Attempting To Recreate Notebook DIY’s From The Blogosphere [diy notebooks #3]

Hey girl hey. And boy.

So if you know me and my past DIY’s, you’d know that I literally cannot come up with anything creative whatsoever. I mean, last year I painted lines, stuck some tape on it and called it a day. I was searching through Youtube for things I can do this year but then I thought of a WordPress search instead and today, we’ll be testing out their notebook covers!

This is the last post in my Back to School Series and it’s been so much fun. I didn’t post consecutively this time so my dates extended all the way to the 8th instead of 4th but I’m glad I went on my own pace and had fun with it. Also, stay tuned until the end because I’ll be announcing a new posting schedule as I know one of you requested that on the survey AND giving a recap of this series (all the posts you might have missed from me as well as a thank you to all who participated) and if you wanted to do a back to school post with me for next year, definitely comment your dibs so I can contact you ahead of time.

Sooo without further ado, let’s get DIYing.


Β 1. Sunflower Notebook by Morgan’s Marvelous Ideas

This idea is so so cute but I did the simpler version of it hehe. I will do a side by side of the different steps but definitely check out Mrorgan’s notebooks here (she makes 3 other ones!).

1. Cover your notebook pages with a bag and paint it a solid colour.


Screenshot (3)


I switched it up with a cream colour and I was painting while tying water balloons. Let’s just say that it wasn’t a good idea.


2. Once dry, trace your sunflower design and go over it with paint



Okay so I personally hate paint and the long process it takes to dry so I went with an easy way out and used fabric marker instead. Hey, I did upgrade from last year so clap for me.


2. Photo Collage by Emma Limer

Emma’s DIY notebook post was too cute to pass down so I thought I’d recreate it with a little triangle twist.

1. Print out the photos you want to use (I just printed out a floral wallpaper)

2. Cut your paper to the size you want and overlay them like a collage (I just did triangles)


3. Tape them down and tada!

I went over mine with a little bit of white paint and now it looks ugly but it depends on the way you see it. If you see the flowers first, it’s decent. If you see the paint first (WHICH I ALWAYS DO), it’s not so decent.

The Comparison

IMG-8467.JPG img_20190902_173059.jpg

Overall every blogger knows how to make DIY’s except me but keep your notebook shaming to yourselvesss. xD


Anddd that’s all for today.

Now it’s time for LE SCHEDULE:


Look out for these two days in your Reader’s!

It’s sad to see this series go but here are the posts we did.

1. 50 Back To School Blog Post Ideas (The ULTIMATE List for Teen Bloggers)

2. Last Minute Back To School Breakfast + Lunch Recipes ft Autumngirl

3. 7 Quick & Easy HIJABstyles For Back To School (pin proof) ft Aditi & Haziwords

4. 45 Tips For The Upcoming School Year ft Natalie Therese + Datgirldeejah

5. What’s In My Backpack ft Nelle


Autumngirl for her amazing inner chef

Aditi for her inner fashionista

Haziwords for her inner beauty guru

Natalie for her inner guidance counciler

DatgirlDeeja for her inner study professor

Nelle for her gorgeous bag and inner lifestyle guru

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO MADE THIS COLLAB POSSIBLE! Lots of hugs, kisses and kleenex law papers for making me so emotional with your descriptions about me. Y’all are amazing and all the links lead to their collab post so if you haven’t checked them out, go now!!!

Did you make DIY notebooks?

Did you make a DIY notebook post?

Do you want to collab next time?

I’ll see you in my next post.

Bayyy. πŸ’ž

21 thoughts on “Attempting To Recreate Notebook DIY’s From The Blogosphere [diy notebooks #3]

  1. datgirldeeja says:

    aww thank YOU for coming up with the collabs and stuff, it was honestly much more fun and exciting than i imagined! also lol @ ur second notebook tho. the first one that you did looked hellaaa amazing 😍😍so *high five*.

    i have this crazy collage diary that i did YEARS ago, and its full of clippings from magazines, drawing and what not. after that didnt do a lot of notebook DIYing.
    Also I can see ur feet in one of the pictures your toes are so long and thin!
    Thing is, my entire study plan this year is probably going to be a lot different from what I did during highschool, including even the way I take notes. There’s going to be a post about that coming up too, iA. (Can u tell I’m milking the study guru thing to no end? But the truth is I HAVE tried tons of study tricks and methods tho, and really do lile sharing them)
    i look forward to your fall posts, am sure they’ll be exciting and funny! xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. autumngirl says:

    Thank you so much for allowing me to collab with you, I would LOVE to collaborate again! It was so much fun and omg that first notebook is amazing, the second one isn’t terrible, it looks unique, but the first one is definitely much better, it’s amazing! Can’t wait for the autumn posts, it’s my fave time of year xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bayance says:

      Aaah no problem thank you for joining! And yesss id love to add you next year! Right?? Awww omg thank you!! Hahahhaha the second one was awful but hey patience made that first one a bit better than my usual. πŸ˜‚ Thank youuu and YES autumngirl! πŸ˜‚

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Amber says:

    Heyy Bayy ❀️
    Ooo, I have literally never tried this but it looks like such a good way to spice up notebooks and things!! For English class, we got given a book and I stuck loads of quotes all over it and the finished project was actually quite impressive (surprisingly) XD
    I love the cactus and daisy one, so pretty, and the floral one ❀
    Also yay we have the same posting day!! Mine is Friday too πŸ™‚ But how ambitious of you, two days a week, that's really impressive πŸ˜›
    Amber xx


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