My Weirdest Spam Comments #3

**BEFORE WE START** THANK YOU ALL FOR SEVEN HUNDRED FOLLOWERS!!! I'm still convinced y'all need therapy but I just want to thank you for all the support. I literally remember only a year ago being excited for a follower other than my dad and here we are. I really don't want to be corny and … Continue reading My Weirdest Spam Comments #3

My Weirdest Spam Comments #2

Hey girl hey. And boy. I wasn't originally going to make a part two until way later but today when I checked, I suddenly had like 103. This batch of comments are random, kind and weird so prepare yourselves.ย ๐Ÿ˜‚ย And oh, I got so many about the world cup like please -_-. If you haven't seen … Continue reading My Weirdest Spam Comments #2