10 Moving Life Hacks You Need To Know

Hey girl hey. And boy.

We’re all going to move at some point. Whether it’s to a different country, a different city or just a different neighbourhood. Unfortunately, we won’t stay at our parent’s house for the rest of our lives – or will we? 😂 And no, I didn’t move in with my future Turkish husband BUT I am moving in 3 days to another part of my city. 😂 It’s still kind of surreal to me but I’ve moved like three times in the last 3 years so I’m happy that we’re going to settle somewhere for a long time (inshallah). Anyways, I’ve gathered a couple hacks from the internet and my brain so here are 10 moving hacks you need to know. Let’s get starteddd.

  1. Army Roll Your T-Shirts

Now I only say T-shirts or thin shirts because thick clothing ends up getting bulky and taking up more space than when it’s folded which is not what we’re trying to accomplish here. I learned this back in grade 5 so here it is in case it’s new to you.

Here is a video I found on Youtube in case the pictures were confusing.


2. Overlap Clothing

Now I’ve seen this on Youtube for jeans and dresses but I used it for my scarves because if you didn’t read my hijab collection, there was no way those were going to fit with the rest of my clothes in my sister and I’s suitcase if I folded them. All you need to know is lay them on top of each other Jenga style (-_-_- < like that) and then fold them over again.


3. Single Pant Fold

My grandma taught me this when I was really young but instead of folding the leg of the pants over the other, you find the side and pull on the waist to make only one layer instead of two. It makes it wider but it makes it easier to roll or fold without the extra leg thickness. I don’t know if that made sense but it’s like how your pants would look if you turned 90 degrees.


4. Plan Out Your Outfits a Week in Advance

I packed all my clothes a week before the move and hung them in my closet. The rest, I just packed as I didn’t need to use them for the whole week. This makes it so you only have 7 shirts to pack instead of all of them at once.



5. Ask Local Businesses for BoxesImage result for grocery store boxes

You’ll need boxes if you’re moving to a new home and instead of buying them,  just ask local grocery stores for the empty ones they have because they always receive boxes from supplies and don’t really use them again. We got ours from No-frills. That’s not me by the way haha >>


6. Label Everything

You never want to be looking for unlabeled boxes finding something as simple as a spoon so make sure you label the boxes.

Image result for label boxes


7. Knives in Oven Mitts

You don’t want knives and dangerous utensils to harm yourself or any furniture so you can just place them in oven mitts.

Image result for knife inside an oven mitt lifehack Image result for knife inside an oven mitt lifehack Image result for knife inside an oven mitt lifehack


8. Jewellery in Egg Cartons

This is a great way to reuse egg cartons and make sure jewellery doesn’t get tangled. This can also work for headphones.

Image result for jewelry in egg cartons


9. Place Parchment Paper in Cupboards in Advance

Clean your cupboards in advance and then place parchment paper on them. On a moving day, all you need to do is remove the parchment paper and there you go, no need to clean on moving day.

Image result for parchment paper


10. Take Pictures 

If you want your cables a certain way or your room a certain way, take pictures so you can recreate the look in your new location.

Image result for camera take a picture


Anddd that’s all for today. For anyone moving and reading this, I wish you the best in your new home and don’t stress because change can be great!

Have you ever moved houses?

Have you ever tried any of these tips?

I’ll see you all in my next post.

Bayyy 💞

26 thoughts on “10 Moving Life Hacks You Need To Know

    • Bayance says:

      Thank youuu 💕 YES like imagine going through each box looking for a spoon 😂 Aw really? I’ve moved 3 times in the last 4 years and nothing felt like home like the homes I’ve been in the longest. Each home brings a new sense of nostalgia but I’ve learned that home is where my family is and wherever we move together, we’d be okay. That sounds corny but idk 😂 Thank you so much!! And aah thank you I just read it ❣️❣️

      Liked by 1 person

      • Autumn says:

        That would be a nightmare! 😂 (Where on earth is my spoon, of all things?…) 😂 Sorry – I’m not very funny! That’s a really great thing to remember, that home is where your family is, ‘cause it’s true! 💞 3 times in 4 years – aww poor you – did you have to change schools each time or not? That would be so bad if you did… 😢 (& no worries!) Autumn x

        Liked by 1 person

      • Bayance says:

        Hahahha no I laughed 😂 Yess 💕 YES I DID. I’ve been to like 6 different schools. The longest I’ve been to was 5 years and then the rest were 1 or 2 years 😂 Somehow I made friends and the one I’m in now I have a few old friends in so it’s not too bad and kinda interesting because I would’ve cracked if I was in the same school my whole life.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Autumn says:

        Oh gosh! That must’ve been hard for you – you’re brave! ✨ I get what you mean, it’s almost nice moving schools: as in you meet more people & can have a fresh start! 💚 Autumn x

        Liked by 1 person

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