Struggles Every Knitter Goes Through

Hey girl hey. And boy.

If you knit or crochet, this post is for you. If not, please keep watching to see how I attempt to be a professional grandma but fail. It’s that time of the year where the temperatures are dropping and knitters begin to pull out their yarn for some winter projects. I’ve made various things in the past but today I’ll be sharing the continuous struggle that follows me no matter how “good” I get. So without further ado, let’s get starteddd.

P.S. I use looms to knit!


  1. Yarn. Is. Too. Expensive.

Ma’am, let’s get one thing straight. I buy yarn and put in my hard labour in order to SAVE money, not the other way around. One ball of yarn at Michaels is around $8-15. You know what else is in that price range? Every other mitten and hat available. This is why I’ve switched to the Dollar store and started getting balls of yarn for $4 and now $1.25 from Dollar Tree mwahhaha. And I kid you not, that Dollar Tree yarn is phenomenal! Michaels, please don’t sue me.

Image result for mr krabs losing money gif


2. Messing Up

I recognize that messing up is a big part of learning but when it comes to knitting expensive Michaels yarn, your sis does NOT want to mess up. There’d be many times where I lose track of the pattern or lose track of rows or ugh, when all the loops go off the loom when I try it on to test measurement. There was one time where I tried to make a hat and I kid you not, somewhere along the way, it twisted. We love that for me. πŸ™‚



3.Β  Time-Consuming

So here’s the thing. I would love to make a hundred hats and give it to the homeless but why does one hat take a million hours to make?? Knitting is sooo time consuming and now I listen to lectures while I knit but I’d love if I can knit faster so I can get on with doing good things before the winter ends. But no, my hat wants to finish when the snow starts to melt.

Image result for seasons passing cartoon gif


4. Where’s My Needle?

Needles are the thinnest pieces of metal I’ve ever seen in my life and I’m SOOO done. If a needle falls into a rug, it’s like trying to find the needle in the haystack.

Image result for hay in needlestack spongebob

spongebob flipped it but too bad

Takes forever but funny story: One time when my brother was 4, I was trying to find my knitting needle. I was sure he took it so I kept saying “I KNOW you took it, give it to me” and he would be like “NO I DIDN’T”. We went like that for an hour and keep in mind he’s literally 4 trying to defend himself. And guess what? The needle was in my hand. :)))


5. Yarn Will Become Your Cats

In the grandmasphere, you’re either a cat lady or a yarn lady because yarn leaves so much fluff on your shirt!! Like it’s actually ridiculous – I feel like a crazy cat lady after finishing a glove.

Image result for crazy cat lady gif

don’t judge my love for cartoons

Despite the struggles, knitting can be so rewarding, right? Right?

Anddd that’s all for today. Look out for part 2!

Do you knit?

What are your winter hobbies?

Can your grandma give me knitting lessons?

I’ll see you in my next post.

Bayyy. πŸ’ž

20 thoughts on “Struggles Every Knitter Goes Through

  1. πŸ’«AvaπŸ’« says:

    Great post! I have always wanted to try knitting, but I always have too many things on my ‘try’ list. I’m so sorry I haven’t been active on your posts!! I’ve been kinda hiding from the blog world because of procrastination and lack of motivation but I hope to say that I am back now!
    I am excited but also dreading winter, because sometimes it’s just too cold, and you always have to wear a coat over your outfit, but its also really pretty too.
    I can’t believe next month is Christmas

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Gracie says:

    Lol I’ve tried knitting but I have NO patience and there’s always wayyyy more holes than stitches which I don’t think is a good thing 😬 anyway, grandmasphere ahahaha. Bay you are a legend ❀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jo says:

    if we were off screen buddies i would totally swing by and beg for help with projects XD i started knitting two years ago and i have stunk at it ever since. and i can relate to pretty much every single dang thing on this list XD i actually haven’t used looms, but i have two needles that give me immense pain whenever i try to do stuff. XD also thrift store yarn is like, all my yarn. because yarn is so expensive.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bayance says:

      Omg JO I need help with MY projects πŸ˜‚ Ahh the traditional way of knitting I could never. And uuuugh why is it so expensive? Tell me where to get that thrift store yarn? Is there yarn at thrift stores? I will runnn. πŸ˜‚ Thanks so much for reading!!


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