How To Make Garlic Bread (and not fail)

Hey girl hey. And boy. Disclaimer: Please read the full post so you don't fail like me. If you can't already tell by my previous recipes (that I did without the help of my mom), I'm a terrible cook. So far I've been doing only desserts on my blog so I thought I'd change it … Continue reading How To Make Garlic Bread (and not fail)


The Liebster Award #5

Hey girl hey. And boy. I'm the worst blogger ever when it comes to awards. The wonderful Trees, Bees and Things nominated me for the Liebster Award in JANUARY!! Time is literally on Formula Rossa rn. So yeah, I'm trying to catch up so I can feel accomplished before the new year. I got some … Continue reading The Liebster Award #5

October Wrappers

Hey girl hey. And boy. Aaah I can't believe it's November again! I'll try to keep this intro short because this is the first blog post I write that passed the 3000 word count so...try not to sleep. I feel like no one actually enjoys reading these posts because it's too much information but whatever, … Continue reading October Wrappers