What’s In My Backpack ft. RealNelle

Hey girl hey. And boy.

Oooh it’s that time of the year again! Time to update y’all on my first day of school and show you my same ol’ backpack. I’ll try to keep this intro quick (I failed miserably in the last couple posts) but this is a collab with RealNelle and her blog is so so awesome so go check it out! Her version of this post is so much better like I literally swear. She dives into her essentials, her emergency bag, her cute notebook and the quality of the photos make me want to cry at my roblox version that was taken 2 seconds before the sun was completely like bye felicia. Check out Nelle’s post and let’s get into itttt.

2017 Backpack: What’s In My Backpack

2018 Backpack: What’s In My Backpack

(A lot of the supplies are the same from last year because I’m all about re-using and saving time and money so why buy new bags and pencil cases every year when my bag is doing just fine? So I probably spent like $5 on school supplies and it’s not even an exaggeration.)

This post is divided into first day of school and what’s in my backpack!


First Day of School

This is basically that one post I spam to all my friends because it’s so hard to catch up with everyone INDIVIDUALLY in the first week so here we go.

Image result for stretches

I wake up at 5:30 naturally, pray my dawn prayer, do some stretches and get ready to make a cute and healthy breakfast. I watch spongebob with my sister (don’t judgeee) and everything is just so relaxing. I walk with my friend to school and the morning was wonderful. (Except I never repeat the stretches and time to myself ever again because your sis has been crashing lately.)


My first class is really great. I meet these two girls called Sab and Jam (code names lol) and they become pretty good friends. Jam is older but had to retake the course because she missed it the first time and she’s really quirky. Our class is mainly OG Canadians (indigenous) I realized because our teacher is and so is mainly everyone. But the teacher takes us out to do smudging every morning (a first nations practise with sage that you can wave towards your body – I usually pass because I’m not too sure what that symbolizes and I don’t want to risk seeking protection from sage instead of God if that makes sense but it’s nevertheless interesting) and take a 10 minute breather. I love that about this class and it’s such a great morning starter.

Image result for smudging gif

My second class is math. My teacher’s really good and strict at the same time. She gives lots of homework but reminds me of my 2018 teacher and just has a good vibe. I didn’t make really solid friends in my class (there’s only 21 of us) but I have a girl I know and I guess we didn’t need to socialize too much because it’s math. But so far so good!

Image result for anti social gif

Then we have an hour lunch. I thought I was going to be sitting with the girl I walked with but she left for other friends so I went to the cafeteria (the way this cafeteria is so much emptier and less overwhelming than last year though) and met this Brazillian exchange student. I’ve been attacking her with questions but I need to find her again and learn Portugeseee. She’s quiet and we don’t click too much but nevertheless an interesting lunch.

Image result for brazilian soccer

Also, I had to go to the guidance councilor because they put me in LAST YEAR’S ENGLISH and no way am I re-doing that course. I’ve had enough Romeo and Juliet movies for my lifetime. They got me a quick appointment (they’re usually full) and turns out my year’s English had space AND was in the same period so alhamdulillah. I sit beside a friend and everyone seems really chill in that class.

Image result for me no speak english gif

Finally, I had French and I made friends with the girl beside me. There’s a group of girls on the other side of the room who seem really nice too and I like the class. It has good people and a great teacher.

But since I’m late on this post, I need to update you on basketball tryouts.

They. were. terrible. I’m TRASH at basketball now. I can’t dribble like a human, can’t shoot like a human, can’t catch the ball like a human. I’M A PENGUIN ON THE COURT BRO. I thought there was hope because the people were easy to stand out from if you were decent but noooo. I didn’t know how to play proper defense, got tired easily and BROKE MY FRIEND’S GLASSES BY ACCIDENT. She said she’s getting new ones anyways but I’m still really pissed at myself. But honestly, this helped me realize that I should focus on my strengths in social work and try to work on my fitness individually with things like running and pilates. I’m glad I went so try out for the sports you’re interested in! Better find out you suck than regretting to pass the oppurtunity.

Image result for penguin waddling gif

me waddling away from tryouts

Anddd finally, I have a core friend now and she’s fresh out of Jordan so imma get her to teach me grammar and proper Quran recitation. She has an awesome personality and we clicked really fast. We make fun of each other all the time and the vibes I’ve been getting from people makes me want to write a ‘Signs You’re Clicking With Someone/Signs You Should Keep or Drop Friends’ later on. I really like this school despite all the bad that’s been said about it. It’s been giving me good vibes already and I’m feeling optimistic for what’s to come. What I’m most excited about is not getting lost in school anymore because this is one of largest in my province and I’m doneeee.

Image result for lost gif


What’s In My Backpack?

Well hello there old backpack, it’s great to see you again.


This is last year’s backpack but it’s super durable and I definitely recommend everyone getting a Sierra bag in high school instead of a Jansport one. Sure, Jansport is cute but will it hold the textbook? Lavender is still my favourite colour so let’s wish this all the best for round 3 next year.

Woaah the lighting is really dark but as you can see I’m reusing most of my school supplies here except for pencils, highlighters, sharpener and the hole puncher. I know this is not the cute stationary pic we’re all waiting for but here’s life for ya.

Next uppp we have a DIY emergency bag which is just a plain black one from Dollorama. It includes:

  • hand sanitizer
  • mini prayer mat
  • tissues
  • sanitary pads (I just put liners in this one)
  • body spray or mist/deodorant (omg I just realized that deodorant is de-odor-ant. To remove odors. How did I justttt realize that?!)
  • bandages
  • kohl/eyeliner
  • contacts
  • glasses cleaner
  • mints

If you don’t already have an emergency bag, I strongly recommend you make one!!

I’m using my binder for a second round but to the left is my really heavy math textbook. We have lots of homework like I said so this guy will be spending lots of time with me from now on (okay but why did I say that in a weird way?)

Anddd finally, I have some DIY notebooks that I’ll be keeping a mystery until tomorrow. Some final things are money, safety pins and skirts for when I need to touch up on a scarf or clothing piece and skirts for when I need to pray. This school gives out free chromebooks to every student like WHAT?? So that’ll be a super cool addition to my bag to come.

Image result for safety pinsImage result for long skirts Image result for chromebook


Anddd that’s all for today.


How do you feel about your classes? Classmates (backbite-free)? Teachers?

Are you re-using school supplies or re-stocking every year?

What’s in your backpack? (at this point, I sound like a 53 yr old creep)

Check out our lovely Nelle‘s post here and I’ll see you guys in the next one.


11 thoughts on “What’s In My Backpack ft. RealNelle

  1. Jade rainbow says:

    My school week has been eventful but I lost internet in the house again. *sighs which is why I couldn’t do our post. But other then that I’ve Ben fine.
    Also your school sounds awesome!!!! Bro are all schools in canada like that? If so, then i’m Moving there.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bayance says:

      Aww that’s fine. Is it okay if we do types of Teachers and students later on in the year – I’m gonna post a diy one to wrap it up because I haven’t been posting day by day and I thought the notebooks can just close everything off. 😂 I’m glad you’ve been doing well!!

      Right?? Alhamdulillah I hope it stays greAt and YES 😂 come to Canadaaa

      Liked by 1 person

  2. autumngirl says:

    OMG I NEED A MINI PRAYER MAT How have I never heard of one before this day??? Absolutely amazing, also, the fact that your school GIVES OUT CHROMEBOOKS for FREE makes me so jealous, my school can barely give us decent school planners! You’re so lucky! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bayance says:

      HAHAHAHAH 😂😂 there were so many times I needed something but didn’t know they exist. IKR!!! I’m still shook because all my other schools don’t do that. (Except this private school but it came with fees) – Hahahah I felt that. Idk where they get the money from but I heard it’s a technology experiment so I’m glad I came within the timespan of the experiment 😂 (it started 3 years ago)

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Natalie Therese says:

    Ooooh I love your backpack! I’ve had the same backpack for six years and I’m still using it, lol. I keep seeing cute ones at the store but I can’t justify buying a new one when the old one is still in good shape, haha.
    Great posy!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. El says:

    I used to get new things every year (that just autocorrected to yeast?!) but now I’m more conscious that my mum buys all my stuff for me & like, thank you mum! but also it means I reuse most of my stationary because stationary is EXPENSIVE.

    Not had a lot of my classes yet but my first day went pretty well! It’s a really weird mix of exactly the same as last year & completely new 😂


  5. Amber says:

    Heyy Bayy ❤️
    Aww this is all so cute I love it. To be honest I don’t really have an emergency bag, I just have a bag full of random things that I will use at least once 🙂 Hand gel, stress balls etc. I should definitely get an emergency bag though, that is really smart :O
    I love your bag and that is so cool you get a chromebook to use ❤
    Sorry to hear about the basketball tryouts but that did make me laugh that you are a "penguin on the court" XD Trust me I'm like you, much more into solo trainings like work outs etc.
    Loved this post 🙂
    Amber xx


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