A Day in My Life (ramadan edition) ft. hiddenzzz

Hey girl hey. And boy.

It’s been a whileee since I last posted but let me walk you through the terrible time management skills that I STILL had this month. 😂 So last week I was supposed to write a day in the life with Hiddenzzz (check out her post rnnn) and decided to postpone it until I went to a community iftar the week after. It was too awkward to take pictures there and it was pretty dark outside so I decided I’ll just see what we have for iftar later down the week. After I got my pictures of different things I do throughout the day, I thought ‘hey let’s follow the schedule I initially planned so that I actually am productive instead of just faking it’. The next few days I ended up wasting a bunch of time on social media without me noticing it AND I slept a couple hours too long during the afternoon. And to top that off, I never even followed my schedule and did activities at different times every. single. day. In conclusion, Bayance will never achieve excellent time management skills and just goes with the flow. 😂 But nonetheless, there are a few things I make sure I do every day or many times a week. So although some may not be in order, here is what the month of Ramadan consisted of and I hope this gives you insight on culture and religion but also makes you realize that your girl is a human and can’t follow a proper schedule. THE RAMBLING RIGHT NOW IS CRAZY so let’s just get starteddd. 😂

P.S. I watched this video on how Aida Azlin manages her days and she bases them around the five prayers so I’ll go down the chain of fajr (dawn), duhr (midday), asr (late afternoon), maghrib (sunset) and isha (night) too.


F a j r  P r a y e r (around 4:30 AM)


In the last ten nights, I have been praying Fajr mainly at the mosque and on some nights there would be a talk or a Quran piece study after (but I only attended one because school). After Fajr, I usually go right to sleep because I have to wake up for school, and on weekends, I like to sleep right after so that I wake up earlier and start my day.


School (7:45 – 2:45)

Screenshot (26)

The time range I put here is the amount of time I’d take from waking up to coming back home and omg you guys. In the past few days, no alarm has been successful in waking me up for the morning. I’ve slept in 4 times in a row and it has actually been insane. I don’t know guys – it might be that I’m running on 3 hours of sleep but my alarm is pretty loud so I don’t know why I was so dead? Anyways, let’s just say I missed quite a bit of French but I’m all caught up now because French is pretty easy in school so ah well.

D u h r  P r a y e r (2:45 – 3:00 PM)


The prayer itself takes 5 minutes but until we settle in and change and all that, it takes until 3. And then I procrastinate until 3:30 so yes, time management skills are great 🙂 Right after Duhr, I talk to my mom and finish off homework. Some days I don’t have any but when I do, that’s when I finish it. In this photo, I had to script a scene for Lord of the Flies and we filmed it the next day (we’re watching them this week so pray that I don’t die from cringing at myself).

99 Attributes of Allah (3 names a day)


I’m almost done this goal so I’m glad I was able to do this often! I slacked in the first week because I was watching videos explaining each one that took longer but then half way I switched to an actual website with enough detail to go in my notes and gives you a clear understanding. I’m going to link a couple resources for you guys here in case you wanted to learn more about the attributes and honestly, I only realized this month how important it is to understand the attributes of God in order to strengthen your relationship with Him. You’ll also start to understand duaa’s (supplications) a lot more.


Image result for yaser qadhi

Yaser Qadhi Playlist – I LOVE his explanations of each name (rahman and raheem are a must have to learn with him) and they’re only like 10-15 minutes each. The only issue is that he only does the first 19 and I wanted all 99 so I recommend him for a couple but you won’t be able to do all of them with this series.


Related image

Hasan Ali Playlist – Now Hasan’s goes into a lot more detail with up to an hour for one name. And like the last one, he doesn’t do all of them (or not all of them are available on Youtube). I watched his name 4 explanation and it was really good so yeah! I recommend him if you want in depth of certain names.


Image result for suhaib hasan scholar

Suhaib Hasan Playlist – I followed along with Suhaib for the first half of Ramadan and he does all of them and gets the point across. It’s about half an hour per 3-4 names. The only thing I would mention is that he is pretty old. And his voice put me to sleep a couple times so he isn’t the most relatable or might not hold your attention span as well as the other two due to his accent and raspy voice but mashallah, he has lots of knowledge to share so you can watch his as well.


Wahiddudin – I love this website so much because it gives you a description of the name in English, definition of the root word, the difference between some attributes that look similar and some names have certain passages on them by famous scholars so I really recommend this website if you want to take quick notes on each name and memorize them!

That was a mouthful but I hope these resources were beneficial!

Nap (around 2-3 hours)

Image result for sleep

This only started happening in the last ten nights because usually I’d go to sleep 12:30-3:30 and then again from 4:45-7:45 so that’s a good 6 hours with maybe an hour nap sometimes. But although I hate naps, we’re all human and need sleep. So yeah, around the last ten nights, I got most of my sleep throughout the day. (and on weekends, I’d sleep in until 12 or 1)

A s r  p r a y e r (I usually pray this between 6-8 PM depending on naps)

After Asr prayer, I usually finish up a few errands and get ready for Iftar.

Library (1 hour)

Screenshot (31)


I walk my siblings to the library a couple times a month and right after Ramadan, I hope to get back to reading (I signed out three books yay)



I went to the dollar store a couple times this month because my siblings wanted chocolate and I went to the grocery store to get stuff for suhoor. I went Eid Shopping a couple days ago but stay tuned for the spring/eid outfit ideas post coming in the next few days. Sorry for blasting all these Ramadan and Eid posts at you guys but you’ll get rants and more lifestyle in the summer (inshallah).


I take a bit of time to clean my room every week (I know, cleaning my room, never did it before). My siblings always come in to destroy it so I make sure it’s clean so it can make me more productive for homework and prayer.


my room after changing for eid y’all it was crazy

Helping Out for Iftar

Approaching Iftar, I usually cut dates, prepare oat balls or help with the salad. It usually takes about half an hour and I talk to my family around this time too.

M a g r h i b  P r a y e r (9:00 PM)

We break our fast with dates and milk (I know a lot of people break it with water but our culture has always been milk so idk. Water or milk guys?) and pray maghrib right after.

dav Screenshot (30)

My mom usually makes soup then appetizers like samboosa (samosa), kibbeh (meat ball stuff) and grape leaves. And the main dish differs every day. At community iftars, it’s usually biryani with potatoes and salad and I had about 5 community iftars this month that I didn’t take pictures of because it’s really awkwardddd.


This photo includes a lot of traditional food we have like grape leaves, mulukhiyah (corchorus olitorius – which I hate), kuftah, chicken, salad…etc. But the main format of iftar is soup, appetizers, main dish and salad.

Social Media 

Between 9:30 – 10:30, I usually take a bit of time to go on youtube and talk to friends. And as much of an angel I’d like to be being productive every second of the day, the time until Isha is usually wasted on useless things.

I s h a  P r a y e r & Taraweeh (10:45 – 11:45 PM)

Taraweeh is basically a prayer that only takes place in Ramadan and during the week, I do like 4-8 depending on the mosque. On weekends, I like to do 8-20 (rakat). On the last ten nights, I pray taraweeh at home so that my mom can go and because I go to the mosque to do Qiyam later on in the night.


Y’all. Dessert is essential in Ramadan. 😂 We usually have qatayef (pancakes with stuffing) but occasionally we switch it up with cake, custard and more.

Seerah of the Prophet (Biography)

Screenshot (29)

Now, I always knew that loving and following the prophet Muhammad (SAW) is a crucial part of our religion but I always just put it to the side and didn’t really take the time to think about actually learning the biography. Like yeah, I know basic facts, but studying it in depth and learning from the prophet’s experiences was something I thought I’d leave for the scholars to figure out when in reality, every Muslim should know them. My brother recommended me a series last year but y’all it was 104 hours long (a playlist) and I was like yeah… I’ll think about it. But I came back to revisit it this year and you guys this series by Yaser Qadhi is so. so. good that you will find yourself not even realizing the one hour that went by. One thing I was reflecting on this Ramadan was how much we Muslims youth knew about celebrities we loved but when it came to prophet Muhammad, all of us just go yeah…may peace be upon him…the end. Yaser Qadhi said, “if you truly love someone, you’d want to know more about them.’ and I think if we wanted to grow that love with someone who sacrificed so much for the truth to get to us today (obviously by means of Allah wanting that information to get to us today), we should invest time to learn more especially when the information is right there on our phones. Wow I’m rambling but here’s the playlist in case you wanted to maybe take an hour out of your week to watch one. I 100% recommend it!

Quran Memorization


I slacked on this one so badddd. I have two pages left of Jonah that I hope to finish by the end of Ramadan but I wasn’t fast enough to catch up with the contest (yesterday) and that’s completely on me and my bad time management skills. But when I do memorize, it is around this time before heading off to the mosque for further night prayer.


Qiyam + Suhoor

Around 1:45 am (on the last ten days), I go to the mosque with my brothers. It’s only 6 rakat but they’re pretty long and there’s mini talks in between. This is hands down the most beneficial time I’ve ever experienced and I’m glad I came to a point in my life where I’m actually starting to enjoy prayer and especially long ones. Before, I used to be really claustrophobic and didn’t really care to understand what I was saying but alhamdulillah. This goes on until 3:30 where we have suhoor and pray Fajr once again.

Screenshot (28)


Anddd that’s all for today.

Woo. This was a long post but I hope it made up the past week of not posting.

What is your Ramadan daily routine (if you practise)?

What is the most important thing you learned in Ramadan? 

Did you learn anything new today? 


I’ll see you in my next post which will inshallah be Eid related. Ramadan Kareem once again!

Bayyy. 💞




32 thoughts on “A Day in My Life (ramadan edition) ft. hiddenzzz

  1. Jo says:

    Girl, you’re waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy more productive than I’ll ever get. Like. Ever. Like I just remembered I was supposed to email you and guess who totally forgot? *shame* I’m still working on it thanks to *cough cough* school and– anyway, sounds like a pretty productive Ramadan! Also I getcha on memorization- do you ever mix up references and go “no, no, those aren’t the number repeat” when you’re trying to finish a verse, because I have not been able to avoid the horrible mix up of numbers because 16:3 is VERY different from 3:16 *sigh* Also you have what are basically prayer vigils? That’s really cool! 😀 But ahem this comment was getting too long so I shall end with saying I’m very very glad dessert is important and thanks for writing this and for reading this horribly long comment which I should end now okay bye


    • Bayance says:

      GIRL IT’S MOST LIKELY THE OPPOSITE! Ohhh girl that’s okay I’ll try to plan a few ideas for a future collab and email you as well.

      Ahh do you guys say the number at the end? I don’t think I’d ever be able to memorize an English translation of the Bible or Quran – the language doesn’t have much of a flow to it in general so props to you. But what I do mix up is some of the words. Some of the verses in the Quran are similar to others and one can start ‘He is the one who created the heavens and the earth in 6 days..” and then each would end differently. And there’s one chapter called Rahman (the All Merciful) where the verse “So which of the favors of your Lord will you deny?” is repeated almost every other verse. (it’s the only chapter that does that). So when I memorized that one, I would sometimes have to keep in mind the order of what’s next haha. Yess I just searched those up! In Ramadan, it would be open all night and then again on the five prayers throughout the day. I heard of people that stay for multiple months – altho most just do a couple days. GIRL I LOVE YOUR LONG COMMENTS THANK YOU!! ❤ And yesss dessert is baeee 😛 thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. UniquelyMe says:

    Okay so I LOVED this post 😂 Girlll I spend my whole day sleeping, watching Tasty videos (literally Buzzfeed videos) and praying Quran but that’s about it 😂😭 AND OOH you have Love Life and The List and Since You’ve Been Gone on your bookshelf! Love those!

    Ooh never had those desserts but they look amazing! Loved this post, got to learn a little more about you (;

    UniquelyMe ❄️

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bayance says:

      Thank uuuu ❤ DUDE BUZZFEED IS ADDICTIVEEE. Hey, at least you're getting Quran and praying in – I def needed to do more but ah well every day is a chance to improve. Omggg yesss they're both rlly similar in plot haha.

      Tyyyyy – you need to show me your desserts one day! Glad you liked it!! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Natalie Therese says:

    GIRL! I’m blown away by your dedication and perseverance! If it were me, I’d be a lifeless lump by 3pm on the first day. Lol, that nap gif is me all the time. Great posy!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bayance says:

      GIRL WHAT I am unblown by the slackiness but I’m glad I got a few things accomplished – so tysm it means a lot!! HAHAH ME 😂 I used to stay up watching ICarlie and turkish dramas – bad tiiiimes but also good times since I was only a kid. 😂 LOL MOOD haha tyyy neat commy!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. hiddenzzzzz says:

    I know I’m kinda late to this but wow gurll what an amazing post!!❤️❤️
    I didn’t know you should clean you room every week… That’s exhausting! Ahhh the videos you shared are really amazing. I would usually just put Huda TV and watch whatever is airing there. God! I love mulukhiya so much ❤️❤️ I don’t what’s special about its taste but I just love it xD
    Great post gurll ❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bayance says:

      Thank you so muchhh!! ❤
      LOOOL I used to clean it once in a blue moon but now I feel gross if I don't (plus I have no siblings to start messesss)
      Love thattt! ❤
      OMG I HATE IT SO MUCH BUT LEGIT EVERY ARAB LIKES IT DSUDBHIFGH – anyways, that's totally fine pls cook it for my children when I'm older because I cannot deal with it.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Amber says:

    Hey Bayance!
    *Does walk of shame* I am so. so. so. so. sorry!! I have not been on your blog for a whole freakin’ much! I have just wow. It feels like I’ve been in constant free-fall, I’ve had exams, my grade 5 exam for my violin and just everything just feels like vojhdogjfofjv. But please, please, please forgive me? I have really tried lol there are just so many blogs to get back up to date with once you’re gone!! x
    Anyways, back to the post. Wow, how do you do it? I think if I did all this I would literally faint. I just wouldn’t be able to aha. It sounds like you seriously have your work cut out! How do you stay on top of it all? And wow, do you have to memorise books and everything? Sounds complicated. It must be so nice to pray tho, it must feel like your cleansing your soul kinda.
    Amazing post! I’m going to read all the ones I’ve not yet xx
    Amber xx


    • Bayance says:

      Giiiiirl this got lost in my spam for some reason and omg no worries! I haven’t been so active either and omg life is getting hectic nowadays. GIRLLL IT’S FINEEEE I totally forgive you whaaat and I need to catch up on your posts too!!!
      Brooo some days I got really lazy but I tried to fit everything in and I think when you’re fasting you feel like there’s more time – the time we spend eating I tell you. There’s also so much spiritual drive around this time so it really isn’t me but I tried my best. Aw yeah it totally was. I feel like the night prayers were something out of this world and definitely a different feeling than the normal prayers. Thank you so much for reading!! And same <33


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