Introducing ‘If I Were You’ + Submit Your Answers Here *important*

Hey girl hey. And boy.

In case you haven’t read my October Wrappers, I talked about a series called If I Were You “where you guys tell me about a certain situation that you or someone you know are/used to be in and I’ll tell you what I would do in your place. Basically advice. I am in no way saying DO EXACTLY WHAT I SAY but you know, if you need any inspiration or someone else’s perspective then this is it.” Haha yes, I just copy and pasted that because I’m lazy like that. I decided to make all 4 options open. Email, Dm, Blog comments and Sarahah (completely anonymous).

Please please please feel free to leave any situations you are going through or it could be as simple as what should I wear to school tomorrow? Well, I have schedule days so that might not work out. 😂

Here are the ways to submit your situation: (this will be open always so if you don’t need anything now, you can always come back later)


My email is but you could also visit my contact page which makes a submission layout for you – click here.


My Instagram is bayanceblogs.


Sarahah is a website where you could send messages anonymously (no fakes please). Click here.


Or you could comment down below!


If I have a short one, I’ll combine it with 1 or 2 other short ones. If you have any questions, you can leave them below but other than that, I’ll see you guys on Friday.

Bayyy 💞


20 thoughts on “Introducing ‘If I Were You’ + Submit Your Answers Here *important*

  1. crystalsandcurls says:

    Love this idea! I have a situation for you: I just effectively best friend broke up with one of my friends. Long story short, we’re at really different maturity levels of life and she can’t act like an adult with things like money, which I don’t mind when it’s HER life, but two times now we’ve tried to book holidays and she’s screwed it up. We tried to go to amsterdam, she came to my house to pay (at her insistence; I didn’t even want to go after she caused loads of drama with where she wanted to stay) and she didn’t have the money to pay, so we couldn’t pay and lost money on flights. Second time, we’ve already put a deposit down for a holiday and I’ve been chasing her to get her days off booked because she works in retail so they’re really strict with them …. she couldn’t be bothered to and now can’t go, so we’ve both lost a deposit (which was not cheap) but I also can’t go because it’s so expensive to switch the names to another passenger as everything is already booked. I don’t know if I’m being harsh, but I just think that’s selfish AF ;-;

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  2. blogger girl says:

    I have a situation….
    me and my cousin are in the same class in high school and in primary school we were in a trio with another one of my friends. though when we left primary school she went to a different high school than us, and my other friend just started texting me one day saying who is Ray(for annoynomousy) and kept asking what he was like and all and she kept saying that if I didn’t tell her she could find out from other people. but the thing is Ray is my cousins bf and it got to the point were my friend got up my CLASS PHOTO off Facebook and circled his face then she blocked me and said she was sorry but she continued being mean to my cousin who is my bff and bcuz I told ppl it sounded like she was blackmailing me she was such a smartass and got up the definition of blackmail and sent it to me and now shes asking me to forgive her I don’t know what to do.

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  3. Cocoa says:

    I’ve got a situation for you! It’s kind of a weird, slightly embarrassing one, but a situation just the same.

    I am hopelessly crushing on a guy in a TV series. It’s starting to drive me a little nuts. Help me out here!

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  4. Natalie@TheAGSpot says:

    This is an awesome idea!!

    So I have this friend, and she used to be my bestie and all, but over the summer we kinda grew apart, and she started going to a different school. I don’t see her much, and would like to just sever the whole friendship because we really don’t have much in common, but she keeps texting/emailing/calling me, and I feel bad just ignoring her…what do I do?

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  5. Therese says:

    Genius idea. Now please help me.
    The jist of it is I think that several girls at my dance class hate me. All of these girls are in an audition-only ensemble that I didn’t make this year, but hope to next year. I used to be friends-ish (meaning we said hi to each other at dance class and stretched together before) with one of these girls, and I moved up a level two years ago, and she didn’t and the this year we are in the same level, but she’s taking special invitation-only classes for more advanced dancers, and she has pointe shoes now, and I guess maybe she thinks she’s too good for me? She gives me cold looks all the time, and seems to find me repulsive, and it seriously makes me want to cry every time I walk by her.
    This other girl is really good, and even though she’s two years younger than I am, she’s in a level above me. She seems to have gotten full of herself, because she is constantly telling people things like ”Point you feet more!” and ”You were two beats off.” She seems to especially like picking on me, and I don’t know what to do because she is just so tiny and irritating and bossy. Please tell me what to do before I end up smacking her.
    The last girl just seems to find me disgusting, like some kind of dead rat. She doesn’t say anything, just looks repulsed. Help!!


  6. Ara says:

    OK so I had this friend and we were close friends until last year when she made new friends. She said that she has may more fun with them, bladdy blah. Anyways, I really want her back but worried she’s going to be mean about it. Should I just say bye forever?


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