The Time I Broke My Collarbone

Hey girl hey. And boy. Today's the last day of February and I was thinking of making a heavy-hearted post about a controversial topic but couldn't gather my thoughts properly so I'll make sure to do it in March. 😂 I got a lot of post ideas coming up so stay tuned but for now, here's … Continue reading The Time I Broke My Collarbone

My Weirdest Spam Comments #4

Hey girl hey. And boy. Rain drop. Drop top. The spam comments never stop stop. Seriously guys, this is getting ridiculous but super fun to read. 😂 From criticism to random kindness to i'm-too-young-and-innocent-for-this products, we have a ton to go through. At the bottom of this post, you'll see other Weird Spam Comments  recommended to … Continue reading My Weirdest Spam Comments #4