The Ultimate Guide To ACTUALLY Achieving Your New Year Resolutions For 2020 ft. Happy Tribe Planathon

Hey girl hey. And boy.

Can you believe that there are only TEN days left ’til 2020?? Winter break has begun and we are about to enter a new decade. There’s something just a little different this time around though. It seems like my desire to make 2020 a great year is even bigger than every other year. I don’t know what it is – but if 2020 is messed up, the rest of the decade begins with a low and we don’t want that today. ๐Ÿ˜‚ The thing is, I’m the HUGEST procrastinator when it comes to goals. I’m such a forgetful grandma and by the end of the year, forget that I had resolutions to begin with.

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So why am I giving YOU tips? ๐Ÿ˜‚ No idea but recently, I’ve been starting to look at what works for me and my goal accomplishments and thought I’d share some of my top tips with you. Ha I sound like I have everything together and trust me when I say I’m the worse pro when it comes to this stuff but I feel it’s more realistic when it comes from me, right? Right? ๐Ÿ˜‚ I hope y’all enjoy this post and let’s get starteddd.


1). Establish Your WHY

When it comes to me and my goals, I know that there’s some 3 am urge to change my life that started these goals. ๐Ÿ˜‚ So when you start setting goals, write down exactly WHY you want to accomplish them. WHY do you want to study more? WHY do you want to meet new people? WHY do you want to get closer to God? Ask yourself these questions and write it somewhere obvious (phone lockscreens or post its in your room are just examples but make sure it’s not deep inside your diary because I’ve done it multiple times and let’s just say nothing gets accomplished ๐Ÿ˜‚). Reminding yourself is crucial especially when there’s no hype anymore.

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2). Make It Quantitative

When setting resolutions, don’t just give me a ‘get healthier’ or ‘become a better person’ goal because how can you really know that? Instead, set goals with numbers like ‘complete 100 hours of volunteering by this date’ or ‘meet 6 new people for this month’. Make your goals so measurable, you can create a graph out of your progress. Hello, I’m your math teacher but you get the point. ๐Ÿ˜‚

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3). STOP Making Yearly Goals

Now this just may be me but giving yourself a years’ deadline is definitely going to result into a December 31st existential crisis. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Instead, try weekly or monthly goals and have them build up to a yearly one. For example, let’s say I want to run…I don’t know…200 km. Divide that by weeks or months and do them in small increments. That way, you’ll keep the end goal in mind and work for it from the very beginning.

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4). Don’t Make Goals That Are Out of Your Control

A lot of us make goals like losing weight or getting better grades but sometimes, life happens, and things don’t work out your way. That’s why you need to stop making result-based goals. Instead of wanting to lose x amount of kilograms, set an exercise goal or healthy eating goal instead. You might not lose those x amount but you did everything on your part that is within YOUR control. Do your part and whether a result comes or not, the fact that you did what you had the potential to do is an achievement on its own.

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5). Consistency is KEY

When I say I struggle with this tip on a DAILY, I’m not exaggerating. ๐Ÿ˜‚ But this is a story that helps me remember a few things. I’ll share it first and give you my take on it.

Image result for the struggle is real gif

A pottery teacher wanted to teach the concept that quality is that all matters in life. So he decided to split his class into two halves. One will focus on quantity and their only job was to produce the most amount of clay pots. He told them, โ€œdonโ€™t worry about how they look, just worry about completing as many as possibleโ€. Then, he turned to the other half of the class and gave them one set to work with each. He told them โ€œyou only have ONE pot to make. Your only job is to make it look perfect.โ€ And he let them get to work. When the time was up, he turned around and the results were shocking.

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The quality students all had crooked pots whereas the quantity students had perfect pots. The pottery teacher was so confused and asked his quality students, โ€œwhy are yoursโ€™ not perfect?โ€ His students said, โ€œyou only gave us one pot so we were too caught up fixing our mistakes that it created even moreโ€. The teacher then asked the quantity students โ€œHow do yours look perfect?โ€ They said, โ€œWell at first they were really crooked but the more we practised, the better we got. And then we kept moving forward and perfecting our method every time.”

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This really just speaks to how quantity is a crucial component in achieving quality. Sometimes you’ll get days that are super unproductive but instead of using the next day to try and fix your past day and just piling up more mistakes, start fresh. Start fresh every single time. Didn’t eat healthy today? Tomorrow is a new pot and I’m going to use my last pot to learn from. The more you do things, the better you get. So if you’re looking to build a habit, don’t give up the first time you fall back or miss a day. Just keep going and keep taking every second as an opportunity to change. If you work on one thing consistently, even if it’s small, it’ll become easier to perfect. Never give up on yourself and just keep going.

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If you didn’t find any of these helpful, don’t click away yet. Because THE MOST IMPORTANT TIP IS to….
























mwahah I haven’t done this before – this is actually fun ๐Ÿ˜‚












so close



































Okay not gonna lie that wasn’t a really good move on my part but the wonderful Happily Hedy is hosting The Happy Tribe Planathon which is an online event running the last 5 days of December (December 27-31), targeted to planning for 2020! Itโ€™s essentially an online planning party, featuring keynotes from expert coaches, printable planners and freebies, giveaways, and more to get you all set and confident for the new year.ย 


Now I’m personally super hyped about the planathon because it includes

1). virtual workshops with actual expert coaches (unlike me) being provided to us at no cost at all

2). access to a facebook group with other HTP planners and exclusive live videos (excuse me I heard you calling facebook a grandma app and that is TOTALLY not true…okay maybe it is but sign into that facebook account you made in 3rd grade and JOIN THE GROUP ๐Ÿ˜‚)

Image result for grandma gif

3). a not-your-average planner with vision boards, goal setting tools, reading lists and more

Happy Tribe Planathon Official Planner Preview

4). giveawayssss

Not gonna lie, my Mr Krabs self is looking forward to the giveaways but I’m also excited to see all these keynote coaches!ย Make sure you check out Hedy’s post for ALL the details and click HERE to sign up today. Sign up is open but only for a limited time. You DON’T want to procrastinate on this one! Look at me being all hypocritical but I signed up last week so take that, grandchildren. ๐Ÿ˜‚

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Andddd that’s all for today.

Life update: I’ve been SUPERRR sick for the last 3 days so my energy literally depends on Advil in 4 hour increments. But I will say that I had so much fun writing this post and I even wrote the majority on paper first like how I used to when I first started. So I’m starting to write posts that are true to my personality and taking my time to write (it’s been 6 days since my last post but hopefully that gap will become smallerrr). I think that’s it but pray for my healthhh because both my brother and I got the flu. โค

What goal setting tips do you have?

What’s the biggest mistake people make when setting new year resolutions?


I’ll see you in my next post.

Bayyy. ๐Ÿ’ž

10 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide To ACTUALLY Achieving Your New Year Resolutions For 2020 ft. Happy Tribe Planathon

  1. happily, hedy says:

    I LOVEDDD this post! The tips you offered were so good too! And lol, Facebook is kinda “grandma-y” but it was the only option I had so there could be replays as well. It’s okay we can be grandmas for a while XD Hope you’ll feel better soon!

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  2. Author_Joanne_Reed says:

    Great Post! I found out a while ago that the best way not to fail on my New Year Resolutions is not to make any! I have written an article recently about this titled โ€˜Why New Year Resolutions are Doomed to Failโ€™ โ€“ ,โ€™ โ€“ Feel free to check it out!

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