My 2 Year Blogiversary and [almost] 1000 Followers Q & A + Giveaway Winners

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Shh…pretend you are. 😂

Anyways, today is a huge post (my second longest thanks guys) because of all the amazing questions you guys left! I did cut out a couple because of space and they took me really long to think about. So I’m super sorry about that but I did answer the long answer ones and I hope you all enjoy those too! I’m sorting out these questions by bloggers asking so feel free to skim through the ones you asked or read one blogger’s questions once a day. The giveaway winner is to be announced at the very end so stay tuned! Thank you to everyone who’s been there in the last 2 years reading my posts and supporting my blog – you truly mean so much! This is a really long post so let’s get into it!

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Our first questioner is Aditi, a super talented lifestyle blogger and such a great supporter to other bloggers around the blogosphere. Thank you for your questions!

1. Why did you start blogging?

I explain this a bit in my first post but essentially, I wanted an outlet where I could share all things opinions, rants, tips, advice, recipes and more. I was passionate about so much and wanted to have a digital diary in a way to express my thoughts. I never thought I’d ever get likes or followers or anything like that (your sis didn’t even know blogs had follow buttons 😂). I originally wanted a Youtube channel but after a lot of consideration, I realized blogging was the best for me (plus, Zoella’s books had a lot to play in this decision haha).

2. Do your friends and fam know about this blog?

My family does! My dad, mom and brothers were the first followers through email and my dad didn’t read too many posts but the ones he happened to read by chance were the ones where I mention periods and labour and female tmi things. Love that for me. 😂 My family was really happy that I started one and encouraged me a lot in the first few months. My best friend Raya was the first to know from my friends. And then I shared a link on Snapchat so my closest friends from UAE knew about it. Finally, in 2017-2018 I told no one from my new school and from 2018-2019 I told really few friends about it towards the end of the year. So yeah, I have to know you really well and know that you know me really well if that makes sense because some people see me as some mature professional nerd when in reality I use laughing emojis every 2 seconds and use texting abbreviations. Shhh don’t tell them.

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someone tell me where this is frommm

3. What or who shaped your blogging experience?

Love these questions! I think all of you who comment shaped it the most. The interactions in the blogging community sparked so many new ideas for posts and made me feel like I’m talking to all of you directly. It made blogging feel so much more comfortable and safe than a place where I was too scared to post anything. I don’t hold back on anything and all your support and open-mindedness is what helped me do that. I also love everyone who reads and doesn’t comment but it’s really the ones who I directly interacted with that stuck with me and made blogging so much more enjoyable. So props to all of you who have the courage to comment and those who read but don’t….I know you want toooo. Whatever you say, I won’t judgeee. Unless you’re a spam bot where in that case, I’ll expose you every few months so that’s awesome for you mwahah. Just kidding I’m not too mean I promise. But yeah, I think it would definitely be the bloggers and readers on WordPress.

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4. Movies or TV?? 🤓

Thank you I definitely needed this break after getting all cheesy up there. I used to always pick TV because your girl can’t let go of them turkish dramas but now that I realize I’m wasting my time, I like me a movie every once in a while (that rhymes I need a second music award 😂). It’s sort of like how I transitioned between book series and one story books.
5. How many times have you changed your blog theme XD?

NONE, surprisingly! I saw Sela and I loved it and I originally wanted it to look like the demo but failed miserably to follow the instructions. So I tried to make the most out of the plain layout by adding many widgets and changing headers every once in a while. If you mean customizing then I do it almost every season so around 8 times now oops. I love doing it though!
6. Fav book genre?

Realistic fiction. Period. I don’t read anything else. But now I’m actually trying to read non-fiction (it’s a fat struggle) and I like self-help books in that case.
7. Best apps that help with maintaining blogging schedules?

Okay I know this is lame but I use notebooks and a calendar I make out of paper. So everything I plan (when I do) is manual oops. 😂 But I use Notes on my phone for whenever I have an idea I want to jot down. Sorry I can’t help being a grandma.

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8. Am I awesomeee yes but you’re MORE awesomeeee 😘

Giiiiirl stopppp. You’re amazing and I love all the comments you leave, your blog posts and all these questions. They mean so much!!


Next up we have the amazing Gracie, a blogger that posts her adventures with sailing and is super passionate about changing the world. She also has super cool writing pieces and is just a phenomenal writer!

  • If you had to choose…..reading or writing?

Reading! I love writing but I love books so much! Plus, writing is so much pressure sometimes if I have to be creative or structure it well whereas reading is lifting that off my shoulders so aye. Plus, I literally suck at writing unless it’s my talking tone. 😂
What’s your favourite word?

Okay I’m literally the weirdest person ever but my little siblings and I always say the weirdest things. I think my top 3 at the moment would be:

a). beardo [the same one from Diary of a Wimpy Kid’s Long Haul (it’s my siblings, okay?)]

b). I- [my friend used it this year and it rubbed off on me]

c). Oop- [literally anything with ‘-‘ is overused in my dictionary 😂]

I know y’all were expecting some inspirational words but here I am acting really immature.

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  • What’s one thing you think you can do to change the world?

Write. Speak. Read. Anything to do with literature is so powerful in today’s world. I like raising awareness on my blog, speaking to others and reading to increase my knowledge in something. All our voices are so valued and it’s so important to communicate it. I’d start with it if you’re young and then once I get older, hopefully, I can help financially or politically. Also, reducing any bad habits and just being more positive can change the people around you.

  • What do you think is the main issue our generation are facing?

Oh boy, there is a huge lack of priorities and responsibility. We choose to invest billions in space research instead of reviving the earth we live in and its inhabitants (even though we know damn well that no other planet can sustain the kind of life this earth was designed to sustain), we choose to spend time on our phones wastefully than to pick up useful skills and managing mindful priorities (I’m guilty of this), we choose partying and alcohol over studying for the exam next week. We choose convenience over prudency. We choose entertainment over education. We choose distraction over critical thinking. Young people can be really smart but it seems we like dumbing ourselves down to ‘fit in’ or ‘look cool’.

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There are also really high levels of mental health issues now. We live in such a fortunate country yet so many of us are so depressed and so many young people have started to self diagnose themselves and seek therapy on Snapchat. I want to talk about depression in a whole other post but I think a lot has to do with the lack of community there is in north america. Humans used to have tribes that had each other’s back but now everyone’s on their own. Family is not being valued, marriage is not being valued and actual commitment is missing. Humans need that emotional connection so we end up being too dependent on others.

Social media is also getting out of control and it’s making people really impatient which leads to overthinking their self-worth.

There are so many problems but I think with the rise of drugs, alcohol, addictions, clubs, immodesty, adultery and more, we have replaced our belief and obedience to our Creator with worshipping our own desires. And quick religion talk here, when we attach ourselves to what’s temporary entertainment, we will soon realize that they will never give us happiness. The cars, the money and the luxuries we had won’t be worth anything once we’re in graves – the only thing that we leave behind is our good deeds and our interactions with others. And that should be our focus.

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And we need to be more aware – about what those less fortunate are going through and what we can do. We often give them the cold shoulder and never give a thought to our own blessings.

Then there’s climate change, discrimination and poverty that are HUGE in of themselves but I think it’s the mindset of youth worldwide that needs to be a little more mindful of the present moment and really support one another instead of tearing each other down and comparing themselves to each other.

Oof this essay though!

  • Ocean/beach or forest/mountains?

I’ve been to forest/mountains this summer and it was so nice and refreshing. I find it much more secluded and surrounded by wildlife than beaches so yesss.

  • If you could have one band/singer play a personal concert for you, who would you choose?

Aleissa Cara!! I love her voice like giiirl. Billie Eilish is really great too so either one of those.

  • If you could have three wishes, what would they be?

Ugh these questions!

  • To go to the highest level of paradise after death (and have my family there)
  • To leave a good impact on this earth and leave my mark in history
  • I really want to say world peace or something like that but I know this life is not a utopia so imma go with every home to clean itself and make food too because I just realized that I can’t cook or clean. And I know many feminists are like yes girl show them how it is no housewives here but bruh I genuinely want to be fast and good at it but the talent is out the window. Props to all housewives (and househusbands) our there!

Can I ask for unlimited wishes? 😂

  • Why did you choose the blog name Bayance?

It’s what my friends used to call me in grade 7 and it’s a combination of my name and Beyonce haha. So my name’s really not that far off.

Natalie is one of my top top blogging besties and I just love her?! She’s so supportive and charismatic and always puts a smile on my face through her posts and comments. She posts about her life, ballet, blogging and more! Get to know her and you literally won’t regret it. But you’ll always be second best because I will forever be her number one bestie mwahaha [watch her replace me two seconds after this post]

p.s. I just read her new wall of shame and EVERYONE CALL HER NAT IN THE COMMENTS RN PLS

1. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

Butterscotch or coffee! Even though I hate actual coffee but it’s a good flavour in everything else.
2. Cats or dogs?

Dogs! Puppies are so cute and friendly whereas cats just hate me or are too clingy. Overall, I’d prefer babies mwahha. 😂
3. What’s your LEAST favorite book? (mwahahahahaha)

OMG NATALIE I SWEAR-. Okay well there’s one called Hung Up and I couldn’t even read through the dialogue without getting bored so maybe that one?
4. If you could go back in time and change one thing in your life, what would it be?

Probably not starting to memorize the Quran sooner? I heard it sticks way better when you’re younger and I remember I used to be really good at memorization. And maybe spear myself for every embarrassing moment ever. Maybe go back to 2018 and be more open to get to know people and be kinder to the people around me. Anddd speak Arabic at home all the time to preserve my mother tongue better. Little things like that – I don’t think I have a huge regret.
5. Favorite kind of cheese? (why am I asking all of these food questions xD)

Hands down mozzarella. And feta hehe.
6. Would you rather fight someone with a spoon or a spatula? (please don’t ask where that came from, I have no idea)

A spatula for sure and I want the fight against Squidward.

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8. What are a few of your pet peeves?

Oh boy.

Why I Hate Snapchat

Why I Hate Soccer

Why I Hate Slime

Why I Hate Snow

Why I Hate Swimming

So basically anything trendy, any sports anything that starts with S. Jk haha. I also have a post on insects and omg I swear I literally can’t stand parks because of insectsss. And omg I developed a whole list of cleaning pet peeves that I’ll make a whole post on but my biggest is cleaning the washroom and finding hair EVERYWHERE – if I swipe my cloth right, more hair appears – someone’s trynna cast spells here or what? 😂 Oh and then there’s my siblings screaming for no reason which makes me think there’s a fire or something and your sis CANNOT deal with that stuff so yeah. 🙂

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9. If you could be amazing at one thing, what would it be?

Memorizing. Like anything that enters my head, I memorize. That would be awesome. Long-distance AND a sprint combo would be so nice too.
10. Favorite way to eat potatoes?

11. Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?

Teaaa. I accidentally used my mom’s CAKE cocoa powder in a milkshake and now I’m traumatized from that terrible chocolate flavour.

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12. What are a few things you’re very passionate about?

Social justice, entrepreneurship, blogging and Islam.
13. What makes you want to be a friends with a person?

  • Someone who is actually listening and responding (people surprisingly get really distracted or uninterested)
  • Someone with a positive mindset
  • Someone I can have deep conversations with (doesn’t give me short answers)
  • Someone with a sense of humour
  • Someone who cares about helping others or has a passion
  • Someone who I might have something in common with
  • Someone who isn’t too distant but isn’t really clingy either!
  • Someone who likes to meet up and talk instead of texting all the time

So many things haha! I’m usually open to new people but only a few stick.

14. Who inspires you?

Noor Tagouri (journalist), Salam Sudduf (entrepreneur), Fahad Hattab (speaker), Colleen Ballinger (aka mirandaaa), so many of you awesome bloggers and members of my family (they all have something to learn from).
15. Would you rather eat only your favorite food for the rest of your life, or never eat that food again?

Never eat that food again. 😦 Because the other favourites are not so far below the all-time fav and my mood is always changing haha.

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Mckayla’s avatar doesn’t link to a blog with content BUT she has been so supportive on my blog this month. And she left me these super cool questions.

  • If you could only watch one movie/tv genre for the rest of your life what would it be?


  • If you could only read one book genre for the rest of your life is it a different genre then your previous genre?

No, it’s the same genre which is realistic fiction. But if I HAD to branch off, I’d pick romance.

  • Hearts, flowers or stars?


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  • What are your top five favorite fictional cinnamon roll and morally grey characters?

Okay so I thought this was a TV Show but it turns out cinnamon roll is ‘must protect at all costs’ pure characters and morally grey is a protagonist but with a dark side of some sorts. Okay cinnamon rolls first:

1. Bon O’keefe from Agony of Bon O’keefe

2. Buster Boy from Agony of Bon O’keefe

3. Bionic Man from Optimists Die First

4. Poe from 5 Feet Apart

5. Bethany from Rain Shadow

And morally greys:

1. Zac from Everything We’ve Been

2. Zarin from A Girl Like That

3. Romy from All The Rage

4. omg I just realized I can do tv shows and movies so Burak from Celik Kokusu

5. Savas from Meryem

Image result for savas meryem gif

  • Do you have a favorite celebrity? Why are they your favorite?

I’m not too huge on celebrities anymore but I really love underrated singers like Aleissa Cara, Alec Benjamin and Aurora. They’re really good and unique and don’t sing about the generic stuff.

  • Have you ever listened to a Taylor Swift song?

DUH. I love her old country ones. Like 22, Red and You Belong With Me? Yes please.

  • Favorite type of fictional romance?

There’s types? Dramatic romance. Is that a thing?

  • Baked goods or candy?

Baked goods!

  • How often do you get distracted and how do you stay focused?

A LOT. But I find that when I do my work late nights or early mornings when there’s not much distractions and when my mind is most focused then I find myself way more focused. And if I have an outline or a goal of what I’m supposed to be doing then it’ll guide me through. I close my phone, stay away from snacking but have a quick snack before starting a task and work in a clean place. I also try to make sure it’s something I can put joy into doing. Even if it’s math notes.

  • Would you rather be an instant expert in martial arts or all sports?

This is hard because your sis wants to protect herself like yes. But I think I’d go with all sports because I would have lots of fun getting active and also be strong from all that work too. Bayance at every Olympic activity? Yes please.

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this gif is so funny to me I-

  • If you had to be a character in an action movie what character would you be and what movie would it be?

Taken and it would be so fun if I was Liam Neeson saving my daughter with them movessss.

  • Have you ever burst out singing a really catchy song REALLY, REALLY loud?

OMG hahaha that would be funny but no I didn’ttt. I usually have sudden bursts of laughters though.

  • Would you rather be a mouse or an octopus?


  • If you had to destroy one word from the English language what would it be?

Oof this is hard. Probably the word ‘like’ and hear me out – if we didn’t know what like was, imagine how eloquent we’d be. We’d look so certain with what we’re saying and it would be so weird to see YouTubers and teenagers not use it. Hmm I’d also remove the f word because other swear words sound a bit more bearable but that one just makes everyone sound like a careless sailor.

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  • Have you watched any Marvel movies?


  • And lastly….have you taken the 16personalities test and if so what personality type are you and is it accurate?

I just did and I got protagonist. Lemme share the results here.

Screenshot (37)

I went through an in depth read and talked about it but it would make this post way longer than it already is but this was so accurate and I also feel bad saying this because protagonist had such a good report. But it’s making me consider new careers so y’all better check it out! Update: I made my family try this and I’m obsessed.

Yusra Patni is a lifestyle and photography blogger here on WordPress and she’s the one who actually suggested this post so props to you girl!! She has a great blog and is such a great supporter.

  1. Harry Potter-which house would you want to be in?

I don’t watch Harry Potter!!
2. Have you ever faced any racism towards you wearing hijab?

I haven’t! I’m fortunate enough to be living in a good city but I do get some stares every now and then. Oh well they probably admiring my lemonade hijab colour of course.

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3. Have you ever been bullied for wearing hijab?

No, alhamdullilah. 🙂
4. Inspiration to start a blog?

Zoella’s Girl Online books!
5. If you could be one person in the world, dead or alive, who would it be?

Hmm either the prophet’s wife Khadijah because he loved her very much and she was the first woman to accept Islam (many women believed in Allah before her but she was the first to believe in Muhammad to be a prophet which is the second half of Islam if that makes sense). She was a skilled businesswoman and died pretty early on in the prophet’s life but her legacy stayed for a long time and she was just phenomenal.

Image result for muslim mom aesthetic

that’s not her btw

Or maybe Mary, mother of Jesus. Her life was so tough though and it would be so hard to live a pious life and then be given a miracle baby without a man you know? But I wouldn’t want people to worship me as part of a trinity like some groups of Christians do today. I’d have to be really strong to live either one of these lives but when it comes down to it, I want to still be a Muslim and to be one of the leaders of paradise would be everything.
6. Marvel or DC?

None because I didn’t watch either. I’m lame I know.
7. Best blog friends? Like who do you interact with the most through blogging?

Natalie, Alexa, Tess, Jo, Aditi, Mickayla, Kityp0p, Gracie, Aqsa, Hiddenzzz Unknown Wiki and Jade

I’m missing a bunch of other people but these came to mind first!
8. Are you a feminist?- I am a huge feminist

I believe men and women are equal but I do not believe they’re the same. I recognize that men have desires different to those of women. I recognize that men might get a natural reaction to seeing women. I recognize that women are just better at nurturing their children because they have a maternal feeling ingrained in them after carrying a baby in their womb for 9 months. I don’t believe in letting your career take over your time with children in their first few months or years to prove a point about having the same career as a man. I believe in women’s education, women’s equal work wages and more representation in higher education and especially representation in politics. But sometimes I see women stripping away their modesty and giving themselves away to men at one night stands to prove a point about being just as “thirsty” or to break those double standards with the cost of their dignity. Most men ARE naturally stronger than women. Most women ARE naturally more empathetic and emotional. We have different bodies, different needs and different inherited skills. No one should try to be like the other to prove anything. But sexist men piss me off so I get you!

Image result for men and women
9. If you could only eat one food for your whole life what would it be?

10. Have you ever had a crush who knew you liked him, what did you do?

I don’t think this happened to me but there was a time in 5th grade where my friends told the guy I liked him in grade 3 like why though? So yeah, things have been awkward since. I’m usually really secretive about crushes so no one knows until 10 years later hehehe but I’ve seen it happen to other people and they just wanted the earth to swallow them whole. But at the end of the day, they’re gonna forget about it. Unless someone’s coming back to propose then that’s a different issue.

Image result for why gif

Screenshot (39)

Elated Books is a book blogger who is very active in the blogosphere and community. She is so fun to talk to and has really insightful posts. Thank you El for all these questions.

So what’s your favourite – I bet so many ppl have used that joke….so to escape my unoriginality – onto the questions!

What’s an event in your life that you wish you documented?

This is so interesting. Can I just get the entirety of grade 7 on film? I will literally cry. Hmm I wish I documented my transition into Canada. Like the guest house we stayed at, the flight and finding a house because it would be so nostalgic.
If something happened to u how many ppl would u tell (basically I’m interested in how many close friends you have 😂)

Ahahah okay so besides family I’d tell (code names): Raya, Raisin, Labyrinth, Dinner, Lugi Muz, Blue, Ann and Mary.

The first 6 are probably my closest friends to this day and the last 3 are people at my new school next year that I clicked with this year and they’re just very trustworthy.
If you became a millionaire then what’s the first thing you’d buy (& you can’t say save it!)

Some chunks of land. Not to be like oh I have property but with that property, I could open a business or a non-profit organization or a mosque. And I wouldn’t want my land to be part of urban expansion but maybe land that is refurbished within the city itself. Urban expansion has reached its limit and it’s time to just utilize the city and minimize useless space! It would be the first because I can order construction on it first and then deal with everything else like my brothers’ tuition, home cost..etc.

Christina is a blogger who posts just what her header says and is such a sweet blogger here on the blogosphere. She’s a talented writer and I love her blog design like yes girl!

1. Ebooks or hard copies?

2. Favorite hairstyle?

Bun! Especially a high neat and big one. It makes me feel really refreshed.

Image result for bun hair gif
3. Fictional best friend?

I don’t think I have one. The fictional questions were the hardest because I can hardly recall book characters anymore and I’m blaming it on my grandma self. I just enjoy the book for the moment, remember key lessons and books that stick out and done. I find it hard to get attatched to a fictional character after the book or movie or tv show is over (hint hint future post with muz coming your way)
4. Favorite day of the year?

Eid al Fitr and not going to lie, the first day of school is always so exciting.

Morgan is a doll blogger with really good photography skillzzz. Like yes girl! She also supports blogs around the blogosphere and is super sweet. Thank you for the questions.

Fave school subject?

Drama was the best this year but I love geography and world issues. Any humanitarian course and I’m like yes please.
Do you speak any languages besides English?

Yesss Arabic. And I’m trying with French. Aand I love Turkish so much!
What is the coolest place you have traveled to?

Tunisia hands down. It’s the earliest I remember clearly and I remember it had so much culture!
How many siblings do you have?

Do you have to wear a school uniform?

Nope! But I did in grade 7 and I feel like it united everyone. Now everyone wears tights and crop tops and I’m like oop.

Image result for and i oop gif
Would you ever come visit Alaska? lol

Giiirl southern Canada is cold enough. But if there’s penguins and polar bears and I’m staying at your igloo or something then count me in. Just kidding, I know there’s civilization heheh.

Image result for rainbow

Jade is a poetry writer and writes down her thoughts consistently.  She’s super active and she’s not afraid to speak about what she believes in.

Do you have any dark skin people in your family?

Nope. I know, we’re all Palestinian and some of us are a little tanner than others like my mom’s skin is really light so a few peach shades but mostly peach.
Do you listen to Muslim rap music?

What topics should Muslim parents talk about with their kids? Please note, I’m not spasificly discussing sexuality. It can be any topic.

I think parents in this day and age need to sit down and talk about the challenges, hardships and fitnas (trials of the generation) of this life. Kids need to be aware that lgbt is louder than it was before but that it doesn’t make it okay. That we need to stick to our faith through thick and thin and that everything in this life is temporary no matter how tempting it may be. That true happiness will not come from going astray and following your desires on a whim. Parents should discuss the importance of the Quran and understanding it/ implementing it in your life. Parents should discuss mental health and how important it is to keep up with the foundations to cleanse your soul and mind daily.

Nothing is taboo anymore and if you’re not going to teach your kids the real stuff, they’re going to learn it from a stranger on the internet. Let them know their boundaries, the consequences and give them a choice because they have a will to act on.
Do you know of any other disabled kid besides me?

No, actually. I met a deaf person at a park once and that was really interesting. My grandpa was paralyzed for 9 years but passed away last year. So alhamdullilah none of my friends or family suffer a disability.
Do you like spicy food?

Sometimes! I love spicy chips and samboosas but some stuff are TOO spicy and I end up trying to play it off but end up harming my intestines instead. My all time fav spicy food is cooked tomatoes with chilli! So good, I swear.
Your advice for a parent trying to deal with their child’s mental health from a Muslim perspective.

It’s a really difficult situation as a parent to have a depressed child or one who suffers a mental illness. I’d say spend time with them, talk to them, share your own experiences, try to teach them about the Quran and sunnah and the ways the prophet dealt with his tough trials. It doesn’t have to be Muhammad, it can be Jesus or Mary or Joseph. There are so many examples in the Quran to benefit from. But I think the most important thing is to be aware and educated on their illness. To communicate with them often and if they don’t want to talk, show physical affection. Take them out often..etc. If it gets to the point of therapy then don’t be afraid to go for it.

Do you speak fluent French?

I’m learningggg! I’m currently listening to a podcast called Coffebreak French because I realized Duolingo is uselessss. I forget the phrases I learned the next day. Coffeebreak French is so good. I still remember Ou se trouve la Bibliotheque? so…
Would you ever sponsor a refugee family?

In my house or financially. If I’m financially able to, hell yes. But physically and I had my own home with a husband then I’m not sureee. Like if there’s a man, I’d have to wear my hijab all day and if it’s a woman she’d have to wear a hijab around my husband and no one will be comfortable you know? But financially, yes.
Who do you watch on YouTube?

Currently I’m obsessed with What Would You Do? hahaha. But my top favs are

  • Aida Azlin
  • Nouman Ali Khan
  • Yaser Qadhi
  • Dhar Mann
  • Jay Shetty

If your future husband cheated on you what would you do?

Ouch!! I actually always think about this not gonna lie. Like I’d be shopping for clothes and just think so what if I walk in on my future husband with another woman?! It’s so weird like why would I think that you know? I’d probably walk away and drop that relationship so fast. If he repents and is actually regretful then I might give a second chance but imma try to marry a guy who follows the religion properly. It’s definitely a sticky situation. If I don’t have kids yet, imma drop him so fast. But if there’s kids involved then I’ll have to re-consider what I’ll do.

The Life of Alex The Life of Alex The Life of Alex The Life of Alex The Life of Alex

Our last questioner is Alexa and she was my first blogging friends. She’s literally one of the most genuine people I’ve ever come across and she’s such a talented blogger too like yes queen? Make sure to check her out (not in a pervy way of course).

  • Whats your fave hijab material?

So I used to love jersey and then viscose cotton and now I love chiffon. It’s really light and I found a style that isn’t that slippery.

  • What colour do you think looks best on you?

Hijab wise, I think it’s cream or baby pink. Clothing wise, I love maroon, black, grey, navy and white on me. I love the darker colours with light hijabs if that makes sense and my mom doesn’t like it always dark haha. I also love caramel and mustard on me. Basically mute shades of the actual colours.

  • If you could have a superpower what would it beee?

Healing the sick! That would be so cool especially after seeing patients at a hospital the other day – it made me so grateful for my health but also want to give that to others too. Ultimately, Allah’s the one who heals (and gave this ability to some prophets but aye I can be included in the mix too, right?) I’d also love transporting. Like yes, I’d like to save thousands on flight tickets!

  • Apple or Android?

Idc what everyone says – Android is much more durable, lasts longer and charges better. I don’t hear anything from Apple users other than ‘my screen broke’ ‘my storageee’ ‘my phone’s about to die’. Keep falling in the same traps of consumerism and not following the way of androiddd.

  • Dream vacation?

Road trip in Europe and Asia. Like how dope, you know? Either with my husband or friends depending on if I’m single or married at the time.

  • How many kids do you want and which genders?

Two. One boy one girl. Or two boys and one girl. It’s nice for girls to have sisters but growing up, two will always be screaming and one girl after two boys makes the girl so much more mindful and mature (ask me mwaha).

If there was one thing you could change about your blog, what would it be and why?

No advertisements for freee. Like when I view my blog on someone else’s phone, it looks so gross with all the wordpress advertisements. Get your ugly ‘single girls in russia are waiting for you’ ads out of my face thank you very much. Other than that, I’m content with my blog. Some people wish for more people to read but I like you guys and wouldn’t trade you for a million. Yes, get sappy.

Image result for disgust gif

Who/what are your favourite;
singers – aleissa cara, alec benjamin, sami yusuf and maher zain
bloggers – stoppp but here you go & check out my monthly wrappers because I have one every month
actors/tress’ – Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Roberts, Liam Neeson, Forkan Andic, Leyla Tanlar, Leonardo Decaprio, Maite Perroni – so much bro!
books – STOPPPP! So mean! A COUPLE are If There’s No Tomorrow, Starstruck and any Kasie West
movies? – mwahaha I spare myself from these hard questions: click here (+ add Delibal)


The Giveaway Winner

If you’re following me on instagram you knew this first hand but the winner of this 2 year blogiversary isssss………….





are you ready?








it’s a she.









a human.








a blogger.







the clues are so obvious, I know.










fine I’ll stopppp









it is the one and only…








@HIDDENZZZZZ!!! Congratulations to you girl!! Although I picked the winner randomly, can I just say that hiddenzzz is one of my favourite bloggers to read from. She always comes up with new ideas and her comments are so so supportive. I hope you enjoy your Amazon giftcard. Look out for your email because it’ll be sent very soon. If you don’t get an email in 24 hours, sue me. Jk please don’t but it won’t be long I promise.

Image result for congrats gif

And for all of you who read the Q & A (or didn’t) thank you for joining me on my blog whether you followed from the very beginning or stumbled across it 2 hours ago. You all mean so much and I’d LiKe tO saY tHaT yOu aRe aLL wInNeRs ToDaY. Okay sorry for being corny but seriously, thank you thank you thank you – your support means so much!

Image result for thank you gif


There goes the SECOND LONGEST post on my blog. Just a few more announcements on what’s to come in the future (inshallah).

1). After one more blog post, I WILL BE STARTING MY BACK TO SCHOOL SERIES! If you aren’t already familiar with my annual back to school series, it’s basically where I post daily for 5-7 days before school and most of them are actually collabs! I’ll have a whole other post for collab opportunities BUT if you have any ideas right now or would like to reach out in advance, my email is!


2). After the back to school series, I’m finally going to be sticking to a schedule again. So from September 3rd onwards, expect blog posts from me on




Both will be early mornings or scheduled for 12:01 am so they’ll be very early into your Reader’s. And if you don’t want to miss a post, I have a subscribe button on my website! It’ll take two seconds and all my posts will come right into your inbox….or junk mail depending on the mood of your gmail that day. I empathize with their mood switches so it’s fine. 😂

And finally,

thank you once again for all your support – y’all are hands down the most open-minded and kind-hearted group of people I’ve ever encountered. Thank you!

Image result for lots of love gif


Anddd that’s all for today. On my survey for this post, many said to decrease my post size but here I am exceeding my long ones. 😂 I hope this is the last time!! And I’ll try to make my posts to come under 1000 words or so thank you for your concerns! ❤

Thank you and I’ll see you in my next post.

Bayyy.  💞

35 thoughts on “My 2 Year Blogiversary and [almost] 1000 Followers Q & A + Giveaway Winners

  1. Jade rainbow says:

    Excuse me as i fall over in joy!!!!!
    Bayance dudeeee!!! I’m sooo proud and bro you’re blog is the best. Alain my name was mentioned there and excuse me while I cry!!!
    You need to create a freaking YouTube Chanel or something. I’m watching. Also you remind me of those typical Muslim moms you see in parties?? Like i can see you one day with your future husband and a bunch of children. Also 4 cibilings˘>>? Noooo. i have 1 and i want to ship him to space.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. McKayla says:

    These were great answers, and this is a great post. I had kind of forgotten exactly what I had asked you and then I saw my questions and I was like “Ohhhh, so those were the questions I asked.” XD. And, yes, Taylor’s old music is awesome. For me, my favorite celebrity is any actor that can actually act well and has some sort of cause or charity they support. Yes, when I took the 16personalities test I was like “Everyone needs to take this test.” And then I was typing fictional characters……..
    I’m pretty sure I’m an ENTJ, btw.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bayance says:

      Thank youuu! LOL yeah it’s been a while. Yesss her country vibes are awesome. Omg sameee I love actors! HAHAHA YES I started sharing it with everyone in my familyyy. Ooh I think I am too? I’m in the Diplomats categoryyy.

      Liked by 1 person

      • McKayla says:

        Yes. Yay for Taylor’s country vibe.
        Yes, I love good actors. Idk who my favorite is. Maybe Tricia Helfer?
        YES. It does seem to be pretty accurate though. I mean, not 100% accurate but closer than any other personality test I’ve taken.
        Ooh, cool.

        Liked by 1 person

      • McKayla says:

        Tricia was one of the lead actors on Battlestar Galactica. She guest starred on Burn Notice, Chuck and The Librarians (those are what I’ve seen her in). She’s also been currently starring in a TV show called Lucifer, and she’s been in a few movies called The Beginner’s Guide to Endings, Walk All Over Me and Bloodwork. She’s done a lot of voice acting, was the lead on a show called Killer Woman, and has been in quite a few Hallmark and other TV movies. I haven’t seen all of these. I just looked up what she’s been in.
        I’m an ENTJ and in the Sentinels category.

        Liked by 1 person

      • McKayla says:

        Okay my type was called The Commander. And, yes, Tricia has been in a lot of stuff. She’s actually been in more but those are just the things I’ve seen her in or she’s most famous for.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Jo says:

    bayyy why are your answers so good
    like i can’t like, they’re wonderful
    thank you for being you and inspiring the blogsphere (sounds cheesy but it be true)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bayance says:

      Thank you so muchhh omg!! Youre the main reason I’m running out of Kleenex like ugh I need to close my tear ducts at this point.
      I FELT THAT – ads suckk and why aren’t they at least aesthetic??


  4. hiddenzzzzz says:

    Amazing post! This Q&A felt like a really long interview 😂. I knew your name was inspired by Beyoncé. The first time I stumbled across your blog, I read it as ‘Beyonce’ instead of ‘Bayance’ 😂😂.
    Thanks for the gift card, I’ve already received the email❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  5. autumngirl says:

    THIS POST IS AMAZING. That could be the end of my comment, but I have so much to say I literally don’t even know where to start! Firstly, Turkish Dramas are IT, like I’m not even Turkish and I can’t speak Turkish, but you best believe I watch them every day with subtitles, and they’re so interesting! Secondly, I love the way you spoke about Islam in this post, you present yourself naturally as a role model for young Muslims reading your posts, the way you speak about the Prophet Muhammed (SAW) it is truly admirable. Check out the YouTuber Khalid Al Ameri, he is one of my favourites, and his videos are not only about Islam but also issues in the media, one of his recent videos was about the Amazon Rainforests, definitely have a look! I also love Maher Zain, he has such a beautiful voice! I forgot what I was going to say next…..Oh yeah, I’d love to do a back to school collab with you sometime, I have 2 other collabs going up in the next 2 weeks, so I’ll contact you after that! Have a great week x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bayance says:

      OMGGGG GURL THIS COMMENT RN 😭 YOU MAKE MY DAYS! Yesss Turkish dramas are so dramatic that any form of cinematography seems plain. Omggg girl thanks so much! 😭 YO is that Khaled with his wife I forgot her name but she has a beauty business and they have a YouTube channel together? Living in Dubai? I’ll double check. 😂 Yasss Maher!! I love his song ummati like yes Maher let’s go! Can’t wait to collab with you! You too love! ❣️

      Liked by 1 person

  6. LaToya says:

    Yessss!!! I love this! I don’t mind reading super long posts especially when they are as good as this one!! You’re answers to the question we’re great and entertaining. I really enjoyed learning more about you! See you in your next post! 🙂💜

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Gracie says:

    Awwww thank you for the lovely shout out (suddenly I’m so conscious of sounding British – what have you done to me ahahha??!) This was SUCH a great post and girl I pretty much completely agree with your opinions on the world and social issues and stuff. Yeeessss *high five*
    IM IN MY ROOM ITS A TYPICAL TUESDAY NIGHT *starts singing that song* goodness, that was my childhood ahhh.
    And how dare you insult sailors, Bay?????? Jk jk it’s fine and I LOVE that gif it’s seriously so accurate.
    Anyway, amazing post. I love it xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bayance says:

      No problem! ❤️❤️ And omggg hahaha you’re so welcome 😂 XX! Aaah I was scared I was being too philosophical or something and that no one could understand but aye girl!! *High five* IM LISTENING TO THE KIND OF MUSIC SHE DOESN’T LIKEEE – same hereee!
      LOLLL I MEANT VIKINGS OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT 😂 you’re a good sailorrr so it doesn’t count! Thank you so much I’m glad you liked it!! And thanks so much for this comment!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Gracie says:

        Yeeesssss the xx’s are a must haha and noooo, never too philosophical – your perspective is so interesting.
        SHE DOESNT GET YOUR STORY LIKE I DOOOOO (goodness this could go on a while ahaha)
        Haha okay, I forgive you *pouts* just jokingggg.
        Ahhh no problem, lovely, thank YOU ❤ xxxxxxx

        Liked by 1 person

      • Bayance says:

        Aah thank you!!
        (Ill stop eventually but it would be funny if someone was reading this and didn’t know the song. Who wears short skirts again? 😂)
        Oh noooo 😂😂 seriously I didn’t mean it that way! 😂 And aah do I say no problem or thank YOUUU ?

        Yo the other day someone said ‘youre welcome’ and I was almost gonna say ‘no problem’. Imagine how much my anxiety would’ve skyrocketed. 😂 I don’t have a disorder but I definitely spend longer than necessary replaying dumb things I said so we should definitely cut that habit. 😂

        Tyy Gracie!

        Liked by 1 person

  8. Natalie Therese says:

    I’m so glad we’re blogging besties and I love you so much! *gasp* DIARY OF A WIMPY KID YESSSSS I still read those books because I’m secretly nine years old inside and my siblings and I all make jokes from them. YES FIGHT WITH THE SPATULAAAAAA! Idk how effective it would be but it’s probably better than the spoon lol.
    Great posyyyyy!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bayance says:

      GUUURL RIGHT BACK AT YOU! ❤️❤️❤️ yesss I love the movies and BOOKS!! I used to read them before I slept and read them to my little bro when he was 2. And he’d call Rowley Rownie. Like literal Brownie just without the B. YASS SPATULA!! Right?? But true you do nothing with a spoooon.
      Neat commy!!

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Amber says:

    Heyy Bayy ❤️
    These answers were so good and so were the questions!! I did send some questions over before but if you want you can just answer them in comments I really don’t mind 🙂 xx
    I understand about the whole blog thing and people finding out! ❤ I think that is one of things that scares me those most in blogging, because I feel like it's a safe place for me and I'd hate to have my privacy violated like that x Only my grandparents, mum and dad, my uncle and auntie an cousins (I trust them a lot <3) know about my blog. And my two best friends. And that's it 🙂 I'm kinda hoping to keep it that way, I just feel like the reason I like it is because of how honest I can be 😛 And it's anonymous so whoop! 🙂 People don't even know my age… XD
    And I'm totally like you about writing down on notes and using a notebook but what works for me the best has got to be an app called Trello, I reocmmend it 😉 It is so good.
    Amber xx


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