The Liebster Award #6 (+ leave your questions about Life in Canada)

Hey girl hey. And boy.

No joke, the last time I wrote one of these was last November. For the past hour, I compiled all the tags I need to catch up on and during this long weekend, you’ll see an influx of them scheduled for the next few months. I’ve been so unorganized when it came to blogging this week but I thought we could take a chill pill and just answer a few questions Jade left me on January so we forget about how bad of a blogger I am. 😂 Let’s get starteddd.

P.S. In my last post, a few people mentioned that they wanted to know more about Canada’s elections and how education works. So I thought I’d make a Life in Canada Q & A for all my international bloggers out there who have different political, educational and cultural differences! Leave any question you have about Canada below before November 30!!

P.P.S. HOW HAVE YOU ALL BEEN? I feel like lately I’ve been so disconnected to blogging but I’m slowly starting to binge my reader’s! Progress? Let’s hope so.


Interview Time

1. Who is your inspiration?

I have quite a few but lately it’s been SalamSudduf. She’s a Muslim business coach who has triplets and still manages to juggle everything like a boss. I also look up to Paty Maryam, a Muslim convert  who started a hijabi boutique in Montreal and is manager of a natural ingredient makeup store called Arbonne. I look up to her so much in terms of career and wisdom. Lately, it’s a lot of business women and politicians like Alexandria who I’m inspired by.

Image result for salam sudduf Screenshot 2019-11-16 at 6.39.12 PM Image result for ocasio cortez

2. Who is your best friend?

I have quite a few!! My OG is Raya who I mention in some of my posts. And bare with me on the next few code names: Raisin, Muz, Lulu, Ayman, Dinner, Sass and Lana Del Ray.

Image result for friends silhouette

3. Do you love where you live now?

Yes!! I love the area and city although it isn’t too touristy. I am going to say that it has high unemployment rates and I feel like moving nearby to Toronto or something would be a better future but God knows. For now, I’m happy.

Image result for i like it here gif

4. Who do you watch on YouTube?

A lot. of. random. stuff. When I tell you I sink into the recommendation trap, I’m not kidding. But when I focus, I usually watch Jubilee, Aida Azlin and Yaser Qadhi.

Image result for jubilee youtube Image result for aida azlin Image result for yaser qadhi

5. Your opinion on birds?

My favourite sound to wake up to in the morning.

6. Would you ever do a blogging meet up?

YOOO that would be cool but no one would show up. Especially that my viewers are like mainly in the UK and USA but honestly you guys we should have a wordpress squad meet. I feel like it’s us teenagers who know each other and then there’s random korean sites here and there but we’re the main men you know? Anyways, let’s be rich first so we can all buy flight tickets and meet up in Italy. Does that sound like a plan? 😂

7. Your current favorite song?

Dari Ya Alby ughhhh. It’s been stuck in my head so much the past few days and now I’m starting to hate it but I just looove it at the same time. It’s a love song and I don’t understand its deep meaning but ah well the tune is nice. 😂

Image result for dary ya alby

8. Your least favorite genre of music?

ROCK. Can’t stand it. 😂

9. Apple or Samsung?

Huawei. But honestly samsung over apple. Apple is overrated and only drives consumerism. Their charge is lost so fast and their screens break every 0.2 seconds. It’s a no from me. 😂

Image result for its a no from me gif

10. What was your first phone?

Speaking of phones, my first phone was a hand me down from my mom and it was a Nokia smartphone. I remember it didn’t have a front camera and couldn’t install cool apps like snapchat and at the time. 😂 Oh and one day I wrote about how technology ruins childhoods and into the garbage the case that protected my sim cart went. I was a smart child as you can tell.  😂

Image result for nokia smartphone green

11. Who was your first crush?

Kindergarten. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. French. Nuff said. 😂

My Awkward Crush Stories ft. RelatableExistance

Image result for blonde little boy gif


I Nominate


Moi Questionnesss 

  1. On a scale of 1-10, how happy are you with your blog?
  2. What are you most grateful for?
  3. What makes you cry?
  4. What’s a post you want to see all bloggers write?
  5. Last movie you watched?
  6. If happiness was currency, what would make you rich?
  7. Are you closer to your mom or dad?
  8. What’s the best advice you have for teens?
  9. What are you living for?
  10. What is a decision you made that changed your life?
  11. Favourite drink?

Mwahah things get deep for a bit there – have fun guys.


Anddd that’s all for today.

Answer a question I answered in the comments below!


I’ll see you all on Tuesday.

Bayyy. 💞

38 thoughts on “The Liebster Award #6 (+ leave your questions about Life in Canada)

  1. Jasmin ♡ says:

    Ahhhhhh thank u so much for nominating me!! I’m gonna try to do this tonight!!!!! 💛 I have a iPhone and I like them but I’ve never had anything else so can’t really compare lol 😂 I really enjoyed this post 🌻✨💛

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jo says:

    you tagged me
    i’m crying
    thank you
    my uncle’s cat is staring contentedly at your blog


    “but honestly you guys we should have a wordpress squad meet. I feel like it’s us teenagers who know each other and then there’s random korean sites here and there but we’re the main men you know? Anyways, let’s be rich first so we can all buy flight tickets and meet up in Italy. Does that sound like a plan?”

    can we DO THIS
    like, wordpress is kinda dominated by us teen bloggers, and if we met up that would be EPIC.

    Liked by 5 people

  3. Ju The Dodo says:

    Hiya Bay! Omg great post!❤ I’m really intruiged by the people who inspire you. And the ‘getting rich so we could meet up in Italy’ sounds like an awesome plan. So cool omg I really wish we could!!❤
    Ahh thanks for the nomination🤗
    My questions about Canada:
    1. Is it always cold?
    2. Are people always so nice?
    3. How is your education system?
    4. What’s something in Canada you cannot find anywhere else?
    And that’s it! Thanks again for the nomination!❤

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Gracie says:

    Oooohkay questions:
    What makes Canadian people unique from people of other nationalities?
    What’s one Canadian stereotype that isn’t true and one that is?
    Is there much of a divide between different people groups in Canada or are people relatively united?
    What are some of the main social problems in Canada?
    What’s the sailing like in Canada???? (you know me Bay, gotta know allllll about the sailing 😂)
    What’s a Canadian word that no one else in the world would use?
    I’ll probably think of loads more so sorry in advance for the spam 😂
    Lots of loveeeeee ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  5. happily, hedy says:

    I’m SO down for the meet up in Italy, yo.
    Ooh…since we’re both Canadian—do you wanna collab for the Canadian questions post? Since we’re from different parts of Canada we might even have some different answers 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Jade rainbow says:

    I’m coming to the meet up. Let me just buy my ticket and we’ll be oof. Also I just saw Gracie asking questions about Canada so I’ll steal her idea and ask some of my own.
    Is Canada a socialist country?
    what’s one thing you’ve learned from living in Canada?
    Would you let your children grow up in Canada?
    Do you have a high crime rate like in America?
    Are refugees accepted?
    Would you ever visit the uS?
    And tha’ts it.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Jade rainbow says:

    NVM I’ve got more questions!!! Who are the people most discriminated in Canada?
    What stores do you’ll have? For example, we’ve got Walmart, and Safeway, and ETC. what you’ll have?
    How long does it take for immigrants/refugees to become citizens of the country?
    Are anyone deported from there?
    What’s the mental health system like?
    What’s your education system like? And yes, i”m aware someone asked this already.
    Is it true that Braille is on your bills? Braille is how blind people read Incase if you didn’t know.

    Liked by 1 person

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