Friends Answer: What Was Your First Impression Of Me?

Hey girl hey. And boy.

Aah it’s been a while but today I’m back with a Blank Answer post! In case you’re new, blank answer is a series that I made a couple months ago where I ask certain groups of people questions. My last one was Seniors Answer: How Old Do You Think I Am? and I personally died at the responses I got. 😂 Today I thought I’d interview a bunch of friends and classmates (females but I’ll make a guys answer later) and ask them what their first impression was. I feel like I went from 12 to 30 mentally in a span of 0.2 seconds so it’ll be great to see how I changed over time and what kind of person I came off of for the past 7 years. I only calculate ’til 2012 because I lost contact with my friends from early primary and they’re on the other side of the world so.. 😂 Anyways, let’s get started!!


  • The grades are replaced with ‘*’ because aint nobody trying to get exposed here.
  • These are friends that I’m friends with or have them on Instagram to this day so there’s not going to be much per group. 😂
  • Their response is in bold.


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7 Years Ago (2012)

“Lmao I remember in grade * the teacher made us sit beside each other then we became best friends”  – this was my best friend at the time but we drifted along the years, she’s super nice though!

“Who’s the girl with the puffy hair? Dora dora dora the explorerrr”  – oml this was also one of my best friends and everyone was so shocked with my hair like people in Canada have the thinnest hair so I came from the Middle East with my hair a Mrs.Puff.

“Bi*chy – the sassiness was real” – wow this is my friend to this day and I was such a brat so I’m not going to argue.

“She’s awkward…she’s really social nvm” – Hahaha this is one of my close friends now and I didn’t meet her until later but wow yeah on the first day I was really lonely. 😂 

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6 Years Ago (2013)

1. “You were really nice since I met you in grade *, not *.”  – this is actually my best friend and I’m not joking when I say I went from nice to sassy101 in 2 seconds between 2013 and 2014 haha. 

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5 Years Ago (2014)

“B*tchy” – I was a bit not gonna lie. 😂

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4 Years Ago (2015)

“TBH…..the first impression I had of u would be….well because the first thing u and that other neighbour did, i think her name was *****? idk anyways u both trapped be against a car and threw so many questions at me in English which I understood none of, so I thought u would be that “oMg LiKe ToTaLlY, u sHoUlD gET THeSe sHoEs ThEY lOoK suPeR cUtE oN yOUuuu” girl…sooooo basically these fake white girls…….does that sound mean? ofc now I look at u differently since ik u but yeah” – HAHAHAHHA omg this is my old neighbor and the beginning sounds violent but it was more like us blasting her with questions because we were so excited to have a new neighbor. And by fake white girls, most people mean the Regina George ones so it’s not a racist comment. I literally do not remember this but yeah, I used to be so sassy and outgoing when I was younger.

“Funny and bestest friend ever.” – Aww this is one of my besties but she moved to Alberta.

“I thought you were rude lol.” – Hahahah this is my best friend too but we’re at different schools. I wasn’t thaaat rude, right?

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3 Years Ago (2016)

“You were really nice and I love your smile.” – Aw that’s so nice! The impressions are getting better phew. I haven’t talked to this friend much because I left my old school before the split classes began but she’s so nice.

“Lmao I remember meeting you and you always hangout with other people but you were acc cool and I wanted to hang out with you. And then you were on that hockey team and in grade * and you got that shot in when you were close to the net. Loool memories. – Omg guys this is literally the Regina George of my old school (but she was nice) like I never thought she even noticed me. Every time I came back to visit, she’d be so welcoming and excited and I was so confused because I thought I was the potato with her close friends in the corner and not sporty and well known like she was so I was really surprised. 😂

“Thought you were weird and pretty” – This was a new girl that came that year and whenever there’s new kids, I get so excited. I literally blasted her with introductions and questions and she always said I was pretty like what? Is she talking to the mirror? 😂 I’m not trynna be like those petty instagram commenters but ngl I’m not that attractive (and proud 😂)

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2 Years Ago (2017)

“Why is she looking at me like that, I bet she’s one of those rude girls” – HAHHAHAHA this turned out to be one of my closest friends to this day. 😂 We both thought the other was popular and rude but turns out we were really compatible. 😂 I have some amazing memories with this gurl.

“Thoughtful and friendly.” – This is hilarious because the previous one had “from me and *insert this person*” so they both thought I was judgemental at the beginning but she clarified and said after I talked to you, this was my impression. 😂 This is also one of my best friends and I’m so glad we got along.

“When I first saw you, I thought we would be friends I guess and then when we started talking I was definitely sure because we had sooo much in common and yeah” – This is so true! We were best friends right away because we had so much in common and honestly I’ve never had so many difficult conflicts and conversations with anyone in my life. We were constantly fighting and getting along and fighting and let’s just say it was a roller coaster ride. She definitely helped shape me to who I am today. And she’s so nice now. 😂

“Lol I loved you from the first introduction speech you did for homeroom.” – This is one of my closest friends and dude that introduction speech was so nerve-wracking. I legit repeated the same sentence twice and I thought everyone was going to fall asleep. 😂 I thought she would be one of the popular stuck up people but she turned out so nice and we have a lot of views in common.

“My first reaction of you was weird. I thought you were going to help people for your own benefits. I thought of reaching out and turns out meeting you was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. You turned out to be one of my best friends and yeah, you’re awesome man.” – DUUUUDE this one nearly brought me to tears. She sent a voice recording and aah this friend is so nice and we have a lot of great memoriesFDHBJHGSYIHKJLIO.

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1 Year Ago (2018)

OKAY we have a lottt for this one.

“Ok so my first impression of u was I thought you were going to be really shy and not talk a lot but then we had that one awkward conversation then I realised that you are an amazing outgoing person.” – Guys this is Anna and if you’ve read my past wrappers from last year you’d know we had some beef but she’s so nice now! Aww this is so nice of her and yes we had a terribly awkward convo. 😂

“Well I thought you looked nice and cool and I knew from day one that you loved takis” – Tyyy gurl and YES I had to mention Takis from the first day. 😂

“Umm my first impression of u was rlly nice and like caring and smart” – Aw this is one of the Chloe and Zoe’s I told you guys about in 2017 and she’s so nice!!

“I thought u were really shy and I thought you’d be lame but NOPE u were hella cool and smart and surprisingly humble” – SURPRISINGLY?! Jk jk. 😂 Dude I am lame but this is so kindfduedhegudhkjs

“Lmao the first time we talked was outside around the basketball court, we were talking about some random book and stuff. I though you were really nice and a good person. I also like you because you didn’t ignore our grade 😂. You were also probably one of the most down to earth and chill people too.” – OML this is someone I don’t talk to so often so I didn’t expect this at all but she is such a kind and down to earth person too. She’s very inclusive and the grade younger than me was way better than the ones my age last year. 😂 I’m shook with these responses.

“I thought you were pretty cool and you seemed nice, also I don’t have any takis” – Aw this is so nice – and oh, I threatened everyone that I would steal their takis and ice cream so oops. 😂

“I thought u were really judgmental ngl 😂😂💞 but then got to know u and ur really cool and smart and funny👍🏽👍🏽” – HAHAHAH this is Meera from last year and I forgot what I thought of her at first. She was really outgoing and I was like wow she’s out of my league but we actually became really close. 😂

“I thought you were really nice and smart. I didn’t really know you well enough at the beginning of the year but throughout the year we became closer friends. I also thought you were really smart” – AW this was such a sweet girl from last year. Like legit one of the kindest humans I’ve ever met. Like you know those people that are just too precious and don’t hurt anyone’s feelings and AAH she needs to teach me. 😂

“Really nice and smart.” – This is Wolly from the wrapper posts. 😂 I’d say the same back to him.

“Cool series! I thought you were pretty independent, kind of paving your own way! First I felt the vibe that you didn’t rlly want to be at our school and not wanting to make friends but once I got to know you I saw that you are a super warm hearted, hardworking, genuine person ! I remember sitting at the same table as you and constantly bugging you lol! That’s my job! Hope *insertnewschool* is fun, we should hang out sometime! Gn!” – HFEDJBSKHDJBJVH you guys! This is a girl that was really positive last year and she acted really fun and awkward around people and always apologized like ugh I wish she knew that I was in her exact same position and that I was just as awkward but there I was acting like a turtle in its shell. 😂 HAHAHAH the first part is true to some extent but aww she is so nice!! Like I said, I’m actually surprised with these!

“My first impression of you was that would be a good friend, a supportive person and a riverdale fan😂” – AWW TYY and yes Riverdale was bae. 😂 But not anymore because I’m done with season 3.

“One of the funniest person🙂😘” – This is Myra and she was so funny tooo! She made my year so much better. 😂

“My first impression of you was amazing and ikk that’s not original but srsly you looked so confident and kind jsskskskks” – Confident? I think not. 😂 But thank uuuuu this is May from last year and she’s so kind and funny and aah.

“My first impression of u was pre chill kinda shy and nice oh and pretty” – Bish this is coming from a girl that looks like Lisa and Lena like she’s the one who’s pretty. 😂 Look at me dodging compliments but aw tyyy.

“Idk u were a bubbly Archie and takis lover” – True. 😂

Okay guys that was plenty from 2018 and if you haven’t seen my wrappers make sure to because you’d see so much ranting and self-development. 😂

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Now (2019)

“I thought you were gonna be a prissy daddy’s girl and that you were stuck up but you’re actually nice.” – Okay let me explain. 😂 My dad was a substitute teacher for her class and he’d talk really good about me (thanks dad <3) so she thought I’d be all that. 😂

“Really nice- a little shy.” – I’m actually not shy at all. I just don’t talk if I feel out of place. 😂

“Thought you were gonna be nerdy and a dork but ur awesome.” – Nerdy people can’t be awesome?! 😂😂 Hahah jk but thank youuu.

“Sassy.” – I thought we were past this 😂

“I thought you were nice – good persona.” – Aww thank you this girl is actually so genuine and her fashion is on point.


OKAY that’s all for today. I’m sure NO ONE read that because it was way too long. 😂 But I guess this is what I came off of over the years.

How were you like as a kid?

YOUR turn: Ask a friend what their first impression of you is and leave it in the comments.

This is my first friend one so don’t worry I’ll limit them to seven to ten friends next time. 😂 I’ll see you all in my next post.

Bayyy 💞


24 thoughts on “Friends Answer: What Was Your First Impression Of Me?

  1. Indigo_Star says:

    Omg those comments though!!! This is really cool I wish I could do it! Maybe you can do one of these for your blogger friends or active followers! Just an idea!

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  2. Mary Añonuevo says:

    Are you kidding?!?! I read this from the beginning to end!!! 😂 This is such a fun read and some of your friends’ impressions were hilarious 😂😂😂 You have A LOT of best friends!
    So… my friends said that they thought I was a reeally nice, quiet, and innocent but it turned out I’m not 😂 Well, we only live once so let’s try not to be boring 😂

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    • Bayance says:

      GURL OMG TYSM ❤️❤️❤️ Hahahaha thank you 😂😂 Some of these were friends and classmates but I’ve moved a lot in the past few years haha. OMG HAHAHAHAHAHA 😂😂 Ooh Ryry I see youuu 👀👀👀😂

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