May Wrappers

Hey girl hey. And boy.

You’ve got to be kidding me. Already?! Not gonna lie, May was a pretty long month but things from here are going to fly and I’m not ready. It’s already June 7th (sorry for the late post) and there’s like 2 weeks of school left! This month was great so I can’t wait to share how it went with you. And beware, this post is super long so just bookmark it and read when you’re stranded on a deserted island (and somehow service is only on when you read my posts – I’m so logical 😂) or just skim through to what interests you. As always, make sure to read my last wrappers post if you haven’t and let’s get started.



 The month started off with an aMaZiNg event called “Track & Field”. Make sure you read this post if you haven’t already. Another aMaZiNg event we had this month were speeches. I literally stressed so much over it and ughhh I’m SO glad it’s over. I kid you not, I finished the introduction and conclusion one day before presentations. 😂 I’m so glad my mind finally decided to work though and I’m kind of proud of the way the speech turned out. Now I was really stressed about everything but of course I won’t present first – that just never happens – so I’m like I’ll most likely go tomorrow so no need to stress. But I was WRONG. Our teacher put names on this spinner (which is cursed, might I add 😂) and out of everyone in the class, my name came FIRST. Are you kidding me?!!! 😂😂 I was so annoyed ugh and throughout my speech, my lips got so dry and I probably mumbled through the whole thing. I have such a great support system in my class so everyone literally lied and said it was good. 😂 I’m grateful I got it over with though because now I can just relax while listening to everyone else’s speeches.

Image result for phew gif

Or so I thought.

Our teachers decided to host a fricking SPEECH OFF between everyone in my grade. We had to vote the best two speeches from every class to present in the gym and miraculously, a lot of people voted for me like whatttt?! 😂😂 I was happy but at the same time, I had to go through the stress again in front of triple my class. Thankfully, I don’t have stage fright but um I definitely have the fright of like forgetting everything in the middle of the speech so… 😂

Related image

The speech off was supposed to be finished in a day but get this. When it came to me, we ran out of time so me and this other guy got to go the day after! My luck finally made a comeback again. 😂 One of the teachers wasn’t going to be here to see my speech so she asked that I present it to her privately. My speech is a comedy so I’m glad she actually laughed or else it would’ve been awkward. 😂 In terms of presenting it in the gym, I’m so relieved I didn’t mess up. People cheered for me before and after my speech like augh they’re so nice. People I never talked before even came up and said it was good like omg??? 😂 Although it was stressful, it was a really great experience!

Image result for relieved gif

I completed the math contest I talked about in March Wrappers. You won’t believe what happened! So it was at 7:30 am and I set my alarm for 6:45 am, right? But guess what? I DON’T wake up! I was so pissed at my potato self for sleeping in. I didn’t even hear it! Thankfully, my parents woke me up at 7:25 am which is not so thankfully because what?! The test was starting in 5 minutes! I never got ready faster but I didn’t even have time for breakfast or even brushing my teeth so my breath was literally killing me. Why is morning breath even a thing?!

Related image

I made it there at 7:45 and thankfully, the beginning of the test wasn’t too hard. There are three sections called A, B and C. A was really easy, B was medium but I was able to do it and C was out of this world.  😂Guys, I’m not even kidding – they literally asked how many combinations I can make out of this path on the grid and there were so many guidelines to it like “the two lines can’t intersect more than once” and “make sure to calculate the mass of the sun”??? You won’t even believe the multiple choice options – 154, 155, 156, 157 or 158 like WHAT?! 😂 There was no formula for it whatsoever and there was no way I was going to sit there making up 157 combinations out of this 3 by 7 grid. We got our results back and I got 104/150 (it’s a point system – the actual test is out of 25) which isn’t really bad because first place got 129 so we weren’t too far off. I got all of part A right, one wrong on part B and surprise surprise, part C was all wrong. 😂😂 I got a participation certificate but oh well – I’m proud of myself. 😂

Image result for confusion during a test gif

At the end of the month, we had a health & nutrition assignment where we bring in food and share nutritional value. I made pizza (well my mom made most of it) and did a video tutorial – it was SO cringe. I literally couldn’t stop laughing and my voice was so valley girl like ugh. 😂 The worst part was I literally just had to stand there while the video was playing and it was the worst thing ever because I hate hearing my voice on recording. It’s not my voice, it’s the device. 😂 Everyone liked the pizza and I got a good grade on it so I’m happy that project worked out! I got so much pity for not being able to eat the other foods because I’m fasting like it’s fineee. I wasn’t even hungry but the teacher checked on me like every two seconds to see if I was surviving. 😂 I took some the in a container so that part worked out. 😂

Related image

My teacher asked if two friends and I were willing to volunteer at the Track & Field Regionals. We passed out medals and ribbons but I literally got tired of saying “congratulations you are first place” and “unfortunately, you didn’t make it in the top 6”. I was so exhausted at one point that I said “congratulations but you didn’t make it in the top 6” like what?? 😂😂 We laughed so hard. And then there was this girl who had the same last name as my science teacher so we were like freaking out but turns out she wasn’t even related…awkward. 😂 My old school came and we were all fangirling. My best friend from this other school was even there. I haven’t seen this guy since 5th grade and oh my god, he’s so old now like whattt. 😂😂 The phone wasn’t ringing so I ended up being like 50 minutes late to my brother (oops!) but other than that, it was a fun day.

Image result for fangirling gif

Remember the new friends I made in Track & Field? I got to know them some more this month and there’s this one japanese guy – we’ll call him Wolly – and he’s SO funny. There’s also this other girl – we’ll call her Elm – and she’s super nice. We have a lot in common but I didn’t see her much all year because she stays inside for most recesses. Wolly, Myrah and I are like best friends now though. 😂

Image result for new best friends gif

We have a bunch of assignments due in June but I’m so glad it’s almost over. 😂



 So Ramadan has begun and it’s been great so far! We have one week left like whattt it went by so fast. The second day of Ramadan was the hardest though. I had the worst headaches and my body ached all over. I was so so tired like I have no idea why this all decided to crash on me the second day. But the day after I was completely fine! Alhamdulillah, I was able to fast all the days so far with ease. Before Ramadan, I went to this bazaar and got a new abaya. We also got the fairy lights from my DIY Ramadan Banner + Crafts post from there. I finished my Spring & Summer shopping in May as well. I’ll do a haul on that soon.

نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪stomach ache gif‬‏

I attempted to go running with my brother which was the worst. thing. ever. I aimed for one 800 m lap but ended up doing half and STILL dying like what?? Running and I are like oil and vinegar. It’s just not meant to be, you know? 😂 My legs can physically run but my breathing is like vdyehbjsahdgeg8yihdjs. Even when I have a pace, the wind is so sharp and my body’s literally holding a funeral for my throat and nose. I gave up and attempted to practise my speech but BAM a zillion fruitflies, mosquitoes and bees come out of nowhere like what are they even doing?! They’re just casually hovering above me like do I look like a trash can or what? Hey, I see you nodding there. I obviously freaked out, ran in circles and everyone probably thought I was mental because to them I was talking to myself and then running around for no reason. Little do they know I was practising for my speech and there were A THOUSAND INSECTS HOVERING ABOVE ME WHEREVER I GO! Sorry that got a bit aggressive but never judge a situation by its cover. 😂

نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪dying from running gif‬‏

I read two books this month and they’re SO good. Let’s fangirl in the comments if you’ve read them.

Image result for love and gelato Image result for saints and misfits

Nothing too eventful happened here but I got SO many weird dreams like ??? Please just skip this unless you have no life are bored. 😂

  • I was apparently working at Mcdonalds and did this comedy skit. Then, I had to plan a McDonalds day with food fights. One was same age vs same age. Another was seniors vs teens and finally, parent vs kids. My total came to $13.97 – what is this dream?
  • This dream started with a dark earthquake and I literally thought it was The Day of Judgement. Apparently I had this dream many times before and went back in time to fix things. It started off with a group of people including me walking in on a gay couple.(random!) and we were all wearing these striped uniforms. The setting took place by my old neighbourhood but with HUGE trampolines like ?? On the other side, there were attackers and as long as we stayed on our side, we wouldn’t get hurt. ‘Last time’, a girl jumped and got hit by a car so I was trying to explain what’s going on to her. Then, I carried her away. And the weird thing is I never seen the little girl before but seen her the very next day in REAL LIFE like bruh?? I remember minor details from this dream like one girl called Einstein who also looked like Thomas from the Maze Runner? 😂 I don’t know guys. My mind’s pretty weird.
  • I had a dream about forgetting my hijab TWICE (I keep getting dreams like this oml) and then it switched to this girl tracking me down around the school with an AXE. I locked the door but she broke in and suddenly this multiple choice pop up came and it was like ‘what do you want your last scream to sound like?’ (blame the multiple choice on that math contest). The last option was ‘depends’ so I pressed it. Then, the screen said ‘do you really want to end the dream with no closure?’ and I pressed yes and woke up. So many other things happened but I forgot.
  • Apparently I was in my old school’s baseball team and my geography teacher got murdered by Meryem and Savas from my Turkish drama. (yup, my imagination has officially gone wild 😂)

نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪savas and meryem‬‏

  • I had a very weird dream that my friend Myrah was actually super fluent in English (she’s Persian so she takes ESL) and she only friended me in the first place to SPY on me for this organisation! I legit heard her backstabbing me and saying I’m self-centered like okay? Suddenly, I was in this garrage looking to find the person behind this organisation and the dream was fading away so I was like “yup it’s Sandy” but then someone said “no, it’s not Sandy, it’s ____” and I forgot! My grandma memory literally left me on a cliffhanger. And who the heck is Sandy?! 😂

نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪sandy cheek guitar gif‬‏

I had a few more but you guys are probably dying from how weird my brain is.



Blog Post Of The Month

Real Neat Blog Award (I loved that celebrity look-alike question, okay? 😂)

May’s Most Popular Post

Ramadan // Expectation Vs Reality

RAMADANexpectations vs reality

Blogger Of The Month

I LOVED Wamby and OmgRyry’s blogs. I only discovered them this month so it gives me hope that I didn’t follow ALL the amazing bloggers out there and there’s still more to find (feel free to leave your self-promos) Seriously though, Wamby’s so fricking funny like you guys NEED to read her Awkward & Embarrassing Stories. I need to dedicate a day to binge-reading all her posts. Ryry is so sweet and funny and aah her writing is amazing! You guys NEED to read her Truth Or Dare Responses (I made her do the weirdest dares 😂) and her TMI Tag is amazing!

Wamby Mary Añonuevo

Thank you to everyone who liked and commented on my posts this month!


May Favourites

Fav Song: Wild Things (again but we’re doing it for this group dance)

Fav Movie: I don’t think I watched any.

Fav Show: Riverdale

Fav Book: Love and Gelato

Cravings: My mom’s vegetable soup, samboosa and Subway

Image result for vegetable soup Image result for samboosa Image result for subway

Fav Hobby: Reading Quran (it’s more than a hobby but I’ve read consistently this month)

Go-to Outfit: Long sleeve shirt and loose pants

Fav Day Of The Week: Tuesday.

Fav Quote: “Don’t get confused between what people say you are and who you know you are” – Oprah


June Goals

 I totally forgot the goals I set this month.

  1. Somehow present your speech without dying ✔️
  2. Finish Surat Al Ankaboot (quran) ✔️
  3. Dance twice a week ✔️
  4. Post at least one collab ✔️
  5. Post 8+ posts ✔️
  6. Read 3 books ❌
  7. Catch up with a different friend in UAE once a week ✔️
  8. Make Mom a mother’s day gift ❌ (do hugs count? 😂)

6/8 – y’all I’m killing it nowadays!! Now for June goals.

  1. End school on good terms with everyone
  2. Finish reading Quran
  3. Do well on the Quran contest
  4. Get good grades on my final assignments
  5. Make everyone a card on the last day
  6. Enjoy Eid!


Anddd that’s a wrap.

How’s life?

How’s school? 

How’s blogging?

February favs?

March goals?

Tell me everythingggg.  I’ll see you guys soon.

Bayyy 💞



25 thoughts on “May Wrappers

  1. Johara Ally says:

    Omg girl your dreams kill me!😂😂😂 The multiple-choice one reminds me of Who Wants to be a Millionaire or you know those Choose your own adventure books?? How was Saints & misfits?? I’ve been wanting to read it for ages!😭 Also, all the best for your June goals 🍀💜


    • Bayance says:

      😂😂😂 OMG yes I read one of the Choose Your Own Adventures when I broke my arm – so fun! 😂 IT’S REALLY GOOD! And very touching – it’s a great read, you need to read it! Thank you so much!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. QueenTeen says:

    Girl, you’re life is actually so lit 😂 like whoaaa how many projects do you even have?? Somehow, I think your peers were being 100% honest about your speech – it sounded like they thought it was really good! (I’m internally freaking about a speech I have to do in less than a month that I haven’t even PLANNED 😬😬). Lmaooo, I thought you hated track and field? (But your tiredness amused me 😂😂😂) and its greaaat you made new friends! Agh, I don’t feel A THING in Ramadan, I swear my body doesn’t register that (not complaining tho) so I can actually not get worn out (it doesn’t mean I look like a living zombie during the day). Yasss, 6/8 – defo an improvement! Well done girl, this month sounded productive (unlike mine 😂😂)


    • Bayance says:

      😂😂😂 Ty! GURL I hate them stressful projects but some of them are fun. Aww tysm!! Aah sucks to be you 😂 Jk jk please let me know if I can help. I DOOO. I volunteered to pass our medals. 😂 Omg that’s gooood! Idk it all decided to crash down on me on the second day but I’m fine now. I’m glad you didn’t feel anything – haha that makes you look like those emos who seem heartless (wait emo means emotional – confusion 😂) Ikrrr I’m so proud. And nooo I keep procrastinating!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • QueenTeen says:

        No problemo! Yh, ikrrr😂😂. Gosh, that’s acc so smart 😂😂😂. Omggg I can’t imagine myself as an emo, like what?!😂 Ah, dw, everyone’s a procrastinator nowasdays 😂


  3. cityofquiet2 says:

    There’s a whole surah on spiders? I mean I’ve finished the Qur’an multiple times before but the calligraphy on the name was too hard to read xD. Nia needs to read it asap,


  4. Mary Añonuevo says:

    So yeah I bookmarked this and went back to reading the next day 😂 WHY ARE YOU SO HILARIOUS B!! HAHAHA i wish I saw your speech presentation (it was comedic, right?) I swear I’m gonna fall off my chair if I saw it 😂 what’s the topic?? GIRLLL I LOVE YOUR LIFEEE i wish I’ve experienced all your crazy adventures too! 😂 Let’s admit it, having embarrassing moments sucks but right after that, it’s so fun to reminisce about it! 😂 This has got to be my fav wrap-up post ever 😂 You made me laugh so muchhh. I LOVE YOUR DREAMSSS! I used to dream every night before but that doesn’t happen anymore. Aaah that 2nd dream – I wish it was a book or a movie because I’ll add it to my favorites 😂 the third one is so coooool. Thanks for the mention (aaaah this is totally unexpected 🙈) i’ve been a fan of your blog since I discovered it and ugh you’re just so amazing 😍 yas girl riverdale. Congrats on your accomplished goals and good luck to all the new ones!! Have fun with life always haha XO Ryry


    • Bayance says:

      Omggg girlllll thank you so much! 😂😂 Yeah it was comedic but nooo you would’ve died from cringe 😂😂 The topic is Why Commericals Should Be Banned – I might post my speech some time. Omggg gurl I don’t have much adventures unless it’s my bizzare dreams 😂 Haha truee but its literally terror at the time. AWW that means a lottttt ❤❤❤ The third one with the axe was SCARYYY. And the second one was super creepy because the girl I carried was the same girl I saw at this event the next day!! 😨 Gurl what are you talking about – I’m a fan of YOUR blog 😂 YASSS riverdale (I haven’t seen the last episode yet) but I’m literally mindblown rn. Hal can’t be the black good- he’s covering for someone! And what’s with dads being murderers 😂😂 Thank you so muchhh and you too!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Nicculent says:

    jeez I totally used to relate to the “giving speeches” struggle until 7th grade!But once I built up the confidence,speeches were actually fun to give!i love the idea of wrapping up your month publicly, it gives me the motivation to make the next month even this!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bayance says:

      I’m glad to hear that! For me, it kind of depends on my mental preparation. Like if I’ve been super productive and practised a bunch in advance (very rare) – I kind of relax a bit. But when it’s complete literally the morning of the presentations (very common 😂) then here we have a problem. Aah I’m glad you like it!! These wrappers are like my online diaries (they’re literally copied out from my journal so… 😂 )


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