Testing Weird Beauty Hacks

Hey girl hey. And boy.

I know I’m not a beauty guru but this is why I’m hacking my way through the beauty industry. 😂 If you’re lazy and a not-so-good-makeup-artist (*cough*me*cough), then this post is for you. This is a collab with BumbleBeautyBee so make sure to check out her post here. And since this is a TESTING beauty hacks post, I’m not going to bail out and show you the results. Not exactly a face reveal unless you’re a creep and decided to photoshop everything together 😂 but anyways, let’s get started.


  • Spoon & Wing

I know…a spoon! Place a spoon on your eyelid and continue tracing your wing.

20180313_110847 (1)

Eyeliner – purchase here.

Expectation VS Reality




Results: 7/10

Comments: The spoon trick didn’t go really smoothly. A lot of the liner ended up on the edge of the spoon and it somehow created a squiggly effect. I gave this a 7 because I’m lowkey digging the squiggly look (this could be the new wavy eyebrow look and did I just say digging? Wow. 😂) Maybe it was just my horrible makeup skills but try it for yourself and tell me how it goes.


  • Mascara On Brows

Use mascara and brush it on your brows as you would do with brow gel.

20180312_133026 (1)

Mascara – Purchase here.

Expectation VS Reality




Results: 9/10

Comments: My friend told me about this trick last August and I was literally mindblown to how much it works. Whenever my eyebrows look a bit out of place, I always use this trick. In this picture, I did it pretty lightly but you can always press harder if you want a darker look. The only problem with this is that some clumps show up sometimes and it feels a bit rough but other than that, it’s great.


  • Reverse Mascara 

Apply mascara from the other side of the lashes and swipe downwards – not upwards. This will separate your lashes more and ultimately make them longer.

Expectations VS Reality




Results: 9/10

Comments: This definitely separated my lashes but the spider-like look is a bit too much for me. 😂 It achieved the longer aspect as well but if you want thick lashes, just do it the upwards way. With one swipe, this did more than the normal way so one swipe down and swipe up would hit the jackpot.


  • Lip Balms & Toothbrush

The combinations keep getting weirder and weirder. Rub your lip balm as usual but this time, take an old toothbrush (or a new one but wash it afterwards), then rub your lips in a circular motion. This is supposed to exfoliate dead skin and give a smoother look.

20180315_175557 (1)

Lip Balm – purchase here.



Image result for lip balm toothbrush

Expectation VS Reality




Results: 7/10

Comments: This hasn’t really done much of a difference to be honest, but it is much more refreshing than just putting lip balm alone.


  • Tea Bags & Eye Bags

See what I did there? Okay, I’ll stop. I saw this trick here and decided to try it for myself. Basically, you boil water, place your tea bags for 3-5 minutes, place them on a plate and let them cool in the fridge for 15 minutes. After that, place them under your eye and lie down for 20 minutes. I’ve tried it today but to see results, I’ll have to do it a few times a week so I’ll update you guys in a month. This did give a refreshing feeling instantly though and is a great way to reuse tea bags.




 Come on guys, I had to make use of the tea. And yes, those are baby biscuits – stop judging me. 😂


Anddd that’s all for today. Don’t forget to check out BumbleBeautyBee’s post!

Did you try any of these before?

Do you have any weird makeup hacks to add to the list?

Let me know. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in my next post.


Bayyy 💞


39 thoughts on “Testing Weird Beauty Hacks

  1. kittyp0p says:

    I’ve had to do the toothbrush thing with my lips when they were super chapped, but I used a wet toothbrush and then wet my lips before applying chapstick (to lock in moisture)! Fantastic post (:

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ita Shares says:

    I’ll have to do the balm & lip gloss one as my lips keep peeling, someone has mentioned before that I need exfoliation. I’ll also try the mascara one. Thanks for this. Following your blog now to learn more from you 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  3. QueenTeen says:

    Ooh, I wanna try the reverse mascara thing, it looks so cool! (Your eyes are nice btw☺).
    And obvs baby biscuits are amazing😋


  4. Relatableexistence says:

    UGGHHH bummer I wanted the lip hack to work so badly, the texture of my lips is comparable to sand paper 😂 and I hope u don’t think I’m being creepy but I have to say that your chocolate brown eyes ARE SO GORGEOUS 😂❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Natalie Therese says:

    Ooh, cool! I’d never heard of the spoon trick, that’s super clever-and I agree with Relatableexistence, you have gorgeous eyes. (I have super boring, short-lashed light gray eyes. Boooooooring!). I don’t usually wear makeup except when I’m performing ( and then I’m usually wearing piles of it) , but I’m totally going to use the lipbalm trick. A great hack I know is that when you’re putting on mascara, don’t move the applicator, just hold it up to your eye and blink. It works like a charm. Great post, girl!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bayance says:

      Same here, I didn’t think it would even work. Omg thank youuu – what are you talking about? Grey eyes are fricking gorgeous, you better do a face reveal. 😍😂 I don’t wear too much either and ooh it must be fun doing each other’s makeup backstage (Natalie living the theater life over here😂) Really?! I should definitely try it and I’ll check back here to tell you how it went. Thank you! 😘

      Liked by 1 person

      • Natalie Therese says:

        Haha, most hacks are like that. Aww, thank you, but seriously I have a super cliche face-dark blonde hair and gray eyes. Maybe I should, but only if you will, we could do it together, haha! Doing each other’s makeup is really fun, but afterwards I always end up with a crazy acne breakout because my skin is staging a mutiny (theater life indeed, girl! Lots of drama backstage, it could practically be a sitcom) Yes, try it, you end up with less mascara on your eyelids!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Bayance says:

        Yasss we can do it together. 😂 I hate breakouts – I always get them after eating Takis or Popeyes (so sad :(( ) Ooh call me up next time so I can get popcorn and watch what goes down. 😂(wow i’m so nosy).


  6. cityofquiet2 says:


    Liked by 1 person

    • Bayance says:

      Do you really?! That’s so cool. I’ll be testing it out more often. And gurlll do not thrive for kylie’s lips like every girl out there nowadays. The kylie lip challenge is out of control. 😂

      Liked by 1 person

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