May Wrappers

Hey girl hey. And boy.

Update: why. am. I. so. late?

Okay but why is there like a week left of school? I’m happy we’re almost done but at the same time, TIME’S GOING BY TOO FAST I DON’T APPROVE! I ran out of space in my journal because I tried fitting in a year and half so almost all of May is unrecorded. But don’t worry guys – you can always rely on my grandma memory. Besides, this month was mainly Ramadan and I always take pictures so we’ll use that as a guide. Okay okay let’s keep this intro short. As usual, skim through to what interests you, check out my last wrappers here and let’s get wrapping. Eminem left the chat. Congratulations on losing brain cells. Hey, maybe they weren’t the good brain cells. Okay fine I’ll stop now. HOW MANY TIMES DID I SAY OKAY? Ughhhh intros are hard when you wake up from a nap. Let’s. get. started.



Okay so not too much this month but we had a lot going on in English class for our final projects. Our first one was a video assignment where we had to reenact two chapters from our book. It was so fun to film and I had to paint my face for the second one so that was fun. We had like three days to film and all of us were so choppy on lines but it’s fine. And omg I just realized I didn’t hand it my reflection yet – oops. It’s definitely that time of the year where everyone forgets about every project, including teachers.

Image result for oops i  did it again gif

We also had to write an essay. I did well on it but omg at first I was like egydfhf what am I going to do? I was thinking of discussing nature of man in the novel  but then an idea came to me later on the three things that lead to evil in man and I wrote it so last minute. But hey, I’m proud and I didn’t feel the crazy stress I usually feel with essays. You guys, our English teacher is actually really good.  I seriously found myself using this book’s references with my friends and they’re like tf I don’t even remember this book. Hehe – same here guys. I definitely don’t have it engrained in my head. Our English teacher is secretly a wizard. Harry potter’s taking notes.

Image result for harry potter shook gif

We had this really cool female empowerment day that turned out way better than I expected. I wanted to help out more than I did but every time there was a meeting, I’d have something that day and fgdhjhfgdhs. It was really good though and all the inspo speakers were so great. Some gave me that spark to get into politics again so I’ll definitely keep that day in mind for a long time. We also did a lot of self defence this month that I definitely forgot so I’d tell you to fight me but my ‘kitty kat fight instinct’ would shoot up instead.

Image result for girls school  fight gif

The development program (special needs) had their first prom and I stopped by to talk to them. You guys, they’re actually the sweetest and I really want to be more involved with them next year. I’m disappointed that I didn’t visit as much this year ugh but if you guys have a special needs department in your school, definitely stop by and make friends with them. They’re really kind and the teachers are amazing.

Image result for special needs smiling

I slept in sooo much this month it wasn’t even funny. I missed first period a couple times, came late like 8 times and ugh my ‘goody two shoes’ side was just really not coming through this month. Those who were fasting in May, did you experience the same thing? Also, Ramadan is no excuse to be late to class but dang my brain just shuts off by 7 am. Then I wake up and I’m like-

Related image


Aaah I actually have a lot to say hereee. So first of all, we had our business program ceremony and you guyssss I got two awards and a business trip in the summer. I’m crazy grateful and just couldn’t believe that a general consideration of a program turned so big. If anybody every suggests a program for youth that you can join, definitely do! You’re only a youth for so long before these opportunities slip by so make use of them. You just never know.

Image result for woah unexpected gif

A week before Eid, I cut my hair. It’s dora again and I’m sooo happy. I never knew change in hair could boost your self-esteem so much. And it’s cool because I couldn’t get anyone’s validation on it outside of my house because I wear a hijab but it just showed me that I was genuinely feeling good about myself from the inside and not because someone told me I looked good. Woah this turned deep fast but I love it and finally don’t have to worry about it getting tangled yesss.

Image result for dora gif

I went to like 6 community iftars this month and loved them!! Some were just with family but I went to two youth ones and omg the friends I made were amazing! The centre that opened near my house has become like a second home for me this Ramadan and I pray God blesses that place even more. Another one was an open buffet at a school, one was at the school I’m going to next year and one was at my uncle’s where I met his friend’s kids. They’re so sweet and my Arabic was actually sounding pretty good that day. Don’t be deluded, when I’m around adults, it goes from 100 to 0 real quick. I was going to volunteer at one but my parents advised that I don’t go for some reason. And I kind of had to pick between doing good or listening to my parents which is also good. But when it comes down to it, always choose parents because honestly the number of times I went against my parents, they always ended up being right so just trust that maybe something bad could’ve coincided with what you wanted to do. Ooh okay life lessons with Bayance 101. Hey, it is the life section.

Related image

I went eid shopping at H&M and I found an outfit last minute that turned out really nice. You guys will see it coming up in a future post so stay tuned.

I let down a lot of contests this month including two Quran competitions and a video contest because of my terrible time management skills. Kinda disappointed with myself but ah well we’ll thrive to be better next time.

The 22nd was my b-dayyy. Didn’t do much but we ate cake and my friends decorated my locker. (*cough*Iseeyouguys*cough)

No books this month vsddyhjnidu.


Love Likes Coincidences

Image result for love is a coincidence

This movie was. so. good. It literally left me shook and isn’t your average Turkish movie. I swear it made me cry and I just love it sooo much. Definitely one of my favourites and I’ll leave the english youtube link here.








  • Apparently we had this huge English test and a graduation right after. And then we went to this park in UAE and I couldn’t call my friends but I saw an old best friend and I have no memory of the plane or anything whatsoever so I kind of just yeeted across the country.

Image result for flying gif

  • So we were shopping and I wanted to anonymously buy a family’s items but they were still looking. I saw Castiel from supernatural and I called him and it became almost like a lucid dream and I caught up with him and said hey can I take a picture and he was like ah sorry and I was like okay I can’t show my friend this in real life so I asked him when’s the last time you got your heart broken and all the guys were like yiiiikes. They laughed and said they couldn’t answer because it would remind them again. Dean was there too but he had blue eyes and black hair. Also Castiel was a janitor at the mall maybe he was undercover.

Image result for castiel gif

  • A smart classmate of mine converted into Islam and I was so happy for her. She was so happy like man I haven’t seen her that happy before. She’s so logical and smart but I didn’t expect her to be the first to believe.


Blog Post Of The Month

Unboxing Kityp0p’s Giveaway Eggie Bag

Mahatma Gandhi

I loved writing this one and all Kity’s prizes were exciting to try.

Most Popular Post

Attempting To Become a Doll Blogger (while writing the Liebster award) ft. American Girl Spot & Happily Ever After Dolls

becoming a doll blogger for a day

Omg this was one was so awkward to take pictures for but ah I did it and the questions for the Liebster award were fun to answer.

Blogger Of The Month


I have been binging UniquelyMe’s blog and she’s literally I love her style of writing and the comments back and forth are hilariousss. She also has a laughing emoji addiction so if y’all ever find me an emoji therapy for me, make sure to drop her a link too.


Most Active Follower

Honestly, I feel like UniquelyMe and AutumnGirl both fit in Blogger of the Month and Most Active Follower but instead of putting both of them in each, I just did one each. But seriously, both are amazing bloggers and amazing comments!! Autumngirl and I have discovered that we’re literally the same person so we both talk to ourselves. I request therapist sessions. Jk Autumngirl is literally so well-spoken hfdujbheudijsk. (P.S. I need to catch up on her blog posts so y’all can do it with me)

Thank you to every single one who commented, liked or even smiled at my post, you guys mean the world!!

Related image

ok but marilyn monroe is slaying

May Favourites

Favourite Song: Ya Nabi Salam Alaika (keeping it halal this month guys)

Favourite Movie: Love Likes Coincidences

Favourite Youtuber: Jubilee and Yaser Qadhi.

Cravings: Salty pies and samosas.

Image result for fatayer

Hobby: Learning

I did a lot of learning this month academically and religiously. I hope I can maintain this motivation throughout my life because it’s a blessing to learn and we should train our brains as much we can. Learn from books, learn from experience, learn from those around you.

Image result for learning tumblr

Fav Day Of The Week: Fridays & Wednesday

Fav Quote/Quran Verse: “And Moses said, ‘O my people, if you have believed in Allah, then rely upon Him, if you are truly Muslims.'” Quran 10:84

Image result for ocean and lightning gif

This verse actually made me sit down and think for a few minutes because it just made me realize a few themes that were in chapter Jonah. This chapter really highlights the lack of dependence and connection we have with God until something goes wrong in our life. Like how often do we find ourselves caught up in this world’s beauties and forgetting God until something like poverty or illness strikes us? It is in those moments of hardships that we truly recognize how dependent we are and when that hardship is lifted, we completely forget who lifted them and go on with the same cycle. This verse really emphasizes the concept of ‘truly believing’. Like yeah, we say we believe, but how much trust do we actually put in God? How often do we find ourselves in the middle of the ocean looking for ways out and having God the last thing on our minds? How often is it when something doesn’t go as planned do we start to argue with His wisdom? How often do we recognize our reliance on God (every heartbeat, every breath) and turn back but turn away soon after and forget all about it the next day? How much anxiety does the lack of trust in God’s plan, and fear of the people around us, cause for our hearts? It really made me think of how little our hearts are truly in humility and prostration and how often we feel like everything’s in our control until it isn’t and we’re brought back to reality again. Woah huge religion ted talk right here sorry guys but this applies to me first and foremost so I thought I’d share. Also, Moses’s followers were Muslim as in submitted to Moses’s God which is our God if my English makes sense right now. They didn’t pray exactly like we do but they still believed so I hope that clarifies haha.

Image result for thanks for coming to my ted talk gif


June Goals

But first let’s see how we diddd.

  1. Actually Start New Blogging Series ✔️
  2. Submit A Video to A Video Contest ❌
  3. Finish One Ramadan 30 Day Challenge ✔️
  4. Get To Know Someone New ✔️
  5. Get Involved In Community Gatherings ✔️
  6. Finish Surat Yunus (chapter Jonah) ✔️
  7. Have A Great Birthday ✔️

6/7 Okay okay celebration time. We’re getting better.

  1. Read two books
  2. Finish 7 workout videos
  3. Get to know someone new
  4. Try not to fail face painting (volunteer thing)
  5. Revise 2 chapters
  6. Do well in exams
  7. Make cards for teachers
  8. Read 10 posts on the blogosphere (cmon girlll)
  9. Have a great summerrr!

UGHHH EXAMS we’ll see how it goes!!


Anddd that’s all for today.

How’s school?

How’s life?

May dreams?

How’s blogging?

May favs?

June goals?

How was your Eid and Ramadan?

Are you the type to slack near the end of the year or hustle harder?

Tell me everythingggg. I’ll see you all in my next post.

Bayyy  💞


22 thoughts on “May Wrappers

  1. Natalie Therese says:

    6 times!
    (Lol, including the sentence where you asked how many times you said it)
    May was a super mixed month for me. Okay, honestly it was awful until the last week where it started looking up.
    I didn’t get into the ballet company I was trying for, and there were jerks, and I was sick, and uuuuuuughhhh just bleh. But then there was this whole saga and series of events and I ended up with a new cat. He’s an exotic shorthair (look them up, they’re so goofy looking) and his name is Humphrey. So that was great.
    Yesssss, special needs programs!! You go girl!! My sister is special needs, and I really appreciate it when people volunteer with those programs.
    School is almost overrrrrr!!!! I’m excited!!!
    Ahhh, that verse is so true, I think there’s a Bible verse that goes similarly.
    I wanna see your Eid outfit! I’m sure it’s beautiful!!
    Great posyyyyy!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Bayance says:

      Okay so I may be saying that word too much. 😂
      Aaaaaah girllll I’m so sorry you didn’t get into that ballet company. It’s their loss!! After all your toe sacrifices! I hope there’s some other ones out there. JERKS CANNOT BE IN A 300 M RADIUS OF NATALIE EVERYONE! Get well sooooon! Omg I searched them up and they’re so cuteeeee! I read the name and started singing Humpty Dumpty loool
      Aaaaah I remember you told me once I love that!!
      Ooh yas a lot of things are similar from the Old Testament
      Post is coming this Thursdayyy – tysm!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. UniquelyMe says:

    GIRLLLL your May was BUSY!!! Actually loved this post! English is definitely one of my favourite subjects, and your school is almost over? I have 6 weeks till summer holidays 😂😭 And awhhhh Bay I am touched!! Thank you so much for saying such lovely things about me and my blog! ❤️ Yes, I may have a mild obsession with laughing emojis 😂😂😂 I love our comment conversations too 😂 I’m actually on a one month hiatus because of exams, and speaking of, I should be revising right now but when I saw you posted I was like, nope, simultaneous equations can wait let me read Bay’s new post first 😂 And oooh I ALSO WANT TO SEE YOUR EID OUTFIT! I wore this gold dress thing 😂
    Girl, I was also obsessed with Ya Nabi Salaam Alaika! I listened to the vocals only Maher Zain version because his voice is just so… pure!

    Anyways, loved this post, and thanks again for everything you said!!!! I’m also obsessed with your blog 😂😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bayance says:

      YO it’s actually not too busy but when I write down everything I’m like oh this is a lot. 😂 SIX WEEKS? Pffffffttttt 😂 Jk I probably start earlier then. Giiiiirl you completely deserve it! I need to binge your posts and autumngirl’s after examssss. Mild?? Hmm 😂 Ahhhhhh girl sacrifices for me thank youuu! There are only a few who like these update posts I’m so glad you like them! POST COMING THIS THURSDAY! 😂 I want to see yours tooooo. It looks so good! Omg yesss Maher Zain’s vocals mashallah!
      Thank you SO MUCH – it means a lot and no problem ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      • UniquelyMe says:

        Haha that’s literally meee!! Shhh don’t even remind me – I’m getting through each day one at a time… or maybe sleeping through each day 😂 True true 😂 Awhh thank you! Haha sameee but I can’t wait to post again! MILD. 😂😂 Haha no, I love all your posts! I find the update ones especially interesting because I get to see more about you and how your life has been recently! OOF CAN’T WAIT 😂 I wish we could paste pictures into the comments 😂 Right?! So great to be talking after a while (:
        NO PROBLEM!! xox


  3. Jo says:

    I haven’t done a wrap-up post since April, so I’d say blogging wise you’ve got your life game on point XD And yayy you cut your hair! (Love that bit about internal beauty, btw 😉 ) and the gifs were so on point and just yes you’re a wonderful person Bay here’s to June and surviving the heat ayy

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bayance says:

      Giiiirl I’d love to see some updates! I. NEED. TO. BINGE. YOUR. POSTS. AFTER. EXAMS. In an hour span a day, I have to reply to comments and schedule posts but I seriously need to sit down and read other people’s posts so you’re ahead of the game on that one. Yaaaaay and thank you! Omg giiirl thank you so much you are too! You too and omg the heattt I am NOT ready. 😂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jo says:

        gfhajlkhj exams are killing me– mine are later this week and I just *hides* Noooooooooo. And yay ty and bad heat. yeah. I’m gonna live in a fridge until October.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Tess says:

    Ahhhhhh bay! You’re not late at all. You’re not as late as me trying to finish that sunshine blogger post so you ain’t EVEN late yet XD
    so glad you survived school and i always love hearing about your ramadan and stuff 🙂 keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. El says:

    Yes Bay! I’ve been getting back into the swing of my academics too, I’ve been so bad for ages but now that my end of year tests are coming up (& some have been – maths 😣) I’ve actually been revising well! So, like, well done us! 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Amber says:

    Hey gurl!! 💜
    So, I’m so late on this post that it’s insane, but it still made me laugh so much and I just loved reading it! I didn’t read it all, sorry, I just want to read all your posts before I have to go otherwise I’ll never get round to it 💜 Anyways, May seems like it was a real busy month for you, well done for managing to at least publish a monthly review!! x me
    Congratulations on the award *confetti* *celebration music* * shouting “WHOOP! GO BAYANCE!” And well done for posting so much!! x My dreams were so weird. I was in this like dating competition but the guy we were competing for was like not even, well, boyfriend-material! 💜 But we were all fighting over him for some reason xD
    School has just finished for me so WHOOP! WHOOP!
    Amber xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bayance says:

      Aaah that’s totally fine that’s why I say skim through to what interests you because some people want to read about my goals and not my blogging updates for example so honestly whatever you readers want updates on its here!
      OOOH GIRL what is this dating competitionnnn 😂 was this an official school thing or a game between friends and whaaat 😂 I need to know more tea. WHOOP WHOOP YAS TO SUMMER and thank you so much for reading!


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