthest cities down Canada and I’m complaining – how does Montreal manage?? How does NUNAVUT manage??? Oh and don’t even get me started on snow pants. I don’t wear those anymore but when I was in elementary school, everyone was here enjoying their snow pants and making snow angels WHERAS I looked like a penguin!!!! This one time, when I took my snow pants off, I ALMOST TOOK OFF MY PANTS WITH IT TOO 😂😂. You guys, it’s not even funny- I HATE SNOW PANTS! But really, we all look like penguins in the winter. There’s no such thing as sTyLe.

Image result for big snow outfit


2. Frost Bites, Red Noses, and Watery Eyes.

Not only do our clothes look ugly, WE LOOK UGLY! Some people actually slay the whole “looking sick” look but I just look like I’m about to murder someone like ughhhh why is winter so COLD????

Other people:

Image result for winter red nose


Related image

I’m pretty sure it’s just me but I always look like I’m dead inside in the winter (which is obviously not true 🙂 ) But seriously, people keep asking why I’m crying and I’m like I’M NOT! Like I don’t know if it’s something in the air, or the weather, but my eyes keep getting watery.

Image result for watery eyes

I don’t even slay the watery eyes look either. It’s more like:

Image result for smiling and crying

Plus my glasses get fogged up which means I need double the amount of tissues -_-.


3. Slushy Snow 😫😫😫

SLUSHY SNOW IS DISGUSTINGGGG!! This basically happens when the sun melts the snow + a bunch of people stepping on it.

Image result for slushy snow


4. Mittens

I don’t know who thought mittens keep your hands warm because they DON’T! There are literally holes in them like what do you mean?? Plus, the yarn/wool gets cold too so you end up even COLDER. I don’t know why but they smell bad too! Are our hands sweating? I don’t get it. They need to invent mittens that actually have heaters built into them. Sometimes you need to wipe your tears (from the coldness obviously- totally not because you hate school) and then you literally can’t because 1. mittens are smelly. 2. the mittens probably have snow on them and 3. you can’t take them off because your hands will probably freeze and when you go to put your mittens on again, they freeze your hand even moreeee! I also hate those clumps of snow that you can NEVER get off. Ughhh.

Image result for mittens covered in snow (creds to gettyimages lol wow I’m so not copyrighting)


Some of you might think “okay what about waterproof gloves?”- you know the ones that don’t freeze your hand- well guess what?? Those are always really short. Like snow comes from the wrist hole! Plus it makes it really hard to move your fingers.

Image result for gloves winter waterproof for kids


So the only hope we have left is leather glov-


-never mind.

Image result for mrkrabs gif


5. Boots

4 and 5 sort of relate back to number 1 but THESE 2 ARE SUPER ANNOYING so it’s fine. One, why are boots SO uncomfortable sometimes? And two, why do they make your feet stink??? Like is it sweat? How can you sweat in the winter? Not only that, but they make your socks wet too because SOMETIMES the snow is so high it gets in your BOOTS! I feel like no one reading this gets a lot of snow like I do so you might not get it but the STRUGGLE IS REAL!

Image result for snow getting in your boots


6. PlAyInG wItH sNoW

Okay are you out of your mind or are you out of your mind? There’s NO SUCH THING as playing with snow without literally dying. It’s not slime, it’s not cotton candy, it’s SNOW! And 99% of the time, it’s not the “good” snow either aka not snowball worthy. This is literally a snowman I made like in 5th grade.

Screenshot 2017-11-12 at 3.12.47 PM (I am sooo talented)

So yeah, snowmen don’t look all aesthetic.

Image result for snowman aesthetic Image result for snowman aesthetic Image result for snowman aesthetic

Okay but I do admit, I had so much fun in my elementary years doing the following:

  1. snow angels
  2. getting buried in snow
  3. sledding
  4. skating (we had frozen puddles)
  5. making snow shoes with my friends
  6. snowball fights with boys (we were so lame omg)
  7. rolling in the snow

But I don’t do any of that anymore. That was bAcK iN tHe DaY where it was the “thing” to do but now I just hate ANYTHING associated with snow. And I have to go through this every day for like 150 days??? That’s almost half the year what the heck? Can someone take me to the states please?



You guyssss! When we lived in our old house, our car would be COVERED in snow. Like it was insane. Even after you brush off the snow, there’s like 500 layers of ice!! It’s so annoying. This is more annoying for my parents though since I don’t drive but still. There’s literally ice on the road too!! Isn’t this like DANGEROUS?

Image result for snow on cars


8. Long nights and short days

This isn’t really a huge problem but when you think about it, it’s lowkey depressing. Like you come back from school and there’s literally 2 hours left of sunlight. When you actually think about it, SCHOOL IS DEPRESSING. They literally trap you in this building for like 7 hours learning things that aren’t going to help you in real life and then sending you outside to sOcIaLiZe and pLaY iN tHe SnOw!!

Image result for mrkrabs gifImage result for mrkrabs gifImage result for mrkrabs gif


9. No Outdoor Sports

Either way, I don’t exercise but I play basketball sometimes and NOW I CAN’T!! Like do you want me to just chill there and do nothing? I’m literally going to gain 5000 kg this Winter.

Image result for lazy potato gif



This is probably the most self-explanatory one but it’s FREEZING! In Canada, our average is like -15!!! Outdoor recess should actually be banned. It’s pretty unfair that students have to go outside but teachers get to stay inside in comfort. Not only that, but it takes forever to get ready – especially in our CRAMMED hallways. My only way out is making the basketball team- wish me luck guys!

Image result for cold gif



And that wraps it up. Actually, this will never be wrapped up because I’m going to rant in every blog I make until Spring comes. 😂 Sorry not sorryy.

The only upside to this, is my two new series I’m starting (read this if you haven’t) and I get to redecorate my blog. RIP fall designnn! By the time you read this, I’ll probably be done so make sure to check it out.

 Do you like snow? (if anyone says yes after this, I think I’ll explode)

Do you hate snow? (add to the ranttt)

I’ll see you guys on Tuesday.

Bayyy 💞

57 thoughts on “Why I Hate Snow

  1. Britney says:

    I really like snow, but only as it’s falling. After that, it’s quite a mess. The dirty snow banks and slushy roads are just gross. I also hate cleaning off the cars and shoveling. I could never live somewhere where it didn’t snow though because I would just miss it.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Bayance says:

      Trueee! Like can it snow without hitting the ground and piling up? 😂😂 I guess I would too but it would be nice to go somewhere with no snow for like 50 years 😊😊 Hahaha sorry I hate snow but I respect your opinion 👌


  2. TheUnknownWiki says:

    I liked snow, but now there’s no snow that I actually CAN like in my country. Also this is completely irrelevant but you have the best singer ever in Canada 😉 (Shawn Mendes-He won 4 awards yesterday! 4!!!) Ok I’m done now, bye.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Starling says:

    Wow, I didn’t know snow was so annoying. After you explained why, it sorta made sense. I always thought it was real easy to make snowmans and play in the snow and whatnot (since cartoon makes it seem so easy) but now I don’t think so. I’m kinda glad I live in a tropical country now, but it still kinda sucks that I never get to see snow. Ah well, guess there are ups and downs in everything

    Liked by 2 people

  4. KaylynsWorldBlog says:

    I get you girl. SNOW IS AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I actually like it when snow comes around, but I don’t like the slush, not being warm enough, and talk about my stove!!!!!!!!!!! I touch it thinking it’s not on and my hand get a first degree burn!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIKE, SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????????? Anyway, great post! I love it when you rant cause’ that makes me want to rant! LOL

    Liked by 1 person

  5. theobssesedgirl says:

    It doesn’t snow like at all here in my country but I have seen snow a few times and got so confused seeing the title like how can you hate the snow? But when I read this I died laughing like it’s relateble even if I have not that much snow experience.And yes finally someone is saying something about how gloves are useless.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. cityofquiet2 says:

    Okay I used to like snow but now the memories are coming back from my ski dubai trip on eid. It was okay when we were on the chair lift but UGHHHH WALKING AND TRYING TO MAKE A SNOWMAN UGHHHH. Someone made a completely perfect snowman while I was screaming at the snow that got into my wrist AND IT HURT! ughhh slushy snow is so ewwwwww. I wish air was clean so I could just make ice cream with snow but NOOOOOO. You just had to smoke last summer, Waleed.

    Liked by 1 person

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