My Sister Writes: 5 Fashion Outfits

Hi guys. Today is tips from fashion going together from your favourite fashionista.

1. You could start with a romper put a cardigan on sandals. For accessories put your hair in a half up half down ponytail and put a bow on the side this outfit for a nice day not too hot not too cold.



2. Ok this is the next one so put on a sweater and sweatpants hair is two ponytails and if you want bracelets this is a fall outfit.



3. Leggings and tank top hair down and headband,this outfit is good for the summer.



4.This is a perfect one for a party. Change into any long dress put your hair in a bun and a clippy thing you put in your hair.



5.Since my sister is going on a business trip this is a business outfit start with a long cardigan (that goes to your waist) wide pants and high heels for a bonus curl your hair.



That’s all for today. Which one do you like? See you next time!

16 thoughts on “My Sister Writes: 5 Fashion Outfits

  1. McKayla says:

    Yes. Actually I’d probably wear #3 out shopping or at the park, too. It’s super summery. All these outfits are super cute and chic. You have great fashion sense.


  2. Amber says:

    Heyyy Bayyy’s siter ❤️
    These outfits are amazing! I’m not very good at picking outfits, I usually just pick the first t-shirt and jeans I see (though I went on a massive haul recently so my clothing is a lot better)!! Outfit 1 is totally adorable, I would so buy that ❤
    Amber xx


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