September Wrappers

Hey girl hey. And boy.

So you probably read the title like um what kind of title is that? She could’ve just said ‘September Wrap-ups’ or ‘September Highlights’ like everyone else. But I want to be different! 😂 Plus you should be a bit thankful because I was almost going to call it ‘September Shawarma’ since you know? Chicken wrap/ beef wrap and then September wrap? Okay thank god I thought of something else. 😂 It’s basically like September left-overs where I’ll be updating you guys on so many things every month. I’m going to introduce the categories and actually fill you guys in on September. For all you commenters (seriously I love you), grab your clipboards because there’s going to be loads to comment about. I think. Okay let’s get started.

P.S. Some sections will be pretty long so feel free to skip some and read the ones that interest you.



 So as most of you know, I had to go to a new school this year which honestly sucks!! Thank god I’ll only be here for a year. We last left off talking about how there are 3 breaks and ugh bugs, then being stuck between two friends and wanting to transfer- OKAY WELL WE HAVE LOADS TO CATCH UP ON! If you’re new or just happened to ignore my blogs (thanks a lot 😂) here is my first day and mid-month. Make sure to read the intros of both blogs before I continue. Done? Okay let’s go.

You’re probably like- “DID YOU MAKE FRIENDS?” Well. It’s complicated. But I met a few new people. So basically for a while I felt stuck right between my Scottish friend and my foreign friend. Let’s come up with code names. Anna is my Scottish friend and Farah is my foreign friend. I’m calling her foreign because she doesn’t speak English. So basically Anna started finding other friends and is basically kind of being friends with everyone. So that leaves me with Farah. I started talking to her more but my Arabic isn’t the best and sometimes I just can’t explain myself 😂 Well anyways, back to Anna. We were sort of fine at first but now, things are just insane. It’s totally fine that she’s finding new friends but whenever I talk to her, she sometimes just ditches me MID-SENTENCE which is pretty rude. Then, whenever she needs to go to the washroom or drink water, she asks me to come with her. Like bruh are you in pre-school?? I also don’t feel myself with her at all. Like there’s some people where you know what to say and you just click but me and Anna don’t click AT ALL! Like there’s nothing to say so that leaves her thinking I’m lame and me thinking she’s lame. Thing get worse though. She started talking to these two girls on the bus, we’ll call them Meera and Zelly. And she’s so different around them! Like I was reading a book and she was like “Are you reading a book? You’re such a nerd” like what the hell?? To which I said “I’m sorry that I’m more mature than you”. Meera and Zelly were like “Ohhhhhhh roasted!” so as you can see, she got pretty mad 😂

Image result for ohhhhh gif

I later confronted her about it and she was like “you called me dumb” like are you deaf?? I did not say that. She keeps having these random phases where she ignores me for a while then says “Oh so on Saturday”…etc. I just honestly can’t with her. And in Geography class, I finished my sheet first and she was like “oh you finished?” and literally takes my paper and starts jotting down like what?! So I took it back, then she took it back, then I had to pull on her arm to take it the third time and she was like “YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO TOUCH ME” like bruh “YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO CHEAT OFF MY PAPER” 😂😂 And yes, we’re in a split class which is basically combining one grade with another. I’ve never been in one before but I’m honestly pretty thankful because any sort of social life would’ve been screwed with anyone in my grade. They’re all friends since day 1 and are super into sports, have no personality and are just NOT MY TYPE! We’ll get to that later but anyways, I just-ugh Anna is just a no. 😂 Back to Meera and Zelly. I started talking to them a bit more. Meera is middle eastern and came here from UAE too and Zelly is from Pakistan (but she grew up in Canada). Meera is new and automatically clicked with Zelly. They’re best friend goals- GOD, PLEASE SEND ME A CLOSE FRIEND TOO 😂😂 and all 3 of us talk a lot on the bus. It used to be Meera, Zelly and Anna leaving me out. Meera made an effort to include me but Anna keeps giving me nasty looks so I was like honestly I’d rather read but now it’s opposite and karma is coming back at Anna like a boomerang. 😂

Related image

HAHAHAHA sorry I just had to. That was literally my face the whole time 😂 And sorry for my pg viewers. I DON’T SWEAR I PROMISE. 😂😂 But anyways, at break I decided that I wanted to start playing basketball with these group of girls (including Meera) and we play every recess now. It’s really fun and actually makes me look forward to recesses. Basketball season is in November and I really want to try out. This girl even said I was pretty good and we talk every once in a while. Now as for my grade: we were assigned this project for history and me and these two girls (they have the same name), we’ll call them Zoe and Chloe (Dork Diary inspired) to not get confused. We talk a lot during history period instead of actually doing our work 😂 (I can’t focus as much in projects on a table and chair anyways). Chloe has a crush on this guy- we’ll call him Brandon (for the sake of the Dork Diaries theme 😂) She always shows him things during history class like “Brandonnnn come look at thiss” and me and Zoe literally die laughing. So we imitate her every time and it’s sort of our inside joke now. Brandon gets super annoyed but whatever 😂. I got to know them a bit more and Zoe told me all about the history of Chloe and Brandon and how he sort of hates her now 😂. We had a Terry Fox run last Thursday and Meera and I just walked and laughed the whole way. Zelly was talking to her crush the whole time and Meera and I were so proud! 😂😂 School is def better than the first day but I’m still not myself yet and sometimes I feel uncomfortable but oh well. That sort of wraps up my school life. WOW this was really long! RIP your attention span 😂



Here I’ll talk about things I did during the month outside of school. Pretty self explanatory.

We went to Detroit for a day and it was really fun. We ate ice cream at this place called Shatila and we got to chill with my older brother before he was off to his new dorm. He comes over for weekends and him, my other brother and I go around to restaurants or malls. 2 weekends ago, we went to an Italian restaurant for breakfast and got salad from the salad bar along with bagels. THEY’RE SO GOOD! Today we went to Shawarma Palace, then to a drugstore so yeah every week is random 😂 There’s so much I didn’t know about my brother. Like you know with siblings, you live with them all your childhood yet you don’t really know them that well. If you have an older sibling, ask how they are, get to know them more, you never know what you might learn! Hopefully nothing illegal.

While my other brother was at University, my other- okay let’s come up with code names. We’ll call my oldest brother Arnold. 😂 If you don’t remember ‘Hey Arnold’ then we can’t be friends. 😂

Image result for hey arnold

We’ll call my second oldest Abzer. He’s so obsessed with his abs and anything to do with sports so that’s the first name that came up in my head 😂 But anyways, we play Billiard and Basketball a lot. Today we went down to the basement lobby to play again and there was leftover cake from this birthday party this old guy did for his sister. So they told us to help ourselves which was so sweet of them and who doesn’t like free food? 😂😂 Those are basically some highlights. Basically spending lots of time with my brothers. OH and as some of you know, I made an online bestie from blogging. Aka Alexa (It’s her code name that I use 😂) We literally talk for hours and I wish she was in my school- GOD, PLEASE SEND ME A NEW KID LIKE ALEXA 😂😂. But seriously, she helped me through lots of situations so if you need any advice, or someone to talk to in general, SHE’S THE ONE TO EMAIL. Anyways, that wraps up September life updates.



 Here I’ll let you guys know on any changes that will happen or any upcoming series and fav blog posts and okay let’s get started.

There won’t be any changes as in schedule change yet. I’m happy with the whole Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday but there might be a possibility of changing Thursday to Friday. I’ll let you guys know if that happens. As in series, the first blog of the Classictastic Book Challenge will be going up Tuesday so stay tuned 😂. Fancé will still continue and I might add in a Halloween series. We’re also really close to 200 which WHAT? I literally don’t understand. I need to book y’all therapy sessions. Seriously 😂

Blog Post Of The Month

In my last award (or the one before), I mentioned my top 5 favs and it was really hard to choose 😂 but probably my Why I Hate Snapchat blog that I made not too long ago. I just had to get it off my chest because I seriously find Snapchat and people in general so annoying 😂

September’s Most Popular Post 

My 100 Followers?! + Blogging Tips For Beginners got so much response! It was insane.

Blogger Of The Month

This section will have two categories : My fav blogs to read and my most active follower.

My favourite blogger so far is probably Alexa/The Awkward Expert. She’s been super active lately and I just LOVE her blogs. She started these two series called Midnight Talks and Cheers To The Teenage Years and is also working on a book like YAS GURL 😂 Every month will be someone different.

Screenshot 2017-10-01 at 12.14.38 AM





My most active follower is Kaylyn’s World Blog! Thank you so much girl.

Screenshot 2017-10-01 at 12.14.14 AM

Some people show their stats and follower goals but tbh I don’t want people to compare their stats to mine and the more followers, the more therapy sessions that I have to book which are hella expensive so I’d rather to just stick to the 194 I have now or else I’ll go broke soon 😂


September Favourites

 Fav Song: For some reason, I’m so obsessed with Turkish songs now. I don’t understand anything but it’s just – I don’t know! Something about them. My all time fav and the one I have on repeat is Sen Sevda Misin by Buray.


Fav Movie: I only watched 2 movies this month. The Collateral Beauty and The Pursuit of Happyness. Both starring Will Smith which is a legend!! I loved both so much!!

Cravings: Veggie chips, mini cinnamon rolls and curly fries from Arbies.

Image result for veggie chips  Image result for curly fries  Image result for mini cinnamon rolls

Fav Hobby: Billiard, Basketball and Blogging. (ooh alliteration) 😂

Go-to Outfit: Black jeans, long-sleeve black shirt and this teal Adidas jacket. Literally my September go-to.

Fav Day Of The Week: Friday!!

Fav Youtuber: Cjades.

Fav Quote: “Everything happens for a reason.”

I thought I’d come up with so many different favourites but I can’t think of anything else.


Help Meh ._.

This is for asking for your suggestions/opinions on something 😂 It sounds pretty desperate but for this, I have two things.

1. In my basement lobby, there are so many Nora Roberts books and I was wondering if any of you heard of the author or read any books. Please let me know in the comments!

2. I was in the drugstore today and want to get a lip product. I’m debating on getting either a nude liquid lipstick or a dark red one for occasions. I’ll probably go with the nude lipstick but if you have a certain one you have and would recommend to me, please comment down below. 😂


October Goals

Last but not least, goals for the next month.

I’m not going to say something like ‘go on a diet’ because we all know that’s going to fail so I’ll make this short and simple.

  1. Expand my skills in basketball
  2. Try to have fun in school + keep up my grades
  3. Become dunkin’ doughnuts for Halloween 😂😂
  4. Go trick or treating- I’m too old but whateverrr! 



Anddd we’re done. This is the longest blog I’ve ever written omg. I don’t think anybody made it this far.

How’s life?

How’s school?

How’s blogging?

September favs?

October goals?

TELL ME EVERYTHING 😂😂 Nah I’m kidding. You can answer one of them though. We’ll see what October brings us. See you guys on Tuesday.

Bayyy 💞

30 thoughts on “September Wrappers

  1. Ellie says:

    Hey! Ahhhh! I love these posts! I actually just did one as well. I totally agree on the “everything happens for a reason” quote. Sometimes you are like ‘why is this happening to me!’ and in the end, it will work out fine. 😂 I really enjoy reading your posts. Gave you a little follow to! Hehe!
    Ellie xx 🌸✨

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aboutmyawkwardworld says:

    Omg dude this is so so so so so amazing! For real you’re a great writer and SO FUNNY! I love talking to you tooo and thank you so much! Your blog is one of my faves too. You’re so creative. ‘September Wrappers’? GENIUS. Don’t forget to do this every month OKAY? I know we talk everyday but still😂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. KaylynsWorldBlog says:

    Aww! Thank you! You are welcome! My life hasn’t been that interesting. I hope you find some more friends! I am struggling to find some more friends too. I love reading your blog posts! Anna doesn’t sound very nice. Have you tried telling Anna that she is not being very nice?

    Liked by 1 person

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