7 Things That Need To Be Left In 2017

Hey girl hey. And boy.

I was watching Simplynessa15’s video on things that need to be left in 2017 and decided to make one myself. I believe that if you don’t enjoy something, simply don’t do it. Or if you don’t like spinning fidget spinners, just don’t spin them. But I feel like if 2018 is going to be my year, then these need to be left behind.

  • Fidget spinners

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. I don’t get how kids spend literally 5 – 10 dollars on this random toy that spins. I also don’t get how it’s stress relieving like…you just watch it spin and spin and spin. The problem is my little brother is obsessed with them and my parents went on to buy him packs of 3s and 6s like…?? It’s like watching a fan but it doesn’t even cool you off so like there’s like no point. The only spinner I need in 2018 are the ones attached to those M&M bottles (mainly to eat the m&ms but still)

Image result for fidget spinners tumblr       Related image


  • Slime (slime videos)

Of course this was going to be on here. I made a full-on rant already so be sure to check it out if you didn’t. I’m not going to go too into detail in this post but just know that I don’t want to see this anywhere in 2018.

Image result for slime gif


  • Paul Brothers

Like I said before, if I don’t like them I won’t watch them but this seriously needs to stop. How many times has this come up in my recommended? How many times did I see everyone talk about this? The boys are 20 and 22 but still continue to start fake beef. They’re pretty smart though. Managed to stay “relevant” after they went viral. I don’t dislike them as people (Logan did amazing in The Thinning too) but I just don’t need all this unnecessary youtube drama in 2018.

Image result for paul brothers drama


  • Diss Tracks

This one kind of ties in with the last one but seriously? Ricegum, KSI, Mathew Santaro – like they’re getting hundreds and millions of views by making autotuned music videos where they “fake-bash” each other. I gotta admit, some of KSI’s diss tracks were pretty bom but still. I seriously don’t need any more in 2018.


Image result for ksi diss track

Vevo? Seriously?



  • Gucci

Now I don’t really have a problem with the brand. They’ve been around since 1921 and I don’t know how they found their way back almost a century later.

Screenshot 2018-01-08 at 3.57.56 PM

Okay, $705?? Is it made of diamond shreddings?

The term “gucci” apparently means good, chill, fine. But like when I ask you how you’re doing, I don’t need you to reply to me with a brand, or else the next time you’ll see me like:

You: How are you?

Me: Adidas

You: How are you?

Me: Forever21

You: How are you?

Me: Bluenotes

See where I’m getting at here? And can we talk about that dumb gucci gang song? 402 million views on a song that hardly makes sense and just repeats the same word with swearing? Like if this is how society works, I’m going to write a song called Chanel and just say it over again.

“Hunnid on my wrist sippin on Tech”

“Me and my grandma take meds, ooh”  Was he drunk when he made this??

Gramarly is literally triggered right now. And the whole chorus is just random words mixed together. Also, why do most rap songs sexualize women so much? I’m going to talk more in-depth on that but ugh, I just don’t need any of that in 2018.

(I just realized I ended every paragraph so far with “in 2018”)

  • Reaction videos

I’m fine with the whole Kyutie and Reaction Time channels where they react to interesting topics like 2 Sentence Horror Stories and Memes Only Students Will Understand, you know? But when you’re gaining millions of views basically reacting to someone else’s youtube video – it’s just…. pointless. That’s like stealing someone else’s content but adding some dramatic phrases. It’s fine if the video was about you or related to you in some way but if you have nothing to do with it, then what are you doing? We’re all reacting when we’re watching but I don’t know who felt the need to turn on the camera and film themselves watching something else like….??

Image result for reaction video


  • Sarahah

I’m not sure if you have friends who do this but so many people on Instagram have created an account. It’s basically a website and app where people can message you anonymously. I know I have an account but that’s for blog purposesss. I don’t really send messages but what bothers me the most on people’s instagram/snapchat stories is people go like “hmu on sarahah I’m bored” and then their answer to every question is “none of your business” or “dm” like what’s the point of sending anonymous messages if you want the person to “reveal themselves” And what do you mean ‘none of your business?’ – you literally said ‘ask me anything’. I’m not the one sending the messages but if I were them I’d be like 🤦‍♀️. I don’t think anyone’s relating right now but I just need this to stay in 2017.

Image result for sarahah


At least this year’s trends weren’t as bad as 2016. Remember water bottle flips, dabs, Pokemon Go?- glad we’re past that. But I still think 2018 could be better. We can do it!

Do you agree with anything on here?

Do you have something to add?

Leave it in the comments down below. I’ll see you all on Tuesday.

Bayyy 💞

48 thoughts on “7 Things That Need To Be Left In 2017

  1. Stella says:

    Ahahahaha yes I’m actually going to start saying “adidas” when someone asked me how I am. Make way for the new 2018 trend! :). I agree with all of these, and I really can’t wait until the 2016 trends aren’t even in our minds anymore, like I literally saw someone doing the bottle flip the other day; this needs to stop haha. Xx, Stell :).

    Liked by 1 person

  2. thatoneguywhositsaloneataparty says:

    I agree with all of these. Especially with Sarahah. Good lord I hate Sarahah.


  3. Aboutmyawkwardworld says:

    Yes!! I agree with you on EVERYTHING (well except reaction videos – I love those😂..oo and I think Gucci is pretty cool!) but the Paul Brothers should have been left A LOOONG time ago – they cause so much controversy and shame, I don’t see why they would wanna stick around anyway. Did you see what happened with Logan in Japan and his half assed apology? – honestly, they just need to stay as far away from the internet as possible.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Natalie Therese says:

    Can we leave the song ”So Call Me Maybe” in 2017? It should’ve been left in whatever year it was made in, because I am SO SICK of that stupid, shallow song. Ugh. I totally agree with the fidget spinners and slime.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. AAG says:

    Justin Bieber should be left in whenever he was born :T. Shake IT Off, it’s old but I love ALL Taylor Swift songs. I don’t get why people like the Paul brothers I don’t find FIget Spinners stress relieving, I still see people playing Pokemon GO.

    Liked by 1 person

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