Community Starts at Home

Hey girl hey. And boy. My mom and I were talking about giving back to the community yesterday and it went something like this. Me: My old teacher was telling me about the number of refugees that are filling the school and the recent ones that don't know how to read and write. She wants … Continue reading Community Starts at Home

Modest Outfits for Muggy Weather

Hey girl hey. And boy. Summer. That amazing time of the year but also the worst in terms of staying modest in crazy hot weather. I have no idea where the term muggy comes from but thanks to thesauras, I have compiled a few outfit ideas for those warm days in spring and summer. A … Continue reading Modest Outfits for Muggy Weather

May Wrappers

Hey girl hey. And boy. Update: why. am. I. so. late? Okay but why is there like a week left of school? I'm happy we're almost done but at the same time, TIME'S GOING BY TOO FAST I DON'T APPROVE! I ran out of space in my journal because I tried fitting in a year … Continue reading May Wrappers