If I Were You ~ 6

Hey girl hey. And boy.

I’m currently working on the TATBILB post but in the meantime, I’m going to be posting another If I Were You post. Old Bayance readers probably remember this series but guys this is open 24/7 so go see this post if you have any situations you want to see my opinion or solution on. I have a bunch of other posts in this series you can check out and they’ll probably show up in the similar posts option down below. If not, just search it up on my site or reader. But anyways, let’s get started.


Situation 1 

So….in a nutshell….guy in my class at co-op has a crush on my slightly immature best friend and somehow roped me into passing her a note he’s going to write proclaiming to her that he likes her. And I’m sworn to secrecy (I’m hoping that an internet friend who lives thousands of miles away won’t technically count…hehe) And the note is going to be horrifically mushy and I don’t see a way out of this situation because this guy is weirdly touchy. She’ll probably think he’s being sarcastic and laugh it off and then he’ll think she hates him and drama will ensue and the parents will get involved without knowing what actually happened and fingers get pointed….at me. Or worse, she won’t read the note until she gets home and her mom will think it’s inappropriate and again, fingers get pointed…at me…because I passed the note. The co-op is a very…sheltered, I guess? place, so dating is sort of out of the question. (I know, I know, ridiculous, but that’s the way it goes, haha). And as for me crushing on him, I was relieved to find out he likes my friend because I’d have to run away to Alaska if he did like me.

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Woww that’s a handful! You’re most likely worried about how it will go wrong but I think you should tell him to just tell her face to face and if she rejects him, it’s okay. One time my friend received a note from a guy and it caused so much drama and my friend hated it. So many girls were like who is he and the guys got involved and she was so embarrassed. Some girls like the attention whereas others don’t and it just stirs up unnecessary drama if it’s mystery texts and notes. Let him know that you don’t want to get involved and that he should sort it out on his own. If I were you (this is like the ‘and then it happened’ moment in the and then it happened books..does anyone remember those?..no?), I would probably just talk it through with my friend and if she doesn’t want anything at the moment, I’d let him know that she’s just not interested. Or he can talk to her himself. And no dating until marriage, kids (teens, you too 😂). So yeah, I think just getting yourself out of that situation and telling him the truth would be best. I hope this helps and tell me how it goes!

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P.S. Or does he? We might need to pack bags to Alaska soon. 😂


Situation 2  

This next one just proves that I’m a horrible person because this was sent in January. JANUARY. I’m so sorry for whoever sent this but here goes.

Genius idea. Now please help me.
The jist of it is I think that several girls at my dance class hate me. All of these girls are in an audition-only ensemble that I didn’t make this year, but hope to next year. I used to be friends-ish (meaning we said hi to each other at dance class and stretched together before) with one of these girls, and I moved up a level two years ago, and she didn’t and this year we are in the same level, but she’s taking special invitation-only classes for more advanced dancers, and she has pointe shoes now, and I guess maybe she thinks she’s too good for me? She gives me cold looks all the time and seems to find me repulsive, and it seriously makes me want to cry every time I walk by her.

Related image
This other girl is really good, and even though she’s two years younger than I am, she’s in a level above me. She seems to have gotten full of herself because she is constantly telling people things like ”Point your feet more!” and ”You were two beats off.” She seems to especially like picking on me, and I don’t know what to do because she is just so tiny and irritating and bossy. Please tell me what to do before I end up smacking her.
The last girl just seems to find me disgusting, like some kind of dead rat. She doesn’t say anything, just looks repulsed. Help!!

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First of all, if you still read my blogs (I don’t blame you if you don’t), I’m super sorry for the late response. And second, bruhhh why do people have to be so mean? I get what you mean by bossy and disgusted people though because we all encounter them in our daily lives. Try to not respond to them because maybe that’s all they want but if they really cross the line, you should stand up for yourself. Not everyone is going to like you and we just need to focus our attention on those who do and who we truly care about. I know this was a while ago but I really hope you got to know some of the other girls or maybe made new friends. Another option would be to just talk it out with them. I definitely made judgements that people disliked me without actually talking to them so maybe understanding where they’re coming from or just getting to know them more will help. If you still don’t get along, don’t worry about it and just ignore them unless it gets serious. I made a post last year called How To Deal With Bullies/Haters so that might help you too. Wish you luck and let me know how it goes (I need a 9 month later update 😭)

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Anddd that’s all for today. Like I said, I’m open any time if you want advice even if you don’t want me to post them (just let me know) and hopefully I come back to you asap unlike situation 2. 😭

Any advice or comments on situation 1?

Any advice or comments on situation 2?

Let me know in the comments because I’m sure they’d love to see your input too. I’ll see you guys in my next post.

Bayyy 😂

22 thoughts on “If I Were You ~ 6

  1. Boring Josh says:

    My trick is if someone is being rude or passive aggressive, do it RIGHT BACK AT THEM. And try to show off your skills without seeming like a bad person. I’m probably not the best person to get advice from tho so…

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  2. Nicculent says:

    this was so interesting!I think, for the first situation, you should do exactly what you thought-ask him to ask her out face-to-face keeping in mind that rejection is okay.I know it’s hard when you crush on someone and he/she likes your own best friend.Been there, I know it sucks.But hey, boys will come and go!

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