October Wrappers

Hey girl hey. And boy.

Aaah I can’t believe it’s November again! I’ll try to keep this intro short because this is the first blog post I write that passed the 3000 word count so…try not to sleep. I feel like no one actually enjoys reading these posts because it’s too much information but whatever, we’re friends and imma spam you with life updates UNTIL I DIEEE mwahaha. Okay but anyways, last wrapper post is here, skim through to what interests you (you should probs read school and dreams) and let’s get started.



Omggg so much has happened during school but let’s begin with drama class because I had to spill the tea on that one. So in my previous wrapper post, I mentioned that our tableaux performance didn’t go that well. And here’s why.

Image result for tea gif

First off, we were given like two days to finish brainstorming, rehearsing, lights, sound and MAKE AN ACTUAL PERFORMANCE! We were one day short because one guy in the group was absent on actual performance day like thanks. 😂 Keep in mind that this is the one that actually got graded and our previous practise one went SO WELL! In terms of group, we had to separate our old group of four into two groups so I went with my old friend. Our teacher said it would be better to find a guy pair because you’d get more “drama possibilities” so we just got a random guy pair. Which turned out to be a very bad decision. 😂

Image result for regretting life decisions gif

These guys were not interested in drama 👏 at. 👏 all. and were just not the type to do much work. My friend just went with the flow so I had to record all the sound and script stuff. I didn’t really mind but the only thing the guys were good at doing was messing up the whole story by wanting a plot twist that ruins all the morals within our story! 😂 Since the majority said yes and I didn’t want to seem bossy I just rolled with it.

Image result for fine gif

Rehearsing was terrible because the guys kept drifting to their friends like woww. 😂 I know I sound like the bossiest person ever but like come on, just please focus for the next two days so we don’t fail this course. When it came time to perform, we gave our sound and lights script to the booth group who let’s just say MESSED EVERYTHING UP 😂

Image result for what is going on gif

Our sound was so off and the narration didn’t work. Our performance was so over the place and I literally had to whisper-shout instructions to the group. We ended up having to skip 5 scenes because the sound was sooo not in sync. And the worst thing is, the girl messed up our sound on purpose because we accidentally messed up her wolf howl. She didn’t even apologize and just said “I did everything right so idk what you’re talking about”. Huh?? But you know what? Bayance aint going to stir up drama today so we’re letting it go. 😂

Image result for narrow eyes gif

We also started a new unit but this time, we were put into random groups. I was the only girl and the guys thought I was so bossy but hey, at least we did well this time. 😂 Actually… our real assessment totally failed because I forgot to leave my bag behind so I ended up throwing it on stage mid performance. Plus, the tree that I was supposed to carry, de-attached itself from the freaking pot! 😂 Everyone was on the verge of laughing but our teacher just marked our dress rehearsel because that went well. Wow that is SO much already and there’s still so much to go. Rippp your attention span.

Related image

So I ran for student parliament and I’m not sure if you guys have it at your schools but it’s kind of like student council. Now, I’m terrible at campaigning and literally made three posters two days before voting. The problem is, unlike other schools, they changed it up here and made us do videos instead of speeches. And even worst, these videos would just go on social media and whoever wants to see it will see it. So not even an assembly! First of all, I don’t want my cringy video to be on social media 😂 but I just rolled with it.

Related image

I did a sarcastic skit video because I’m not about to sit in front of the screen like I AM YOUR VOICE VOTE FOR ME IM HARDWORKING AMAZING – you get the idea. 😂 So I basically did everything opposite of what I said. And let’s just say the teacher in charge was not impressed. She sent me an email that day but I literally saw it TWO days later. She told me that the word ‘trash’ is not appropriate and that she wasn’t a fAn of my sarcastic theme. I had to refilm that part and it literally went up in this unknown folder that no one checks. So yeah, that was a disaster and no one knew I was running. 🙂 Anywaysss, let’s just hope I do better in future years and I’m kinda glad I didn’t get it this year because my schedule is packed with other clubs and volunteering.

Image result for wow okay gif

Speaking of which, I’m accidentally president of business club. 😂 There’s only like four people which is sad but we finally got the group going and I convinced the teacher to let me sell jewelry that my neighbour is starting a business with. More on that later next month because we’re going to start selling in November. (*update* that didn’t work out and we cancelled it*) I also joined a business program which is actually so fun. Everyone’s so funny and I made a friend. 😂 A lot of them are older than me though so that’s great. Again, more on that next month but yeah, I’m getting involved in all the business jazz which is useful. Don’t worry guys, I totally won’t blast sponsored posts anytime soon…or will I? 😂

Image result for business meeting gif

jk it’s not that professional

Another major club I joined was video club. We went on a field trip which was so fun because my old friend came and she is hilarious. 😂 She just got lectured by her teacher that day and it was so funny talking about it. Speaking of lectures, the video club teacher gave me this whole lecture when I was late for a meeting time once. So me and this other guy volunteered to do a video for the school and let’s just say some beef went down because of lack of communication and just terrible collaboration skills. 😂 It was mainly on me because I literally have no ears. He always looks for me so we can film and ughh I feel terrible because I never check my school emails. After the lecture, the teacher gave me the camera to film some interviews during third period and it actually went well. We just ended up dividing the work and he said he’d do the editing so that problem’s over and I’ll let you know how the video turns out.

Image result for where is she gif

Our school has a development program for special needs and there’s a club where you get paired up with one and just hang out and play games once a week. I signed up and on the form said I wanted a female because I’m comfortable eating lunch with them and if they ever need to go on a walk, I can help them if I need to. Buuut they end up pairing me with a 19 year old guy who they said ‘they’ll never leave me alone with!’ I told my mom and she was like NOPEEE NO GUYS 😂 She and my aunt started making up stories about how he’ll fall in love with me and run after me like whaaat is wrong with them. 😂 So yeah, I ended up having to talk to the teacher and she said she’ll totally make that change. I still don’t know who my new pair is so stay tuned.

Image result for mom no gif

For Geography, we had to make play dough/Plasticine at home for our model assignment the next day. I forgot about it and remembered the morning of where I woke up early and got cooking. 😂 I watched the video tutorial and thought it was eAsY and that tHeRe’S nO wAy i’D mEsS iT uP but as usuallll – I mess it up. 😂 The flour got EVERYWHERE and my fingers were so sticky! When I showed it to my teacher, he literally spent 10 minutes trying to add more flour when he finally asked ” wait…. how much salt did you put” and I was like “um two tablespoons” and then he was like “Bayance..you literally made pizza dough 😂” so yeah he ended up having to get me a new one. My geo teacher is actually my favourite – he’s so chill and so much funny stuff happened with- him like “smh” -at me the whole time. 😂


So yeah, I don’t really have friends in some classes but that’s only because me and my old friends have completely opposite schedules and there’s only like 7 girls in those classes! But whatever, I get more work done. Soo that’s about it for school.



I actually did quite a bit in life this month. So I talked to the police for the first time! My neighbour had a problem with another mom at the bus stop and she needed to report her for verbal harassment. I came down to translate and ayee I did pretty well sounding professional. Remember my last post here where all the seniors thought I was old? Well this police officer asked for my birth date and said I make him feel old like wow. 😂 He was a chill police officer though.

Image result for police gif

I went to the mall with my new friend, we’ll call her Lala. I usually leave the mall with friends feeling really anxious or guilty. I don’t know – it’s like I wasted money or time which was probably the case. But with Lala, we went around for 2 hours and were actually productive. She helped me find so much stuff and her fashion sense is on fleek!! We drank some bubble tea after and yeah, it was really fun.

Image result for shopping with friend gif

I started volunteering! It’s so fun and I got free tickets to comic con to volunteer there! Comic Con is like this fan event that’s really popular in the US, Canada and UK I think. I’ve never been there before just because I don’t watch or read that fantasy star wars/marvel stuff but the costumes were so cool! Some celebrities and authors were there but I barely knew any haha. Don’t kill me fans. 😂

Image result for comic con gif

For Halloween, we just did a candy party with our neighbours and I may or may not have finished my full bag of candy…….NEXT!



I actually got so many dreams this month and a lot of them are crazy so prepare yourself. I sorted them by short and long. But be sure to read the long ones because they’re pretty interesting.

Short Dreams

  • This guy was dating my friend and he confessed that he was a current victim of child labour. Then they both cried and I’m not sure why I have anything to do with this dream. 😂

Image result for third wheel gif

  • In my dream notes, it says “wanted to travel to Alberta and get married” like wow. I don’t really remember this! 😂
  • I legit do not remember anything about this dream except going to the underground parking from my apartment and almost getting murdered. Like I don’t even know. I remember it was a female with a knife and a hoodie. I feel like there was more but I can’t remember.
  • So apparently I was 7 months pregnant and didn’t tell anyone? 😂 My science teacher just noticed one day and was like uhh you don’t just hide something like that. 😂 I have no idea who the dad is either but I remember someone handing me a baby later on in the dream and saying their name was something with a silent B. Weird..but I LITERALLY felt the baby bump! 😂😂

Image result for i'm pregnant? gif

Long Dreams

  • So there was a volunteer opportunity to help kids with cancer and you do all sorts of activities. For some reason, I thought I had to give them my kidney, that cancer was contagious and that all the kids were mentally challenged. Yup, dream me is kind of stupid. Anyways, I realized that it was just puzzles and stuff so I signed up. There, I met this Turkish guy (unfortunately, we don’t get married – tragic 😂) and his friend group looked so fun so I joined and yeah. This whole dream kinda reminded me of the book, Extraordinary Means.

Image result for daydreaming gif

  • I thought this was a virtual reality game or a dream (which it was) and wanted to mess around with people. Me and this girl who I don’t really talk to went up these dark stairs (it was a different apartment) and snuck in this guy’s house. We got so scared when he found us. And we always just bothered him (dream me is mean, okay? 😂) because we thought he didn’t have feelings. The weird thing is – I can remember his house CLEARLY! It’s like a combination of all the homes I’ve lived in- weird. 😂 So he had guests in one room and I went in there and ate their food (manakeesh to be exact 😂). I told his family that the man tried to murder me (that’s the impression I got but like…we kinda broke into his house on multiple occasions so he has a point? 😂). His mom died of a stroke because of the news but we thought no one was getting hurt because it was just a game.

Image result for faint gif

So once I went into his house alone and LITERALLY felt my heart racing. I locked myself in his room so fast and locked myself in his master bathroom. He barged in and he was SO angry. He said “leave me alone and stop ruining my life” and I was like “um I’m not doing anything it’s just a game” and he said “no it isn’t. I remember everything you did”. Suddenly I had blonde hair and we were in the mosque. His whole family was there and there was a little girl who was like “you hurt our family so much but I still love you”.

Image result for you hurt me but i love you gif

I think that kind of just broke me and I started crying in this man’s arms. Like I literally felt myself crying and him just slowly like awkward patting. 😂 You get what I mean, right? 😂 I think the dream ended off there but I hope we got married cuz I realized he was good-looking. Jk jk. Well he is but he was also very forgiving, a gentleman and a Muslim so like what more do I want? Oh and weirdly enough, I developed a crush on him that morning even tho I have no idea who he is and not really how he looks like. ANYWAYS. 😂

Image result for crying and awkward pat

  • Last one I promise. So remember that guy in the developement program I told you about? Well I remember falling and him trying to help me but I kept refusing and was just GLUED to the ground. It felt so weird like I physically couldn’t get up. 😂Then suddenly I got home and there were these VERY FAST winds. I was like alright it’s the day of judgement and I remember feeling SO calm like I really really hope that’s me on that day inshallah. Anyways, I remember reading Ayat al Kursi (a verse from the Quran) and this man with a beard just looked at me with this disappointed face like too late. So I don’t know if that’s a bad sign?!

Image result for what is that supposed to mean gif

Anyways, we get to this elevator and you can go back to anywhere in the past. There was present which was all destruction, Moses, Noah and other options. We wanted to go with the safest one so we picked Adam and Eve. I was expecting it to be all nature with just people building homes out of stick but nope. 😂 These humans are GIANT and they’re literally crawling. They have one leaf on their privates and they’re so muscular. My brother challenges one to fight like are you maddd? 😂 And the giant human accidentally hits ME and I FELT IT! So I was like I’m out and decided to go to ‘Cinderella’ which was an option like how did we go from prophets to fairytales? And the dream just ended there. 😂

Image result for ow gif



I did pretty bad in terms of blogging but you guys still liked my posts so thank you!! I feel like I only posted 3 quality ones so I hope to improve that this month!

Blog Post Of The Month

Why I Hate ‘To All The Boys I Loved Before’

October’s Most Popular Post

Why I Hate ‘To All The Boys I Loved Before’

Copy of Why I Hate Insects

Blogger Of The Month


Shout out to Boring Josh for the opportunity to stalk his comments and find these too. I’m a creep, I know. But seriously, I loved binging Kiwi Katastrophe and Indigo Star‘s posts this month! My favourite post that I read from Kiwi is probably Period Code Names because it gave me a lot of friendship flashbacks haha. I need to read more posts myself but you guys should check her out. My favourite from Indigo is probably Period Struggles. I’m not sure what it is with me and periods this month.

Most Active Follower

Okay so I decided for this section, I’m just going to mention a new blogger that I see pop up most often this month (I appreciate you OG ones so much I promise!!)

Marshmallow Harmonies

Thank you so much for the support this month gurl!

the caramel marshmallow

Thank you to everyone who commented this month – I’d give you a million virtual hugs if I can. Ew I hate sounding corny but seriously – thank you so much!

Related image


October Favourites

Favourite Song: None. I don’t listen to much music anymore.

Favourite Book: DID I EVEN READ THIS MONTH? I feel like that’s the real question because I feel like I didn’t omg.

Favourite Movie: I attempted to watch La La Land but failed. It was pretty slow but I searched up best scenes and the arguments are pretty good! (wow it sounds like I’m just here for the drama)

Image result for la la land

Favourite Youtuber: Buzzfeed, Glamour Magazine and those channels haha.

Cravings: FROYO!! And wafers.

Image result for froyo

Favourite Hobby: Film-making. I liked filming with an actual camera and I made a funny truth or dare video with my siblings that still makes me laugh.

Go-To Outfit: Sweaters or Plaid with jeans!

Image result for sweater outfit

Fav Day Of The Week: Monday and Wednesday
Favorite Quote/Quran Verse: “Verily, with every hardship there is ease” – Ash-Sharh (Sharh basically means to open up) ~ 94:6
Image result for inna ma'al usri yusra


November Goals

But first, let’s see how I did.

  1. Gain More Volunteer Experience (I have a lot in store this month) ✔️
  2. Memorize Two New Chapters (Quran) (almost) ✔️❌
  3. Be More Consistent In Reader ✔️
  4. Set Up A To-Do List and STICK TO IT! ❌
  5. Start A New Blog Series (I have 3 ideas!) ✔️
  6. Try My Best In School Projects & Tests ✔️
  7. Listen To More Podcasts! ❌

4.5/7 – not bad, not bad. I also realized that I repeated one goal twice so thanks for not pointing that out guys. Jk.

  1. Read At Least 2 Books
  2. Memorize 2 New Chapters (Quran)
  3. Post More Consistently
  4. Finish Noor Tagouri’s Podcast
  5. Make a New Friend (challenges!)
  6. Try Not To Fail at Improv
  7. Audition for the School Play
  8. Start Another New Series (School Play)


Anddd that’s a wrap.

How’s school?

How’s life?

How’s READING? (how did I not read this monthhh)

How’s blogging?

October favs?

November goals?

Tell me everythingggg.


17 thoughts on “October Wrappers

  1. datgirldeeja says:

    omg im planning to watch noor’s podcast too!! i also have to watch shane dawson’s jake paul series so i can review it on my blog haha! me and my friend did a photoshoot in october and it was so fun. we then ended up taking pictures of the cats in our neighborhood because we LOVE cats!
    i have alot of school stuff to do this month, so i’m hoping i can get it dine along with atleast two blog posts! i have one victorian themed outfits blog planned and another post- a review. i hope it goes well.
    girl your dreams are so weird like what even but i guess thats just what dreams are!! wow how do you even memorise Quran chapters?? i find it to be such an impossible kind of task tbh. help.
    also i’m so glad that you’re volunteering, especially for people with disabilities! remember to be patient and sensitive with them. x iA you’ll do great. xx


    • Bayance says:

      Yesss I’m on episode 4 now! Aah I attempted to watch like a little bit of those and they seem really interesting so you should so review them! I LOVE photoshoots but no one wants to take any with me like thankss. Really? I like cats and there were tons of them in my old country.
      I can’t wait to read them! I need to plan out my blog posts asap too.
      IKRRR I can’t help ittt. Aw really? Honestly if you’re having trouble, just know that you get double the good deeds when you try to memorize chapters for the sake of Allah and you’re not that great at arabic or memorizing. Tips – read it, look away and read 3 times and read it again. I’m an auditory learner so that works well for me.
      Thank you so much. For sure! Aw thank you and have a great November!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Natalie Therese says:

    Oh my gosh, sounds EVENTFUL. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who has weird dreams about being pregnant tho, like maybe it’s just weird maternal instincts but in the meantime….bizarre. I had a dream this month where somehow I married a character from a book I hate and had like six children and they were all just like this character and I was about to go insane. I also had one where I was running across a field (you know, storybook style with neon green grass and warm sun and tiny yellow flowers) and it was all picture perfect like in a movie plus there was music and all that jazz, and I wasn’t getting tired, so I just kept running…but then after a while I thought ”Yeah, so this is nice, but…it is just…running forever.” So I tried to stop, but I couldn’t…..? And then somehow I ended up by a barn silo and there were guys taking selfies with pigs and aquatic rabbits….and then my demented mind just gave up and it all exploded into psychedelic swirls of colors…occasionally punctuated with pigs and aquatic rabbits.
    Sorry this comment was so short, I know I usually do suuuuuper long ones, lol.
    Great posy!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Kiwi Katastrophes says:

    Thank you so much for making me blogger of the month! And lol that’s not creepy glad I found you too! You should try La La Land again soon maybe, it’s a lot better the second time you watch it! Everything seemed to make more sense! It can be slow but it is really good- if that makes any sense!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bayance says:

      No problem – your blog posts are great! Hahaha thank youu you too. Hmm I might. I just felt like everything was very slow and almost like a short film but a looong version. Did that make sense? Anyways, I might some time. Have a great Novemberr

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Nicculent says:

    gosh, time just keeps slipping away, its October already!i feel like it was new years a few days ago.its always so much fun to read your wrap-ups, since they’re from an anonymous point of view.And I love the blogs you mentioned too!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Mary Añonuevo says:

    Okayyy why do I *feel* this post so much? So muchhh happened to you (and to me too) and I think your month was awesome! Except for that tree that de-attached from the pot part 😂 Lol it must be really weird to get pregnant without even knowing it and the dad! 😆 Good thing it was just a dream 😂 I love your first long dream, like, seriously love love it. Why do you always have movie-like dreams? I’m jealous! Jk. And that Adam and Eve dream – I couldn’t stop laughing gurrrl 😂 It was really cool and hilarious 😂 Waittt you have to watch La La Land from the beginning to end 😭 It’s one of my favorite movies and the ending just crushed.my.heart. 💔 I hope you loved the movie tho! Great post, Bay 😊 good luck on your new goals!! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bayance says:

      Aww gurl yes I write so much about my life that and it feels like everyone personally knows me now. 😂 Aah yas it was great and I loved reading your wrap up too. UGH YES and I had the dream like THREE TIMES 😭 Really? The one with cancer volunteering? Idk I still have feelings for the guy in the second one 😂 IKR IDK!! Hahahha gurl it was scaryyy. Noo it’s so boring 😭 but I’ll try one day when I’m like 50. 😂 Thank you so much- you too!!


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