August Wrappers

Hey girl hey. And boy.

Oh. my. God, you guys! I feel like I haven’t blogged in AGES and can we just take a moment to cry over the fact that school started and that this is my last first monthly wrapper? Meaning, from now on (if I live), every single wrapper post will be a number two. MEANING it’s our wrapper anniversary!! Okay I’m just being ridiculous at this point but seriously. 😂 Also, I haven’t even made a post for my first blogiversary yet but I’ll get to that later. I really want to let you know what happened so far in September but that’ll have to wait for another 17 days. 😂 But there’s still quite a bit to get through so as usual, if you haven’t read my last wrapper post, click here. Skim through to what interests you (prepare for my dreams this month 😂) and let’s get started.



Aah this is my last month for only ‘Life’ without School. But enough of the milestones, I got my first police check ever. It’s going to arrive this week and hopefully, I’ll start volunteering. I finished all the training and we sat in like conferences with presentations and it was pretty cool. 😂 The best part there was snacks on the tables like yesss. 😂 So I’m super excited to start that.

Image result for im only here for the food gif

So one day, on my way back from picking up my siblings in camp, my little brother wanted to throw his plastic sword at my older brother for annoying him but he aCcIdeNtaLly threw it AT ME! 😂 I felt this soreness in my eyeball and I started crying out of reflex. I thought it was like all those times you get hit in the eye and then it’s like sore for a few seconds then goes away but NO. 😂 I looked in the mirror and there was this red spot right next to my Iris. If it hit just a bit to the right, I could’ve gone blind in one eye so alhamdulillah! I was so annoyed at my brother but he started crying even more than me and I felt so bad so we just cried and hugged. 😂 He promised to get me a subway but still didn’t like *cough* 😂  I literally wore pirate patches and sunglasses in public though. 😂 Thankfully, my injury (aka subconjunctival hemorrhages – do NOT search it up, the pictures are not so pleasant), healed within 9 days which is faster than most people so I’m so grateful for that and the fact that I could still SEE so yeah, that just made me appreciate my eyes a whole lot more. Your eyes are jewels guys, take care of them. *says me while typing at a laptop screen* 😂😂

Image result for hit in the eye gif

Farah left to Saudi Arabia and I went over to her house to say goodbye. I can’t believe I was complaining about her clinging to me when really, she’s like the most loyal friend I’ve made that year and she’s so sweet and funny. I got her a frame with me and her photoshopped in our favourite Turkish drama along with other stuff. 😂 We watched some clips of 4n1k Ils Ask (I swear I’m not addicted…yet 😂) and ate a bunch of junk food. I was just about to leave when her mom brings in a whole plate of Saudi Kabsa and made SURE I stayed for another hour. 😂😂

Image result for eating junk food and watching movies gif

Her kabsa was SO good but you guys, I’m SO bad with talking to Arab moms. They literally have a billion Arab phrases they use for complimenting and legit all I say is hahahhaha shukran hahahah shukran hahaha shukran (which is thank you btw) 😂  Like ughh why is it so hard? And omg at the end, her mom was like “thank you so much for coming” and instead of saying no thank YOU or something, I was like “oh you’re welcome” like WHAT?! 😂😂  After I realized what I said I was like hahahah I mean SHUKRAN like ughh. Then, I totally forgot the words for ‘Hope You Make It Safe’ and we just stood there awkwardly. Plus we were mid-stairs when this happened and I almost fell down like way to make it even MORE awkward. 😂 Ugh I’m just the WORST at talking in Arabic and ugh don’t even get me started on Eid conversations with relatives! I need Arabic lessons just for exaggerated complimenting. 😂

Image result for awkward laugh gif

Eid was month too! We went to visit my uncle and had Turkish shawarmas. There was this Eid festival and there was horseback riding and omg it was so awkward because everyone was like ages 5-9 and I was like alright. 😂 I tried to get my mom to take photos of me but she only took one picture and it HAD to be me clashing with a bunch of low branches. 😂 This month is just full of embarrassments tbh. 😂 I had my first ever ice cream roll and that was SO good.

Related image

We also went to visit our neighbours and their baby is SO cute! She’s 9 months old and I got to carry her the whole time. Two days ago, I babysat her for half an hour while the mom went to get the kids from the bus stop so I really hope I do that more often. 😂 Baby obsession status – still severe. 😂 I’ve also been seeing a lot of bloggers with newborns around the blogosphere like God bless them but can you ship them to me please? 😂 I’ll give them back I promise…or will I? 😂

Image result for i love babies gif

I read three books this month and they were so good!

Image result for pushing perfect Image result for when we collided Image result for turtles all the way down

Pushing Perfect – Okay, not gonna lie, the story gave me not much sense of characters at all. I felt no connection and it felt just very cliche and predictable. I like the whole mystery to it but I feel like the characters have the lamest conversations about trying to solve the problem instead of letting it play out with conflicts and emotion. It was like watching a cringy play. I don’t know guys – I liked the storyline and I mean the writing hooked me but it was definitely missing a lot of character elements. I can totally relate to Kara though with anxiety during exams like ughhh I hate timed tests! I can’t write a book for the life of me so I’m not trying to criticize the author but it was just missing something.

When We Collided – O.m.g. Hands down one of my favourite books. Emery Lord is SUCH a great author and this story was so unpredictable and beautiful and miserable and I don’t even know if those adjectives go together. 😂 I’m literally in love with Jonah like why is he not real?! 😥 Vivi was so mysterious and I was so curious to know what was going on with her and pills. I thought she had a disease or something at first and was going to die and break Jonah’s heart but thank goodness. 😂 She did end up leaving though but it was for the best. Some scenes were really weird but for the most part, this book was so so good and JONAH IS BAE GOALS! 😂

Turtles All The Way Down – Okay so the beginning was a bit boring, the middle was entertaining and the end was just rushed and confusing. So basically Davis’s dad, Russel suddenly disappeared and there was a reward of 100k for whoever finds him. I was expecting everything to be all mysterious but Davis just pays Aza and at the very end they find out he’s – I won’t spoil but it just – I don’t know, I feel like John Green should’ve played around with Russel’s case a bit more. I loved the deepness we get of the characters and Aza and her best friend’s confrontations though like YES.



Okay guys I had SO many dreams this month and I just counted them up with a total of 19. So yeah we’re going to narrow them down to some of my insanely crazy ones.

  • So my cousins came over (the same ones from July) and this time with the whole family. My baby cousin kind of grew and when I tried to carry him, he would cry like thanks. 😂 So I went back to my room and for some reason my older guy cousin was in my room just staring at me. I realized I wasn’t even wearing my hijab so I got this oversized sweater and lifted it up to cover my head lmao. 😂 I was so nervous and got really weird vibes for some reason. I was like okay haha bye and left to the living room. And every time I’d leave to different rooms one of the two older cousins would be there with weird smiles and trying to get close to me. It was so uncomfortable and I felt like they were trying to assault me or something (that would never happen irl though..inshallah 😂). One time the shorter one locked the door and full on tried to do something but I just hit him in the head and ran lmao. 😂

Image result for nervous laugh and run gif

I’m laughing now but I was genuinely terrified in the dream. And the weirdest thing my brother did NOTHING. I saw him crying and looking really guilty like did he sell me out or something? It was soo weird. So suddenly I transported to like Superstore and made sure I was in a public area and tried to call someone on a public phone. I tried to call my aunt but she didn’t answer. I remember dialing 225 which turned out to be the area code for like southern Louisiana. This woman barged in and tried to fight me over the phone like bro. 😂 I tried calling literally EVERYONE but no one answered. I found myself with this old guy in the car and the police got involved and it was this whole dramatic chase. I remember telling the officers that the guy was my dad so that they don’t ask questions. And I guess the dream kind of ended there. I’m so paranoid now because we might visit them next year and my older cousins are going to be there and yeah, let’s hope nothing happens. 😂

Image result for whats going on gif

  • So there were a bunch of cute wide pants and rompers (I got three dreams with the SAME shopping center and design I swear) and I was shopping but then things got serious? Apparently I had ten days left to live and by the end, you will either die because it was written for you on that day or you’d be given a second chance. And I know when my time will come, it will come and that this is just a dream, but it just reminded me that we really ARE going to leave this world at some point and I don’t know, it’s still not registering in my head?! Every day is a new day and a new chance so I thought I’d include this dream here because it was really a smack to reality. 😂
Image result for slap to reality gif


  • My Canadian friend (we’ll call her Via) was like “hey guys let’s go to the mosque”. I was really surprised because apparently I was hanging out with those snobby girls and they’re not even Muslim. So we went to the mosque and we were making Wudu when the girls started fooling around. They kept slapping each other’s butts and doing really weird giggly girl stuff and I was like okay bye felicia. I felt kind of bad to leave Via behind because I feel like she actually wanted to revert but her friends were distracting her or something.

Image result for bye felicia gif

The next day, Via wasn’t at school which shouldn’t have been a big deal but I felt it had to do with yesterday for some reason. We all went on this weird bus to go to a field trip and we got special treatment like food and TV. We were about to leave when Via yelled “leave the bus NOW” like some kind of action movie. 😂 No one listened because they were enjoying themselves but I felt kind of weird so I ran through the closing doors (wow maze runner much?). Turns out it really was a scheme and everyone thanked me for saving them *hair flip* 😂 I don’t know this dream was very vivid for some reason.

Image result for maze runner gif

  • I had a dream that Anna became Muslim when I told her about Islam. I was so fricking happy for her because she’s an athiest and we had a few conversations about religion before but she always hit me up with the generic “uH iF tHeReS a GoD tHeN wHy iS hE nOt dOiNg aNyThInG aBouT wOrLd IsSueS?” and thinking that disbelieving in Islam will just make it disappear like at the end of the day, there’s either a wrong and a right and we were given the right answer from God so like we didn’t just gather around one day and make everything up. 😂

Image result for circle time gif

I need to make a post about religion at some point but I’m just trying to gather enough knowledge because I need so much work to go myself but I’ll def make a post soon. Anyways, back to the dream. 😂 So the next day, her WHOLE family tried to strangle me. And for some reason her grandpa looked like the guy from Age of Adaline. 😂 The dream transforms into praying dawn prayer and then changing into dresses. I had this off the shoulder red dress which made no sense because I wore hijab in the dream too. 😂 I remember just sitting with the cool kids (again!) and the dream ended there.

Image result for strangle me gif Image result for age of adaline dad

  • I finished a triathlon with the timing of 1:21:00 which is really fast but my dad was still disappointed like ?! First place got 33 million followers and I got nothing like bruh I was only a few seconds behind. Apparently I was also a professional basketball player and I had a job in the library so you could say I had my life figured out. This isn’t really crazy but like wow I’m such a potato. 😂

Image result for wow gif



 I made THREE recipes this month. Like yes, Bayance the chef coming through (jk jk, like I said Ella, I am a TERRIBLE chef) 😂 Two of them I posted already but one is a backup post in case I’m busy for the week. I also finished my Back To School series!! As for the giveaway, I did end up getting a box, I just need to get stuff for it. That’s about it for August blogging preview. Let’s get into it.

Blog Post Of The Month

My Awkward Crush Stories ft. RelatableExistance

August’s Most Popular Post

How To Make A Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake

Summer & Spring Summer Haul (1)

Blogger Of The Month

Absolutely Olivia

I’ve been following AbsoloutelyOlivia‘s blog for a while but her posts this month were BOM! She’s literally so aesthetic and stylish like can you shop with me please?! I especially loved her back to school posts like Comfy First Week Of School Outfits and Being Yourself and Staying Yourself as a Teen. There’s so many posts I need to read and her posts are super high quality so you should check them out.

Most Active Followers

Thank you to everyone on this list and everyone else (I try to change them up every month) – you guys mean so much to meee!


August Favourites

Favourite Song: Tell Me You Love Me by Demi – THE TUNE IS SO CATCHY!

Image result for tell me you love me

Favourite Book: When We Collided

Favourite Movie: HEY ARNOLDDDD

Image result for hey arnold jungle movie

Favourite Show: 4N1K (I only watched 2 episodes though lol)

Image result for 4n1k


Image result for tuna sandwich grilled

Favourite Hobby: Making friendship bracelets (idc if it isn’t 2014 anymore – these need to make a comeback 😂)

Image result for friendship bracelets

Go-To Outfit: Jumpers (and I got to wear a lot for Eid!!)

Untitled design (1)

Fav Day Of The Week: Wednesday
Favourite Quote: “Everyday is what you choose to make it.” –

September Goals

(even tho I’m halfway through)

But first, let’s see how I did.

  1. Go back to school shopping (*shivers* but I like the shopping) ✔️
  2. Go to a buffet (I like food, okay?) ✔️
  3. Finish revising all that you’ve memorized (Quran) ❌ 😣
  4. Make a cheesecake ✔️
  5. Read at least 3 books ✔️
  6. Binge-read three new blogs ✔️
  7. Fast on Dhul Hijjah ✔️
  8. Enjoy Eid Al Adha! ✔️

7/8 – OMG I DID SO WELLLL! Okay I kind of went easy on myself but whateverrr.

Now for September goals:

  1. Join At Least 3 Clubs
  2. Do the Run For Palestine
  3. Start Volunteering
  4. Read 3 Books
  5. Revise At LEAST 5 Chapters (Quran) 
  6. Make 2 New Friends
  7. Learn Exaggerated Arabic Compliments 😂


Anddd that’s a wrap.

How’s life?

How’s blogging?

August favs?

September goals?

How would you describe your summer in one word?

Tell me everythingggg.  I’ll see you guys soon.

Bayyy 💞

24 thoughts on “August Wrappers

  1. Natalie Therese says:

    OMG WHAT. Those dreams were so weird, why can’t I have interesting dreams?? Mine are all either a) horror social situations b) abstract things, or c) a normal day and then everything spontaneously combusts. Although once in awhile I do have one featuring me doing a perfect grand jete (really big leap-y ballet step that I cannot for the life of me do well because I have such stubby legs) or featuring my favorite book/tv show characters.
    So in the two weeks I’ve had of September things went from ”great!” to ”OMG OMG I CAN’T DEAL HELP HELP HELP!!”
    Let me elaborate (because despite this being nightmarish I can still make it a good story)
    So school started. That was fine, except there are some things at my co-op that are driving me nuts. To name a few; we have chorus every week and I don’t wanna sing OR attend because this is EVERYONE from ages 4-18 and the four year olds all just scream their lungs out tunelessly and the high-schoolers either don’t sing or are drowned out by the yelling. Also, I’m the only one who is forced to dress up and if ONE MORE PERSON asks why I ”don’t just wear shorts?” I will have a very hard time not clocking them over the head with their own backpacks.
    To top it off, nobody does their homework, and last week we had to memorize this poem which was AMAZING (I’m a poem nerd as well as a bookworm) and I worked hard and presented it and then-! The rest of the freaking class got up there, mispronounced everything, slurred their speech and it sounded HORRIBLE and I wanted to yell at them all because they destroyed the poem like NRRRRGH!!
    And then….ballet happened.
    It was all great, including Nutcracker auditions. I got the role I really wanted (party child, although I’m a boy instead of a girl…ah well) and my friend got that role, too, and we were paired up….fabulous.
    But then, disaster (wow I’m really hamming for the story lol) My friend found out she has a conflicting engagement the day of the performance, so she had to pull out, and OF ALL the understudies, THEY HAD TO PICK THE ONE WHO HATES ME. The understudy (does anyone care if I call her ratface? Fine. Let us call her ”S”) is a two-faced jerk who for some reason despises me and at one point threw my phone in the trash can while I was in class. And nobody understands how I JUST CAN’T DEAL WITH THIS PERSON. To make it better, her ego is now inflated because she’s TWO things and thinks she’s special and better than everyone else. And I have to DANCE with this person. And SMILE while doing it. I cAn’T, I CaN’t!!! But, of course, Imma have to.
    So that little drama sitcom I just typed was basically my September so far. Hopefully you got some entertainment out of it because I can see how it’s kinda comical from a viewers point of view. Also, I feel way better actually because I really just needed to rant for a bit 🙂
    Neat posy!


    • Bayance says:

      I really don’t know how it happens. 😂 Horror social situations omgg 😂😂 I had one today about me running really fast so I don’t know why I’m really out of my element in dreams. 😂 Omg I WISH I had fictional people in my dreams. One Jonah on the go please. 😂
      4-18?! That’s a huge range – they should have 4-9 and 10-18 or something. 😂 LOL this one girl was like “so don’t you like wear shorts in the summer?” and I was being very sarcastic and said “why yes, of course” and she goes like “oh phew” like ??! 😂 Aah congrats on the role. OMG this sounds like something from a movie 😂😂 Ughh that sucks though! The fake smiles 😂😂 And WHAT threw your phone in the trash can?! Gurlll good luck! I hope she matures throughout the year. YES it was entertaining but still sucks on your part. 😂 You can rant to me whenever you wanttt and I hope everything gets at least a teeny bit better. Great commy!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Natalie Therese says:

        Haha, ahhh-yup. IKR?? Like, please let the 4 year olds scream their lungs out somewhere else so I can keep my hearing in relatively good shape. WOW GIRL, AWESOME. I’m so gonna try that next time someone does that. Yeah…it kinda reminds me of the TV shoe Rocky and Bullwinkle, where this one character is always saying ”this can’t get any worse” and then it does, like wow, that’s my life right now. YES THANK YOU I NEED ALL THE LUCK I CAN GET. Awww, thank you, I knew you’d understand 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Bayance says:

        If I was there, I’d go full out grandma like you don’t know the amount of times I would fake laugh and then be like “so what did you say?” 😂 Hahahha TRUE 😂😂 No problem girll 💓💓

        Liked by 1 person

  2. datgirldeeja says:

    thanks for mentioning me!
    wow this was such a long post! But okay seriously your dreams were kind of freaky– I can totally understand how scared you felt in the cousins’ one!
    ..tho sharing dreams is not very encouraged by my family (something to do with negative energies influencing you??? idk but they tell me not to tell my nightmares to ppl who aren’t super close to me)
    wow i should really set my own goals but eh, my ain focus right now is eating as healthy as i can and trying to stick to my daily journaling. it’s so so hard for me to balance blogging nd writing and school and other stuff at home…i’m just a master at procrastination tbh.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Mary Añonuevo says:

    Good luck with school, Bayyyy!!!! Happy Wrapper Anniversary 😂 *throws a party* You could’ve gone blind?? I hope that didn’t turn out really bad. And you literally wore pirate patches in public? I wish I could’ve seen you!!! That Baby obsession though 😂 I always remember you when I see cute babies and I wanna steal them away from their mommy 😂 *Adds When We Collided to my TBR* Your dreams are so DOPE. That second dream is UGH 😍 And that one dream when they wanna strangle you – that’s really scary!!! I’m really impressed with how you remember every detail in your dream like WOW I don’t even remember my dreams 😂 Yep, Chef Bayance, I always look forward to deeing your yummy recipes 😂 AAH I love friendship bracelets! I think they never get old 😂 I’d wear them until I get old 😂 Congrats with all your accomplished goals and good luck with the new ones! Stay amazing!!!!! XXX 😃


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