July Wrappers

Hey girl hey. And boy.

Can you believe how fast time is flying? Soon I’ll be writing an August Wrappers and then I’ll be off to school for another 10 months. Why is school so longjdhujgsdhndjn?! 😭  Anyways, I didn’t do too much this month but we still have a bit to go through. As usual, if you haven’t seen my last wrapper post, click here. Skim through to what interests you and let’s get started.


It’s so weird skipping to Life right away but I’m glad we get a break from School for a while. My cousins came over for 10 days and we haven’t seen them for 3 years. They have a new baby brother and he’s the CUTEST. I think I have a baby obsession disorder.😂 It took him a while to get used to me but for some reason he always sleeps when I sing to him. My aunt says I have magic powers mwahahhaha. Or maybe he just finds me lame.😂 It was so fun hanging out with my two younger cousins. They grew up so fast.

Since I was the +1 to welcome them at the airport, my sister wanted to be the +1 when they left. Once they were at the airport, me and my dad went to the phone shop and I GOT A PHONE! Your grandma finally got a phone. I’m not trying to sound spoiled but I actually need a phone from now on. I need the alarm, communication and don’t forget the camera. 😂 My dad was not too convinced at first but we made a deal about time management so we’re cool now. 😂 So far, I’ve been using it for useful stuff so let’s hope I don’t get obsessed. 😂

نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪grandma partying gif‬�

We went to Niagara Falls for the billionth time (well third) but it never gets old. The first day was kind of a fail because the Botanical Gardens closed and Clifton Hills was CROWDED as fudge. We couldn’t even do anything there like why is there so many people?! 😭 I love people, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes I just want them all to disappear for two seconds so I can go on the Ferris wheel (sue me, I’m still 5). 😂 The next day my brother had a triathlon and we cheered him on. I have no idea how people participate in those kind of stuff like I’d definitely be sent to the hospital by the first two metres. I was lowkey jealous when I saw seniors crossing the finish line though like wow why do I have to be such a potato? 😭

نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪couch potato gif‬�

Farah, Myrah, Anna and I went to the mall to hang out with Myrah before she left to Iran for the rest of the summer. We ate and picked out outfits for each other (literally all I do when I hang out in Forever21). Then we went to Nyx and just tried on makeup. I felt awful because I literally left every store without getting anything. And I’m pretty sure the salesperson gave us dirty looks the whole time.


But yeah, it was kind of a waste of 4 hours so I’m going to start limiting my time at the mall. 😂

Since it’s summer and I want to gain volunteer experience in general, I applied to my local library because they have some really cool events and tutoring opportunities there. I was invited for an interview (it was that serious) and I was so nervous because in the email, she said it was going to take about an hour so I thought it was literally going to be a 100 Get To Know Me questions. 😂  But thankfully, she only asked 5, made me fill out a questionnaire and then just talked about what the program’s about and next steps. I asked a few questions and alhamdulillah, an hour later she emailed that I got the position and told me where to find training sessions on their website! I’ll keep you guys updated on how everything goes in the following months. If you have free time and there are volunteering opportunities near you, give it a shot – you never know what might happen.

Well that was corny, but here are the books I read this month.

Image result for extraordinary means Image result for lying out loud Related image Image result for when my heart joins the thousand

Lying Out Loud was alright but I feel like everything was kind of rushed and predictable. I got the feels when she was having a breakdown about her mom though.

Extraordinary Means was so adventurous but sad omg. It was so well written and there was so much character development. It made me realize how lucky we are to be in good health.

Girl Made Of Stars is definitely a book I won’t forget. It was so well written, emotional and real. It also had women empowerment which I loved. The only thing that I didn’t really like was the amount of swear words. I’m usually fine with a couple but when it comes to 7 in one page, it’s kind of too much. Plus, I had it bookmarked on that graphic page with Mara and Alex and it just happened to be the one my little cousin opened and started reading. 🤦‍♀️

When My Heart Joins The Thousand was also a book I loved. It was a mystery to find out what happened with her mom (aka the Vault) since she mentions snippets a couple times throughout the book like Girl Made of Stars. It was kind of….weird at first but it regained the plot throughout the book. 😂 A must read for sure.

Wow I never really do these mini book reviews in Wrapper posts but oh well.


  • So apparently my science teacher from elementary school was my homeroom teacher in high school and it was the first day and the class was literally all boys. There was a jewelry shop attached to the class and then this cruise ship came through the wall and took everyone except me like ?? Believe me, I’m just as confused 😂

Related image

  • So apparently this guy I liked from elementary school worked at Zara and I had a fashion show there? I asked what grade he was and what school he went to to make sure it was him. He changed so much like bruh. I remember texting this grandpa who was also him (??) and we asked how rich he was. He said he was a businessman with a mansion but we totally exposed him since we knew he worked at Zara. And then apparently he and my 6 year old cousin fell in love and ew this dream is so messed up. 😂😂

Image result for whats happening gif

  • This dream started out with this guest who put the toaster on ELEVEN which started a fire. It was so realistic and I actually panicked. The fire blocked the exit and apparently it spreads by the scratches on the floor? Anyways there was a window at the end of the hall and I unlocked it but we’d die if we jumped. We saw people go down a staircase and apparently it was illegal but hey, safety over law, right? 😂

Image result for fire panic gif

  • My uncle had this hideout caved into a playground and some children caught me with this other guy going inside. They threatened to call the police and stupid me ran so we got chased by a swarm of kids plus police cars. 😂 The hideout was so narrow and then the guy beside me found my uncle in a super hero costume and all of a sudden they started doing tricks? I have no idea why all my dreams this month make no sense.

Image result for superman gif


Aaah Bayance turned 1 this month. AND WE HIT 600! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 I literally cannot believe how far we’ve come in just one year. At first, I wanted to do a giveaway but I need your opinion on this. Should I make a giveaway this month to celebrate 500+ and my first year? Or should I wait until a thousand (never mwahah) to make a larger one and make a 1 year special blog post now? I’m stumped because on one hand if I make a giveaway now, then I’ll have to do something bigger for a thousand (plus I think it’s a bit more suitable to do a big giveaway for 1K instead of a smaller one now) and on the other hand, it’s summer so people will be less busy and I have two milestones to celebrate. Leave your opinion down below and I’ll probably go with the majority. But yeah, thank you all so much duevjbdkshqbkedhgvfvdbhksn – Kleenex is seriously running out. 😭😭

Image result for tearing up kleenex gif

Blog Post Of The Month

Struggles Only Girls With Thick Hair Will Understand

June’s Most Popular Post

Why I Hate Swimming

Copy of Why I Hate Insects

Blogger Of The Month

I haven’t checked out Ana Regina until this month so I’ve been seriously missing out. She has like the most original posts and tags and she’s super active on her blog. All her titles sound interesting so I definitely need to go on a binge soon.

Ana Regina

Most Active Followers

Thank you to everyone who commented this month – your comments make my week!

July Favourites

Favourite Song: Rahman Ya Rahman (I always sang it to my baby cousin and I’m going to try to memorize the Russian verses 😂)


Favourite Book: Aaah this is so hard. Probably Girl Made Of Stars but I loved the other ones too.

Favourite Movie: I actually watched 3 this month! But the Greatest Showman was the greatest of them all (see what I did there? moving on)

Image result for greatest showman

Favourite Show: I watched my first ever Kuwaiti tv show called اقبال يوم اقبلت (Iqbal yawma Aqbalat). My parents are obsessed with TV shows from Arab countries whereas I’m a Turkish addict (even tho I need subtitles 😂) so this show expanded my preference. It’s also very realistic and one of the biggest themes highlighted was honoring and respecting your parents which is one of the most important deeds in life.

Image result for iqbal yawm aqbalat

Cravings: Lupin is literally my bae. I ate way too much this month. 😂 I also ate a lot of ice cream and I’m totally obsessed with Tim Horton’s hot chocolate.

Image result for ‫ترمس‬‎ Image result for banana split Image result for tim hortons hot chocolate cup

Favourite Hobby: Chess and photography

Image result for checkmate

Go-To Outfit: You already know wide pants are my summer obsession but another outfit I’ve been wearing is my cream top with jeans topped with a navy and cream hijab. ✨ I sound like a Burger King commercial.

Image result for burger king commercial gif

picture what I just said with this gif. 😂

Fav Day Of The Week: Friday & Tuesday
Favourite Quote: 
Image result for kindness is charity prophet muhammad


 August Goals 

I have a bad feeling about this. 😂


  1. Go farm-picking. ❌
  2.  Plan a giveaway ✔️
  3.  Revise all of Chapter 30 (Quran) ❌ (almost…)
  4.  Make a summer recipe (do pretzels count?) ✔️
  5.  Make at least 8 posts ✔️
  6.  Read and comment on 15+ posts in Readers (weekly) ❌ – okay but I wasn’t counting 😂
  7.  Make a daily schedule ❌
  8.  Just enjoy summer and try not to think that prison is awaiting in 2 months!! 😂 ✔️

4/8 – I’m giving myself a point five for 3 and 6. 😂

Now for August goals

  1. Go back to school shopping (*shivers* but I like the shopping)
  2. Go to a buffet (I like food, okay?)
  3. Finish revising all that you’ve memorized (Quran)
  4. Make a cheesecake
  5. Read at least 3 books
  6. Binge-read three new blogs
  7. Fast on Dhul Hijjah 
  8. Enjoy Eid Al Adha!


Anddd that’s a wrap.

How’s life?

How’s blogging?

Opinion on giveaway timing? (scroll up to ‘Blogging’ if you missed it)

July favs?

August goals?

Tell me everythingggg.  I’ll see you guys soon.

Bayyy 💞


31 thoughts on “July Wrappers

  1. Lizzy says:

    Yay!! Can I just say that I love your wrapper posts so much!! I love reading every line!! Oooh, do the 1 year anniversary post now!! 😎🎉🎉 Congrats, girl!! 🎉💞 Haha, your dreams!! 😝😂😯😯 And I have a baby obsession too! 😝🙈😍

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bayance says:

      AWW thank you so much!! As in the giveaway, right? I’m hoping I can fit it in before school starts. Thank youuu! Ikr idk why my dreams are so weird. 😂😂 Yaayyy babies are the best tho. 😍


  2. Natalie Therese says:

    Ahhhh, babies! I can’t even walk into a room at my homeschool group without someone saying ”oh, hey Natalie, can you hold [insert tiny human’s name here] for a minute?” and then I’m so happy.
    Woah, those dreams are wEiRd. The weirdest one I had this month consisted of trying to convince Artemis Fowl to go to McDonalds with me (don’t ask, I have no idea) and then all this ketchup and mustard suddenly exploded in my face…like, what? Why do all my dreams have exploding stuff or stuff being thrown at me?
    Oooh, phones! I got one about nine months ago because I dance like 10 hours a week and rehearsals always end late or early. It’s a smartphone, but it has all this filtering software so it literally can’t do anything except call, text, and flashlight. One day, though….
    This month I started listening to this ridiculous song by Weird Al, called Albuquerque, that is literally I kid you not 11 minutes long. And yet last week I discovered I have the WHOLE FREAKING THING MEMORIZED! Why can I remember a nonsensical 11 minute song and not how to conjugate a Latin verb?? Plus, now on long car rides my siblings are always like ”sing something!” and of course by that they mean ridiculous parodies that my memory somehow absorbed, not Broadway showtunes like I want to sing. And they are not shy about going ”BOOOOOO!”
    Girl, celebrate NOW! You’ve come SO far, and I really wanna party with you! (I wish we could in real life, that’d awesome).
    Great posy! I know I say this every time, but your posts just make me so freakin’ happy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bayance says:

      AAAH TYSM! First of all, your comments and posts make ME so freakin’ happy so thank you. I’m hoping to get my delivery stuff all organized for the giveaway before school starts. IKR it wouldn’t have happened without you. Ugh I wish we could party irl too! I don’t know why I’m replying to this backwards 😂 Okay back to the top.
      WHAT, LUCKY?! The only baby I’ve held is like family so they seriously need to be shipping babies for me to take care of. Problem is I only have patience when they’re in good moods and most babies will probably continue crying if I sing to them so that’ll be a pain. 😂 HAHAHAHHAHAHAH wow that’s so cool. Except the mustard explosion of course 😂😂 Aww don’t lose hope. Everyone in my grade had phones for like the last 4 years and I’m here like great. 😂 11 MINUTES?! Wow. 😂 I’m not the best at memorizing songs and I always find myself like [when I need motivation, my only music is the queen cuz…udbwksnnd.. yeah yeah] – That’s cheerleader and it took me a while to realize I had the whole thing wrong. 😂 Woww 😂 you should totally annoy them by singing whatever you want through all their BOOs – unless the person driving gets mad of course. 😂 Whenever we’re on long car rides, my parents talk to each other and then when I open my mouth to talk to my brother they’re like “why are you talking so much?” 🤦‍♀️ 😂
      Neat commy!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Natalie Therese says:

        Yaasss, I will start outsourcing my baby-holding jobs for you, and noooo, the babies are crying because your singing is so amazing and it overwhelms them.
        Yeah, the mustard…I was actually really sad though, ’cause I thought I had completely blown my chance to get Artemis to like me and I’m totally crushing on him (shhh).
        I know, right? 11 minutes! Haha, I probably should but it keeps them relatively quiet, so it works. AHAHA! Yeah, that happens to me a lot.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Bayance says:

        Hahahaha I wishhh 😂
        Woww at least it was a dream – you’ll get another chance if you think about him too much. 😂 Artemis is fictional right? I have way too many crushes from books like why do these guys not exist in real life? 😭

        Liked by 1 person

      • Natalie Therese says:

        Yeah, haha, I’d be depressed for life if that actually happened like wow, chance of a lifetime and I blow it with mustard. So me. Yep, Artemis is fictional, like WHYYY? Fictional guys have made me single for life I think because they just set the standard WAYYYY too high. Like, no, I don’t want to date you if you’ve never fought off a horde of angry trolls or built a nuclear reactor, what do you take me for, average? XD 😉

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Nicculent says:

    I love this blogpost, especially how you also shared your cravings with us.i keep telling myself that its wrong for me to have cravings and that I shouldn’t give in to them.this was such a reassurance.great work girl!also, congrats for 600!you’re gonna hit 1k so soon! xx


    • Bayance says:

      Thank you so much! Girll there is no shame in cravings (except that I’m probably going to hit 500 pounds in no time 😂 ). Some cravings are 24/7 and others come randomly so I like to share them haha. 😂 Thank you sooo much – that means a lottt!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Rosinalee says:

    Wow congrats on 600 followers and happy first birthday!!! I can’t believe it’s already been a year, I can’t remember when I started reading your posts but they always get better! 🙂
    Oh and congrats on your new phone, I know what you mean, I totally need it for an alarm as well hahaha 😂 I really love your monthly updates! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bayance says:

      Thank you so much!! Ikr like whattt. Awh thank youuu!!
      Yesss alarms are so essential and I am so not getting those old school alarms that go rrrrrrr so I can have a heart attack in the morning 😂 Thank you for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Mary Añonuevo says:

    OOOHH YESS THIS WAS WHAT I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR 😂 Baby Obsession Disorder XD I feel you girl XD You finally got a phone!! I’ll be getting mine on December and I can’t wait!! UGH 😂 I love Girl Made of Stars too! It’s very honest and inspiring but yeah! I agree with the swear words thing. It was too much. But still! *Adds When My Heart Joins The Thousand on my TBR list* Why do you always have the coolest dreams? 😭 Mine’s too lame and weird – yep I started dreaming again and I actually have a dream journal now 😂 AAAAH congrats for those achievements!! I think it might be better to wait for a thousand and make a giveaway because larger giveaways are THE BEST! 💯 But if you want to make one now, it’s cool too, but you have to make a larger one in the future. The choice is all yours, Queen B. 😂 Thanks for the mention and ooooh school shopping XD Good luck with school in advance XD Hope you enjoy summer while it’s still there! XOXO ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bayance says:

      Omggg 😂😂 Tysm I love your comments. Babies are just too cute. 😭😭 Yasss! It was a really good book! YES you need to read it. Bruh this month’s dreams were the lamest. Prepare for August. 😂😂 You SO need to start sharing your dreams – I want to hear them asap. TYSMM!! That’s what I was thinking but the timing is better now as well so I’ll try to fit it in soon. If not, a thousand it is (by then, I’ll be celebrating my 100th anniversary 😂😂) I got a backpack today but I feel like it’s ok big! I don’t really like the straps so I might return it. Thank you again! 💗💗

      Liked by 1 person

      • Mary Añonuevo says:

        Your dreams are still so cool!! 💜 I’m actually writing a draft now 😂 Ooh the decision’s up to ya 😃 any other way, i know it’s gonna be great!! xx

        Liked by 1 person

  6. crystalsandcurls says:

    I love these posts, they feel like catch up coffee chats with friends! Your dreams are INSANELY cool, a bit trippy but cool! Mine are all so boring lol ;-; And I don’t know how you’ve survived without a phone purely because of the alarm. I can’t live without my phone alarm!x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bayance says:

      Thank you so much! Haha yes I want them to feel that way – even tho I share a bit way too much (I mean dreams?..c’mon Bayance but at least people are enjoying it 😂) Hahaha wow im literally fascinated by my own dreams sometimes like how does this even happen? Ikrr I’ve relied on people to wake me up and on weekends I’d sleep in super late. I’m glad I have one now. 😂 Ty for reading!


  7. cityofquiet2 says:

    Wow school is going to imprison me. Theyre so strict and studying for them makes me want to CRYYYY like the physics was like formula of velocity is final velocity squared is equal to initial position by work by blablablabla and i was gonna die

    Liked by 1 person

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