Sunshine Blogger Award #8 & #9

Hey girl hey and boy.

It’s not so shiny out these days but I thought we should get around doing a tag this month. I’m conjoining these two because they were two short reads and why not just mix them and give you all a hard time? *says me when I hardly read blog posts nowadays*

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Rant of the day though: 2020 is FAST approaching and I feel like there’s so much I need to get done within the next few days. I’m not sure where my blog is going exactly and I always treated it like an online diary and I’ve had blogging friends who came and went but I’m just not sure if it’s helping anyone at this point. I know that my grandma days will come to an end at some point but I’m just not sure what the future of my blog will look like and how much time I’m willing to invest in it.

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Ahh you guys I hope I can get interacting more often with you in the next year because I’ve been feeling so distant from everyone in the blogging community. Let me know how you feel about your blog and its future in the comments but let’s get starteddd.



  • Now that it’s nearly autumn/fall, what’s your favourite thing about this season?

AND I OOP- This is when you know you’re late. It kind of snowed outside today but it’s not too much to be winter yet so I still get to answer. My favourite thing about fall is the weatherrrr. Not too cold and not too hot and ahh the fashion during this time makes me feel like a queen. I love everything about it!

Image result for autumn fashion"

  • What music styles/genres do you like listening to?

I’m obsessed with nasheeds y’all but I also love pop. I’m basic but don’t judge.

  • What types/genres of blogs/bloggers do you like reading?

LIFESTYLE. It’s not like I’m nosy or anything but ahh I just love lifestyle or slam poetry.

Image result for totally not nosy gif"

  • What are your favourite book genres?

When I say I’ve been reading realistic fiction and nothing BUT realistic fiction, I’m not joking. But lately I’ve been wanting to read more self help non-fiction books!

  • This is a weird one: If you could create a dream animal with dream parts, personality or quirks what would it be (made up of different animals/something unique)?

Woooow. Here’s the thing though – I’m not creative. Mmm could we get dragons back? But like less scary. I searched up cool hybrids and prepare to be blown away:

Image result for coolest hybrid animals"

Give me this with wings. Or it can be a sea animal! Okay I need to stop now. This is a super cool question but my imagination ends here. 😂

  • What do you like to snack on when blogging (or do you not eat anything?)?

If I have food while working, I’d procrastinate way too much. It’s like eating all the popcorn before a movie; I’ll eat all the popcorn before typing the third letter.

Image result for jamming popcorn gif"

  • What’s your food at the moment? (I say ‘at the moment’ because I’m always changing my mind 😂)

MOOD. At the moment, I love the stuffed cookies with tea. Do you guys know what I’m talking about? Like my childhood biscuit chocolate ones? Okay here’s a photo.

Image result for prince cookies"

  • What’s your favourite scent(s)?

I love me natural scents so mixed fruits or something subtle like vanilla or lavender.

  • Do you do any more writing besides blogging?

I write in a journal and I occasionally write khutbas (Friday sermons) for the MSA. Those are super fun to write and do my english assignments count? Speaking of which, I have one due tomorrow night and didn’t start. I work best under pressure – let me be.

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  • Have you/do you keep a diary?

Ouiiii. I started one since 2015 and y’all better check out my diary post right nowww.

  • If you had to live inside a book, like literally exist inside the world of a book, which one (or which series) would you live in and why?

Ahhh Strawberry with these creative questions. Can I live inside the Quran and just see world history go down? Mmm I have to thiiink. Ugh there are too many books in my head and most of them take place in high schools haha. I’d probably take a history book to be honest so I could actually time travel and see real events. And mmm probably at the time of P Jesus or P Muhammad because everything was so much different then and I want to see the affect they directly had on the people around them. Ooh and I’d vlog the whole thing. Ugh this is such a hard question my creativity level right now is unable to think of fiction books.

Image result for fascinating gif"


  • Who’s your favorite Youtuber and why ?

I have a million but imma say Aida Azlin and Jubilee. Jubilee opened my eyes to a. lot. of issues and I just love humans. Aida Azlin changed me so much like ugh she’s so humble and kind and I STRIVE. Both youtube channels have been great influences on my character.

Image result for jubilee youtube" Image result for aida azlin"

  • What’s your dream job?

To be completely honest I have NO idea what I want to be. Like I don’t have a job title for it. But hmm I’d love to be a politician and an entrepreneur. I want something where I speak publicly and travel, but also a job that has the option to work from home every once in a while.

  • Why did you start blogging?

I always wanted to start a youtube channel but after thinking it through, I thought I had a bit more passion with writing. After reading Zoe’s Girl Online books, I started a blog. I honestly just went for it and never thought I’d come across the people I did but here we are. I had a lot of opinions and advice I wanted to get out into the world and it was more of an online diary than anything but I’m so glad I got to be part of this amazing community. I am going to say that I’m reaching a weird stage of blogging where it’s taking a lot of time and energy to get one post out, let alone interact and read other blog posts. If any of you have tips on blogging efficiency or just blog and life management, do let me know!

Image result for let me know gif"

  • What’s your favorite post on your blog?

I have a couple. Every month I link to my favourite post so definitely check out my Monthly Wrappers! Here are my top 5 though:

  1. Islam Q & A
  2. What Is Your Purpose?
  3. Series: Let’s Get Real
  4. Series: Awkward Stories
  5. Series: Why I Hate
  • Fave book and why ?

How could you do this to me? What do you mean FAVOURITE book? Too many to count. But I am going to say that If There’s No Tomorrow, All The Rage, When We Collided, Starstruck and literally every Kasie West book are some of my favs!

  • Fave movie and why?

YAY I CAN PULL OUT THE ‘I-already-have-a-blog-post-for-this-question-yes-I-will-now-force-you-to-go-watch-it’ card: My All Time Favourite Movies

  • Celeb crush 😍?

Every turkish guy ever. But hmm Çağatay Ulusoy & Furkan Andic.

Image result for cagatay ulusoy"

Fav word?

I don’t have one. But you know what I have? Children names part 2 coming up next week! Seriously, I keep coming across new names to name future kids loool.

  • Best memory?

DON’T DO ME LIKE THIS. I have so many alhamdulillah. But I’m going to go with the entire year of grade 5 and 7 because that’s where it was attt. And oh the memories from the business conference were so memorable!

  • Favorite place you’ve been ?


  • If you were a potato, would you rather be mashed or fried ?

What do you mean? I’m already a potato. I’d prefer to be mashed though because hot oil is HOT. Okay that sentence made no sense but it’s late, I have an english essay due tomorrow night and sis is trying to use every last brain cell to finish this post. You could say I’m already a mashed mess right now.

Image result for faints gif"

my mental state rn


So because my brain cells are LITERALLY fried right now, I’m going to ask 11 subquestions I wanted to hear from you throughout this post. You can answer them in the comments or in a separate post.

  1. Where do you see your blog in 5 years?
  2. What are your favourite posts to read?
  3. Dream animal?
  4. Book you’d want to physically be in? 
  5. Best tips for balancing your blog and life?
  6. Favourite childhood snack?
  7. Do you eat while blogging?
  8. Why did you start blogging? Did that reason change?
  9. Next book on your TBR?
  10. The last thing that made you cry?
  11. The last thing that made you smile?


Anddd that’s all for today.

I’ll see you in my next post. Pray for my essay!!

Bayyy. 💞


34 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award #8 & #9

  1. Jo says:

    bay bay bay i seriously can’t imagine the next year in the blogsphere without you, grandma or no

    also yes vlog that time travel

    Where do you see your blog in 5 years?
    – was i even supposed to LIVE for 5 more years XD honestly, i have no clue. and i’m just fine with that.

    What are your favourite posts to read?
    – it could be anything from my favorite peoples and it would be great

    Dream animal?
    -dragons dragons dragons

    Book you’d want to physically be in?
    -DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE def some comic run but probable anne of green gables. for obvious reasons.

    Best tips for balancing your blog and life?
    -be real, do what you need to do rn, eat popcorn

    Favourite childhood snack?

    Do you eat while blogging?
    – *crunches on popcorn*

    Why did you start blogging? Did that reason change?
    -to word vomit. and nope. XD

    Next book on your TBR?
    -the boy who steals houses cause it looks cool

    The last thing that made you cry?
    -my nonexistent grades

    The last thing that made you smile?
    -my cousin was playing legend of zelda and he kept getting stuck at a level and i thought that was hilarious

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Gracie says:

    Ahhh I get what you mean….sometimes the blogosphere just feels really disconnected and I think we all go through stages like that, but just do what works for you, post when you feel inspired, take a break if you need a break, BUT DONT GIVE UP BLOGGING I LOVE YOUR POSTS TOO MUCH 😂❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Christina says:

    pleaseeee don’t quit blogging it would literally not be the same without you ❤️ but if you feel like you need to rake a break you definitely should
    also loved this post!! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  4. happily, hedy says:

    Oh man, I know how it feels to feel distant from everyone in the blogging community…I wrote a post with similar ideas just a couple weeks ago. Sometimes it does take a little break just to reflect on where your blog is going. I used to try and stick to a blogging schedule, but honestly, just post when you can and don’t push it. What gets me excited about blogging again is coming up with exciting projects for my blog, so I guess find something that gets you excited again. Girl, you have an AMAZING blogging voice in each of your posts, so pleaseeee don’t quit! My best advice is to hang in there and realign your blog to where you think you’re going. It’s natural to have it change courses—that’s the beauty of lifestyle blogging.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. (Kitty) Cat Strawberry - Meow! says:

    Excellent post, I love your answers! I also love that question from Fizzabel about being a potato, lol. Honestly don’t worry yourself about where to take your blog or the tie you dedicate to reading others. We all go through times when things can get overwhelming and we either take a break or slow down our reading of blogs or posting of posts. I’m guilty of that right now, I’m sorry I haven’t visited your blog more often, I’ve been strugling to visit most blogs recently, it’s been a really hectic time in the lead up to Chrimas break.
    If you need to take time off from blogging don’t feel bad about it, everyone will understand and wait until you’re ready to return. Other than that I’d just say, maybe aim to just write a post a week or every two weeks or whatever, according to your current schedule, but don’t ever feel bad if you’re struggling to get a post out, in fact just blog about how your struggling to write a blog post…it’s something to write after all, lol. Take care and good luck with any more assignments you have to write including this one you mentioned. ❤ 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bayance says:

      STRAWBERRY AHHHHH THIS MADE MY WEEK THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH!!! and oml don’t feel bad about not reading my posts because I haven’t been reading YOUR posts!! 😭 I need to up my interaction game for the new year! Thank you sooooo much for all these tips!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  6. cluelessceres says:

    Umm….hi bayance!
    I’ve been reading your posts for a while now, and honestly, I can’t help but confess that I absolutely LOVE this gem of a blog😊. I’m really new to this whole blog-world-thing, and you’re really someone I’ve come to look up to…aaaah, you’re so amazing! I can’t wait to see more😁!


    • Bayance says:

      THIS. MADE. MY. DAY. OML. GDDGKNVDDHJBFSRYJBCDSJKBFDRH. okay I’ll stop freaking out but awww welcome and thank you so so so much! I’ll be sure to check out your blog if you wrote any posts💞

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Ju The Dodo says:

    Bay, I love your blog so so much, and please don’t quit. Your posts have so much to learn from, and they always make me smile. Take a break, and understand the path your blog will take. It’s not work, it’s so much more, and I know you of all bloggers know it. Write about what truly matters; gurrll you’ve got such a strong voice! You’re blog is amazing and we’ll have a terrible loss if grandma Bay is gone. I totally understand it- but you’re not alone, and you never will be.
    All the best for your essay and keep up the good work! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Ana Regina says:

    This was so cool!!! You’ve been nominated 9 times? Wow that’s so cool!!! 😀 Omg I have a friend who’s obsessed with turquish tv series, she says all guys are hot 😛 And omg you have no idea what to do in the future? I mean, it’s normal that at this age we don’t really know, I just thought you did, I don’t know why. And yeah lol I also don’t eat while blogging, not only because I might ruin my computer but also cause I’d get distracted like you hehe 😛
    Loved this post!!!!! 😀 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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