June Wrappers

Hey girl hey. And boy.

WE MADE IT GUYSSS!! We actually SURVIVED this year! I feel like new readers are probably weirded out but when I first started my monthly wrappers, I absolutely hated my school. And I literally can’t believe it’s over. We have so many things to go through and a few reflections in the school section because yes, I actually don’t hate this school anymore. As always, if you haven’t seen my last wrapper, click here. Skim through to what interests you and let’s get started.



 We had so many assignments this month like it was ridiculous.  For Geography, we had to make a huge project covering an issue going on in the world and how it impacted the government, people, environment…etc. I chose the Israel/Palestine conflict because there are so many impacts, no one likes to speak up about it and I’m from Palestine so my family can give me information from experience that I may not find on the internet. It was kind of hard because the history is really long and complicated but it all worked out in the end and I made a video just under 5 minutes (the max limit for presentation). I’m actually proud of how it turned out but ugh when it got to presenting to the class, it was so cringy because I literally had to watch myself on the screen and gjbhghdjksivfavehsk my voice. And to top it all off, my mom sent it to like everyone on WhatsApp. 😂 Though it all turned out great in the end because people came up to me saying it was really good and my Geography teacher literally pulled me aside and told me this was the best presentation she’s ever seen like whatttt?! Where are my tissues?

Image result for cringe gif

In Science class, we had to make water rockets and oh my goodness. There was this whole group conflict because one of the group members didn’t do any work but it turned out fine in the end because she made up for it by bringing a lot of materials for the French project. Farah and I worked on it at her house and it was actually fun because we talked and watched some clips from this Turkish drama she’s trying to hypnotize me into watching (not going to happen – I quit my addiction). We called our rocket “Uzay” (yes, it was a requirement to name it) which is ‘space’ in Turkish but ironically enough, the flight time for our rocket was less than a second!! I really don’t know what we did wrong but it was a miserable fail. Well at least now I know I’ll never be an engineer. 😂

Image result for rocket fail gif


We had this whole poetry unit which I absolutely hatedI have nothing against poetry but we had like 5 assignments for no reason. Our final one was 10 stanzas from 10 different poets put into one big poem. Doesn’t sound too hard but we then had to write our new poem onto a poster that we had to design like noo thank you. I ended up handing the poster in 2 days before the last day of school because I wasn’t here the Friday it was due and the following week was really busy but oh well, she didn’t really mind and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t significant to our report cards.

Image result for is this necessary gif

Speaking of not being significant to our report cards, literally all 500 assignments we did this month weren’t significant to our report cards. The rockets were launched a day before the last day of school and we never handed in our written parts. And we didn’t even present our dances because members of our dance group kept being absent on the days we had to present. Anna and I joined this other group of 4 and we were stumped for like 2 weeks on song choice. We finally settled on Wild Things and worked for 2 months on choreography but we didn’t present after all. Oh well, it was pretty cringy performing and some of our practices were fun so I guess it turned out okay in the end. 😂

Image result for well that was pointless gif

There was a big portion of this month I can’t really mention due to anonymous reasons ( don’t worry it’s a good thing 😂) but other than that, I guess we just have the last day of school left to mention. At lunch, I went to the shopping center to get a few gifts for my teachers (talk about last minute 😂). I was going to make everyone in the class cards like previous years but ain’t nobody got time for that. We ended up writing messages on each other’s “autograph” papers. The messages were so sweet like aww I never thought I’d be saying this, but I’m actually going to miss this school. 😂 It was my first and last year but it really was memorable. Everyone wished everyone a happy summer and luck in the next school year and it wasn’t really registering in my head that we reached the end. At first, I felt like I was stuck being Farah’s friend but now we’re like best friends. 3 other people joined our squad and I actually felt like I belonged. Anna drama is all over and we’re on very good terms now. 😂 That’s a wrap-up of progress but here are a few things I learned this year:

  • Be yourself from the very start, even if you feel like you don’t fit in
  • Don’t judge people over first impressions
  • Sometimes the people you’re looking for are right in front of your eyes
  • You don’t need to have a lot in common to be good friends
  • It’s okay to be alone
  • It’s okay to break down
  • Get involved
  • Smile, gurl
  • There’s a difference between isolation and independence
  • When opportunities don’t come to you, you need to go to them
  • A class full of strangers will eventually turn into familiar faces
  • Everything happens for a reason, you are where you’re meant to be

Yes, I’m the new Shakespeare but that about wraps up school for the year. July and August are going to be pretty weird without the school section but YASSSSSSS SUMMERRRRR! Oh and report cards were a success!!

Image result for yasss confetti gif



 Ramadan came to an end and Eid came instead (wow those poem assignments really got to me). For Eid, my mom made ka’ak (Eid dessert) and I was rich for a day. We had a family lunch at this Middle Eastern cuisine and guests came over for like four days straight. I caught up with my old neighbor and my family friend so that was great. I did some shopping with my mom and friends and you can see the haul here.

Image result for eid family tumblr

There was this virtual reality sample set in the mall and it was so scary! This red dude kept trying to kill me and I looked ridicolous trying to punch. It’s so funny watching other people kick the air but when it got to me, I almost ran off the set. It was really fun though. 😂

Image result for vr funny gif

me giving security a hard time


Every year, the mosque hosts a Quran memorization contest which I participated in before. I really enjoyed learning Surat Al Ankaboot and the different stories and examples. By the end, I memorized it fully and I was pretty sure I wouldn’t forget anything. Or will I? After a couple contestants, I got called in and they started at a section I knew well. Or did I?

Image result for dun dun dun gif

I divide my memorising into sections based on what they’re about so when I finished the section I was in, I completely forgot what was next! I knew it was at the end of the page but I completely forgot which one. My mind was blank. So I’m just there staring at the judges awkwardly like uh… and one of them goes “think about the last sentence on the second page” like that’s a great help. He eventually gave me the first few words and that’s when my memory decided to come back.

Image result for mind goes blank gif

The next section I had to recite wasn’t too bad – I messed up one word though. But when we got to the final section, it went on to the next page which I completely forgot the start of. I don’t know why I did fine at home but in front of the judges, I’m literally Dory. 😂 We finished, they said jazakallah khairan (may Allah reward you with goodness) and called on the next contestant. I was like okay that’s it, I don’t care, my intention was for Allah, and just forgot about the whole contest for the next week.

نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪i dont care elsa gif‬‏

Until one day my brother came home with a 2nd place certificate! SECOND PLACE?! How did I win second place? I was like ummm are you sure they didn’t mix up names but then turns out I was also last place. Turns out there were three contestants, two tied for first, leaving me for second. It’s kind of trippy but ah well. 😂

I read two books this month. The Beginning of Everything and If There’s No Tomorrow. They’re both SOOO good! The beginning of everything almost made me cry and DUDE, if there’s no tomorrow made me happy, sad, anxious and ughh you NEED to read it. 😂

Image result for the beginning of everything Image result for if theres no tomorrow

There’s not much for Life this month but I’ve been mindblown by a few things.

  1. Peppa pig is actually a GIRL?! I’ve always thought she was a boy.

Image result for peppa pig

2. England’s flag is actually this and not that. My life is a lie?! Can someone explain why there’s two flags and isn’t the UK and England the same thing?

Image result for england flag Image result for england flag

And as always, here are some of my weirdest dreams for the month.

  • My brother was driving and he stole this postcard off a shelf on the street and the sirens went on. The police chased us until we pulled over and me and my sister got out of the car. The police did too but my brother ditched us and drove away! 😂 We had no ride home so we went on this local bus and the police officer came in and told everyone about my brother. He’s like “Does he have any morals? Really? Those postcards were expensive.” and I’m like “were you really going to take someone away from his friends and family because of a postcard?” then everyone looked at me like that one butthurt dude in the comments. 😂

Image result for everyone looks at you gif

  • Everyone was trying to mess with Justin Trudeau about the weather forecast and it somehow messed with the clouds and ALWAYS tricked us into thinking it was the end of the world. Our province was going to sink and apparently I lived in Yukon and we were going to sink into the Pacific Ocean. Everyone was freaking out and I even tried to think of a way to get a raft like Rose from Titanic but I knew my chances were low. 😂 It all turned out to be a prank like bruh.

Image result for rose looking for a raft gif

  • And finally, I had the weirdest realistic lucid dream about me having a fricking baby! It’s kind of long but reading it out loud will help. Apparently I had 2 boyfriends. One was this popular guy from school who I don’t really talk to (he had a different name and personality in the dream though) and the other one was a doll! 😂 The first guy was a long-distance boyfriend and I think he had cancer and was going to be cured soon. And then the doll was called James? 😂 Anyways, I wasn’t even pregnant and gave delivery. This baby was in my arms out of nowhere and I thought it was a doll but it was real and actually started crying. I was so confused because I didn’t even do anything if you know what I mean. 😂 My parents were like “okay that’s fine we won’t disown you” or something and I kept saying it’s not possible but no one believed me. I prayed that it was all a dream (which actually worked woohoo 😂) and then I opened the door to see my long-distance boyfriend, this other guy from school and some other people. I go like “so which one of you is the father?” The boyfriend just looks down and his friend is like “we didn’t do anything!” So I say “then why are you here?” and he’s like “the AC’s good” like bruh. 😂 The dream continued with everyone around me not getting what a big deal this is and everyone acting normal and saying “gosh, you’re being kind of annoying” or “you’re kind of exaggerating” like are you blind?! It’s a baby and I don’t know where it came from. 😂 That dream got me kind of triggered but omg there’s this weird thing where I actually feel some sort of affection to that long-distance boyfriend whenever I think about it. Like it’s a dream fictional person that could’ve done something bad to me (in the dream of course) but I kind of like him? Is this stockholm syndrome? 😂

Image result for i am confusion gif



 This is probably by far the worst blogging month for my stats and activeness. 5 posts this month?! Hardly reading any posts on my reader?! I’ve been kind of busy but wow I need to up my game for July. 😂 On the bright side, THE PARENTVOICE MAGAZINE ASKED ME TO WRITE A POST ABOUT RAMADAN FOR THEM! That was really enthusiastic but it was such a cool opportunity and I absolutely love that they gather posts about multicultural families and ways of life. It’s super cool to read about the different cultures and mixed couple stories on there. They haven’t asked me to mention their website but they’re def worth mentioning.

Website: TheParentVoice

Self-promo: My Post (pictures aren’t mine)

Blog Post Of The Month

May Wrappers

June’s Most Popular Post

Sexual Assault Is Never Okay

Blogger Of The Month

I can’t believe I’ve never read Shay’s posts before. She’s been so supportive and amazing in the comments and I didn’t think she had a blog or something?? I don’t know but Shay has definitely blessed my feed this month. There’s so many posts I still need to binge through this summer but I loved reading her Crazy Things I Believed as a Kid and Eight Year Old Me’s Writing Journal – Shay was a dope kid. 😂 GirlIllustrated is also a great blogger! I love her sketches and seriously loved her 13 Reasons Why post this month. It’s a great reminder to those struggling with mental health that things will get better and you are loved.

  Girl Illustrated

Most Active Followers

Thank you to everyone who commented this month – you’re the best!


Help Meh ._.

Would you guys like a dream-telling series once a month or every two months instead of in Monthly Wrappers? I have so many dreams so I wouldn’t mind making a separate series.


June Favourites

Fav Song: Meant To Be – Bebe Rexha

Fav Movie: Not my favourite but I slept through watched ‘I Am David’ 😂

Image result for i am david movie

Fav Show: I haven’t watched any but the clips me and Farah watched were from “İçerde” (Inside). The plot sounds really cool but nope, I’m not giving in to the Turkish drama addiction. 😂

Image result for İçerde

Fav Book: Aaah I can’t pick but ‘If There’s No Tomorrow’ literally made me feel things (ew that sounds wrong but I’m totally talking about sadness 😂)

Cravings: Shawarma, ice-cream and that biscuit with Eid Ca’ak (which some people call Anise biscuits)

Image result for shawarma tumblr Image result for ice cream tumblr Image result for eid caak

Image result for wide pants fashion
Fav Hobby: Talking? Eating? Shopping? I don’t have a specific one this month.
Go-to Outfit: Y’all already know I’m obsessed with wide pants. 😂
Fav Day Of The Week: Tuesday & Thursday

Fav Quote: “Stay away from what might have been and look at what can be” – Marsha Petrie Sue





 July Goals

 But first, did I kill it again this month? 😂

  1. End school on good terms with everyone ✔️
  2. Finish reading Quran ✔️
  3. Do well on the Quran contest ⁉️ (I was last and didn’t do as well as I thought I would but I was also second so I’m confused?)
  4. Get good grades on my final assignments ✔️
  5. Make everyone a card on the last day ❌
  6. Enjoy Eid! ✔️

I’m giving myself a 4.5/6 so yasss. 😂

Now for July goals:

  1.  Go farm-picking.
  2.  Plan a giveaway
  3.  Revise all of Chapter 30 (Quran)
  4.  Make a summer recipe
  5.  Make at least 8 posts 
  6.  Read and comment on 15+ posts in Readers (weekly)
  7.  Make a daily schedule 
  8.  Just enjoy summer and try not to think that prison is awaiting in 2 months!! 😂

I hope I can manage. 😂


Anddd that’s a wrap.

How’s life?

How’s school? 

How’s blogging?

June favs?

July goals?

Tell me everythingggg.  I’ll see you guys soon.

Bayyy 💞


40 thoughts on “June Wrappers

  1. Aboutmyawkwardworld says:

    yessss – I feel like I haven’t commented on one of your posts in like forever (you’ve forgotten about me💔) Anyway, I LOVEEEE these wrappers, they always make me crack up😂
    YESSS to all of the school advice- I swear you know so much😂. I wrote my English teacher a poem because I’m a cheap ass and can’t be bothered to buy presents but it’s the thought that counts right?😂
    The UK and England are VERY different😂 Uk includes places like Wales, Ireland etc and England is just England 😂
    GASP – you didn’t mention Takis? The obsession is over😂
    you NEED to watch Korean tV!!! and thats an order😂
    Loved thisssss xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bayance says:

      Bruhhh ikr we don’t even text anymore! And nooo you’re the one you forgot about ME. 😂 Thank youuu! 😂 HAHAHAHHA omg but poems are really thoughtful so she must’ve loved it. I gave my homeroom teacher a jar with 14 reasons why she’s awesome but thoughtful presents always beat store-bought so yass. 😂
      Wait what?! 😂 Every time I think of the UK I think of posh british people and expensive bakeries. 😂
      Noooo I mention new cravings every month but Takis is a permanent craving so nice try. 😂 Btw last week I went to the grocery store to get Takis but they gave them all away on customer appreciation day like WHAT :'((((
      Hmm I said I’ll quit turkish dramas but I never said anything about Korean. 😂 Which one should I watch? 😂
      Thank youuuu!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Aboutmyawkwardworld says:

        Nooo, you’re the one who forgot about me😂 My teacher actually cried so now its been confirmed that I’m actually Shakespeare too so..😂
        I swear not everyone is posh😂 at least I’m not.
        What is customer appreciation day??😂 you’d never hear of such a thing in England 😂
        Okay so there’s this drama called Uncontrollably Fond (it’s on Netflix too) and its SOOOO GOOOOD. Like you have to watch it and tell me what you think!!😂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Bayance says:

        Nooo 😂 Omg gurlll you must be so talented – that’s so sweet! Hmm totally. 😂 It’s when stores appreciate their customers? I didnt even know it was a thing. I saw a brief description and it sounds pretty good – I’m going to watch the first episode.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Natalie Therese says:

    WOOHOO GIRL YA MADE IT!! *throws confetti and takis*
    Now that you’re free of schoolwork, how about finally meeting me in front of the Eiffel Tower and eating fattening foods and talking about life?? How’s next week sound??
    I so wish we could do that…
    I had a really awesome month to tell the truth, mainly just ’cause POINTE SHOESSSS! But I’ve already told you about that like six times at this point (no pun intended) and I don’t wanna bore you.
    Woah, you memorized the entire Quran?? I can’t even remember what I ate for breakfast this morning, you amaze me!! Even if I had managed to memorize something like that I probably would have panicked and run off stage when I tried to recite it so…(I love performing but only if I have a routine and I’m wearing so much makeup nobody knows who I am).
    Wait, seriously? She is? I coulda sworn Peppa was a boy…
    Oh my gosh, those dreams sound so weirrrrrd! Haha, I’d love to have a baby of my own, but I’d rather wait until I’m married to have all that responsibility. (I think I get along better with babies than with people my age…). Speaking of dreams, I keep having ones where I’m trying to sing a solo and then I start coughing and everyone throws tissues at me. And I’m just like ”What??”. I think my brain must get really bored to come up with things like that…
    I had a really awesome dream a few weeks ago where I was in my favorite book series, but I woke up before I got to do anything really awesome. I guess I’m that obsessed, haha. I actually wrote a whole post on that, if you haven’t already seen it. https://takingthecakee.wordpress.com/2018/07/05/confessions-of-a-fangirl/
    Oh, by the way, I just found out and I haven’t announced this on my blog yet; I’m getting a third cat!! AND GUESS WHAT HE PLAYS FETCH!! Like, WHAT?? Coolest kitty EVER!! And to top it off, his name is Apollo, which is one of my favorite Greek Gods (because I’m weird and actually read all of those myths when I was younger. I probably should have been watching Dora or Peppa Pig or something).
    Great posy, girl!
    {Natalie Therese


    • Bayance says:

      YASSSSS! Yes girl next week sounds awesome – ikr me too!
      Ugh I still don’t get how you’re excited to wear toe murderers (you’re probably superhuman) NOOOOOOOO NOT THE WHOLE THING!!! 😂😂 I wishhh and I hope to in the future but no I only did one surah (basically a section from a chapter). I was close to jumping out of the window so #relatable 😂
      Ikrrr I thought it was a boy! 😂 I want to have a baby too but definitely NOT right now and not when I don’t even know who the father is – I promise I didn’t do anything in that dream! 😂 HAHAHHAHAH omg 😂Well I guess that’s kind of like a ‘bless you’ from the audience but for coughing (what do you say to people who cough anyways?) 😂
      Oh bummer. I once had a dream I met Ariana Grande but the phone that was me kept lagging and we couldn’t take a picture 😥 (this was back when I was obsessed with her – I don’t really care about celebs anymore tho 😂)
      Ooooh that’s SO exciting! Woww greek gods 😂 Apollo is a unique name though. You better send a hundred pictures of your cat or post it in a blog post.
      Neat commy!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Natalie Therese says:

        Good, see you there. I’ll bring cookies and cheese and bread, you bring takis. 🙂
        Haha, they don’t actually hurt as much as I thought they would but then again I’ve only worn them for ten minutes at a time…
        OH!! I’m still impressed. I would have been out the window before they even called my name.
        Hahaha, noooo, I’m not ready for a child!! Better to at least be able to tell him/her who their dad is….
        I guess so?? IKR, what DO you say??
        Awwww, that sucks. I had a dream I met you once, and it was awesome. Except somehow I ended up getting pushed by a pelican into the ocean. And the I woke up. If we ever do meet up, let’s stay away from large birds, eh?
        Yepppp, I was a strange six-year-old. Yass, of course, and I will get a video of him playing fetch ASAP!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Bayance says:

        Duh!! Ughhh i miss Takis (my parents insist it’s horrible for people’s health)
        I’d die by the first second so that’s still talent. 😂
        Really? That’s so cool – do you remember what I look like? 😂 HAHAHAHHAHAHA I would’ve laughed. 😂😂 Jk jk I’d totally help you out of the water.
        Yasss can’t wait! 😂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Natalie Therese says:

        I’ve never even tried them…the anguish…
        Haha, talent, or maybe I just have a high threshold for pain in my feet. XD JK
        I don’t remember much, but you had longish dark curly hair (like, really curly) and you were wearing this super pretty red top.
        I’d do the same for you-just as long as I knew what you looked like so I didn’t pull some random stranger out and leave you to the pelicans. XD


  3. Mary Añonuevo says:

    *takes a sip from my delicious raspberry lemonade* girl I have to get that glass from the monitor I really want to have it 😭 First of all, congrats on school! Yayyy you’re finally free 😂 congrats on getting things together, i know you tried your best 😂 All the things you’ve learned are amazing!! I’ll have to apply it on my own too, so thank you for the advice! As always, your dreams are hella fantastic and oh yes I’d love to read 2 posts about it each month. It keeps me entertained you know 😉 Congrats on that new cool opportunity gurl you totally deserve it AND also to your goals. I’m so excited to see what will happen to your goals this month – imma stay right here and i’m not going anywhere! 😂 Aaah I love ‘Meant To Be’, I listen to it a lot. I just added ‘If There’s No Tomorrow’ in my reading list. Can’t wait to read it! And aaaah I love this post so much! You really have the best wrappers in the blogosphere! xo

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bayance says:

      Aaah girl hope you enjoyed my seasonal drink. 😂 Thank youu and YES school is basically prison. Aww thanks and I hope I apply it to my future school years. Haha glad you enjoyed them 😂 my brain is like really weird. I might do that! Aah gurl TYSM! I really hope I keep up with my streak – thanks for sticking around! 😂 Ikr it’s a good song. YES GURL YOU BETTER READ IT! Tell me how it goes. TYSMMM you’re too sweet. Good luck to any goals you have and have a great summer (wait I think you started school, right?)

      Liked by 1 person

  4. cityofquiet2 says:

    I’ve also been getting a ton of pregnant dreams lately and don’t remember any except for one I had last night and WHAT’S WITH ME BEING PREGNANT IN REVEALING ROYAL BLUE CLOTHES??

    Liked by 1 person

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